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I quickly wore my New school uniform which consists of a blue Long trouser and a white shirt and I dived to the parlour were I met my mum packaging Her products which she will market for the day.

“mum how do I look?”

I ask my mum and she turned back and stare at me opening Her mouth ajar with a bright smile on her face.

“you remind me of your daddy son”she replied when she had gotten hold of her voice and I smiled.

“my son”she retorted and I kneelt down cos I already know what is gonna follow that it is not New to me.

“you are going to a New school,am not there to tell you what to do and what not to do,be careful and always face your studies which is the only paramount key to a successful future .you have never for once let the name of your father down please remain of your good moral conduct,stay away from bad friends.you are my eyes,my life and my hope, you are the only reason why am still alive today please don’t let me down. people will laugh at you but don’t worry my jewel always remember that you are better than them,you have what they can never dream of placing their hands on, stay away from a trouble loaming area and above all you must not fight. apologise to people even when they wrong you it Will not take a dime from you”.

she finished advising me and I looked up staring at her beautiful face.what she said is not too hard for me afterall I am already practising all that.

“bring your palm “she added and I stretched my palms toward her and she spit on them.

“God is with you, you father spirit is with you,you will be great in life “she said and I hugged her.

I disengaged the hug and ran to the table where she kept my food, I quickly devour the food which consists of beans and garri (cassava flakes).i finished the food in less than 10 minutes as fast as cheetah,you don’t have to blame me, I have not eaten anything since the day before coupled with the joy of becoming a student in the great prestigious king academy a dream school for every student a school for the rich.

my mum had already gone out to her kiosk already when I returned to the parlour,yes it is a parlour not a seating room there are different between a parlour and a seating room,i know some of you don’t know so lemme enlighten you a little. a seating room is that cute beautiful part inside a house were all the Family usually seat to watch movie laughing happily while a parlour is that part inside a house were unwashed plates pot and other utensil are kept and also with rags.i Hope I am communicating?,don’t ask me to tell you this again.

I parked my note books in my hands and stuffed my mathset inside my pocket and I left the house bare footed going straight to the school of my dream.

I walked for like 45 minutes on the highway seeing different classic cars on the way with students of kings academy in them,some were pointing at me laughing skeptically and I knew why cos this is not the first time am experiencing such from people.who Will see a boy going to a whole prestigious kings academy bare footed with his books in his hands and will not laugh.

I walked some distance toward the gate as students were seen trouping 0ut of various beautiful cars cos the school parking garage was built outside the school with tight security guarding the whole surrounding. i stood abrutedly watching as students troup into the school with the big gate at the entrance contemplating whether to go in OR to return back to my house.my staying close to the gate was already causing some commotion at the gate as people were already staring at me and laughing so hard then I saw………..
To be continued


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