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I woke up early that morning with a rumbling
stomach, which reasons cannot be far fetched
from a little imagination, yeah I slept off last
night after a tedious hawking on the busy street
and I forgot to eat my dinner. I checked my
mums bed which consist of a little bed that has
weird off remaining a Little part and she was not
on the bed. I quickly kneelt down say some quick
prayer and I rushed to the window to check what
the time could be for there was no watch or
clock to know the actual time and I found out
that it was still very late in the night probably
5am, i quickly arranged my bed which consists of
different bags of cement been sowed together
and a pillow that was filled with rags and I kept
them under the only table in the room then I
want out to look for my mum.
FIRE AND ICE Episode 6
I saw my mum bending her head to blow the fire
she had made and a small pot on the fire, i stood
immensely at the door with tears tripping down
my eyes and I tried cleaning them off with the
back of my hands which kinda trigger her
attention on me and she turned back with a
bright smile on her face which I could easily see
from where I was standing with the aid of the
fire close to her and she quickly stood up and
put me in a tight hug. “Don’t cry my son, today is
to special for you to cry” she said in a cool voice
wiping my tears with the wrapper on her waist.
I called slowly raising my head to stare at her
beautiful face even though I was not seeing her
face, i know she is very beautiful.
“yes my jewel”she replied with the sweet Smile
again which trigger a bright smile on my face
“I will take care of you mum, I promise you mum
I will work so hard and face my studies like my
life depend on it” I exclaimed with so much
confidence and she tighten the hug on me.
“I believe you son, you are trying so hard already
am sorry for making you to pass through this
tribulation of life at this esrly age”she reply in a
crack voice which later failed her as tears were
seen dropping down from her eyes and I cried
too along with her.
“I love you mum”.
“l love you too my son”
she replied with a cheerful smile.
“now go and get Ready for your New school”.she
said and I smiled disengaging the hug and I
headed for the door to the house.
“ututu mma”i turned back and greeted her in my
local dialect and she smiled.
“I thought you won’t greet me today because you
are becoming a big boy na”she said and smiled
and I dash into the house to do my morning
chours as the day was getting brighter already.

Fire and ice Episode 2
oh sorry for my manners I forgot to introduce
myself I was taken away with that emotional chit
chat with my sweet mum,my all in all and my
best of the best. I am wisdom wealth a 16 years
old boy introduce into the crawl world of
hardship at the tender age of 9. My dad was a
well to do Young man with two companies in
Lagos and here in imo state. He died untimely To
what the doctor describe as food poisoning and
my mum was accused of killing him. we were
drived into the street with nothing by my father
families and we have slept in the street for 3
years. my mum Hawk on the street for years just
to take care of me the little she could.we slept
at people bacony, under the bridge and so many
nasty places until My mum gathered a little
money which she used to rent this small house
with a room and parlour and it has served us a
great help. life in the street is not easy that was
what i have been made to understand in my
tender age. my mum save a Little money and
she used it to start a small petty shop,selling
food stuffs outside the house and she stopped
her Hawking on the street which I picked up to
assist her the little I can even though she was
totally against me hawking things for people. I
hawk from Monday to Friday when am back from
school and on Saturday I hawk all around-the-
clock in the whole city resting only on Sunday
and it never for once stopped me from being
immensely brilliant topping my whole school and
I was awarded a scholarship by the board in my
Alma mater to continue my stud0y at the
prestigious kings college a school were I never
dreamt I can even smell the gate not to talk of
being counted among the students.
To be continued…


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