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FIRE AND ICE Episode 1


Fire and ice Episode 1
He stepped into the boardroom with a man
and woman in tow. The formal wear mixed
with the serious attitude created an official
The people who were already in the
luxurious room stood up in greeting as a sign
of acknowledging his presence. After taking a
look at the bunch of people before him, he sat
down in his spot signalling everyone to follow
suit. No one dared to speak.
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He opened a file
right away, without looking up, he gave a cue
to a young man for the presentation to begin.
“The goal of our new store will be to sell
shoes at a lower price so that our customers-,”
He was cut short by a cold remark.
“You mean to tell me you want to lower our
profit margin!?” He rolled his eyes as he went
through the file.
“Um sir, I’m not necessarily saying…”
“This company is built off of integrity and
quality, my father did not build this company
for it to simply be mediocre, if there is not a
better pitch by Tuesday at noon, you’ll be
fired,” he boomed, the room suddenly feeling
ice cold.
“But… may I finish?” the unfortunate boy
trailed off as his boss got up and had already
begun to leave the room, without a bit of
emotion across his face. His assistants who
had followed him, walked out with him as well,
boredom plaguing their faces.
“Who is he to treat people that way?! Who
does he think he is!?” He cried in exasperation.
The woman in red piped up, “He’s Blayze
Norman, the CEO and president of these
department stores, some of the top in the
world you know… He owns this company.”
“Yes I know, it was a rhetorical question,” he
irritably commented, picked up his files, and
stormed out of the room.
He sat in his shiny black office chair, his
timeline for the upcoming month as two men
walked through the entrance.
“They’re posing as a threat? Since when has
this company grown big enough to possibly
get close to hurting us?” Blayze questioned
them with ferocity.
Sharing a look, one of the men responded,
“We’ve tried to schedule a meeting with one of
their representatives to create some sort of co-
operation, but it has fallen through each time.”
Blayze stood up from his seat and got in front
of the two men.
“So, are you telling me this whole time you
have found this predicament entirely too
unimportant to report to me, yet according to
these charts, our sales have decreased by a
whopping 20%?” The men were caught off
guard, not expecting to be asked all of the
questions at once. Silence filled the room,
darkening it like a cloud.
“Well sir, that’s not really the source of the
problem… actually sir, when your father was
the active CEO and residing president, he
loaned about ten million dollars. He was best
friends with Carter, of the Carter Stores and
loaned the money to them after a project had
failed. It was originally five million, but they
continually asked for more after asking for
more and more, then eventually your father
passed away. But that money is what has been
restricting our advertising and growth budget.”
As the story unfolded, it caused Blayze to stop
and think, how come he had never been aware
of this?
“Carter owes us ten million dollars? And
they’ve paid none of it back? My father was
lenient with people. Mr. James, start a brief
overview on this case, written and get it to me
as soon as possible. I’ll need some time to
think on where to start with this case,” he
requested. Mr. James responded with a curt
nod. Although Mr. James was older than
Blayze, Blayze being in his late twenties and
he was in his early forties, Mr. James had
grown to respect his boss on many levels.
Him, moderate in height. He had grey streaks
in his brown hair which match his eyes
perfectly, the wrinkles around his eyes showed
signs of stress and hard work. Together, the
men got ready to take on a new task.
“Mr. James,” Blayze called after him, “You’ve
been working at this company for the last ten
years, you probably know more about what
happened with my father and Carter than
anyone, I’d like you to give your input and
ideas on how to handle this.”
“Yes sir, of course,” responded Mr. James
A knock on the door broke him out of his
working haze.
“Come in.” Blayze spoke up. A young woman
around her late twenties walked in, her straight
chocolate hair blowing behind her as she
stepped. She was fair in complexion and was
dressed in a professional black pencil skirt
and a sky blue chiffon blouse. With a small
planner in hand, she said,
“I’m sorry for the disturbance sir, but you have
a function that you must attend this evening
and you have to get going.”
“Ok, please get the driver and car in place,” he
told her, responding with a nod before she left
the office. Soon after, he left for his home to
change into something suiting for the
To be continue

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