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” Do you Mr Blayze Norman take miss Caden
Carter to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love
and to cherish, in sickness and in health till
death do you both part?” The priest asked
Blayze after we faced each other. Deep down I
wish he would suddenly change his mind and
say no or all this dramatic things that happen
in movies would happen. Someone would just
get up and shout ‘I object’, that would be my
greatest joy.
” I do.” He said staring at me right into the
eyes. Trying to mock me, huh?
There was a little cheer in the crowd…who on
earth are all these people? I can recognise only
a few people but majority, nope, have no idea
about them. Some journalists were probably
present here waiting to take pictures later.
” Do you Miss Caden Carter take Mr Blayze
Norman to be your lawfully wedded husband,
to love and to cherish, in sickness and in
health till death do you both part?” The priest
asked me and that’s when I felt my heart start
to beat fast with fear. Can I really marry this
man? Can I really live with him till I die? Can I
really learn to love him even if it’ll be hard to
do? Can I really cherish him? Will he ever really
change? Will I just forever be a miserable
” Caden! ” I heard Blayze call me between
gritted teeth in a low voice. That was when I
snapped out of it and realised that I was taking
so much time in answering that everyone was
beginning to whisper. I took a look at Blayze
and he had this cold expression in his eyes
that says…’I dare you to just embarrass me
here and you won’t hear the end of me’ and
that got me scared. Dad, mum and even
Joanna…their whole future is depending on
” I…do.” I said in a low voice.
” Please speak out my child. ” the priest urged
me as my voice was too low. I took in a deep
breath and looked through the veil into
Blayze’s glaring eyes.
” I do.” I said louder this time and the
whispering died down. Blayze’s eyes still
remained cold and daring. Someday, I will
definitely learn how to read this man. We
finally exchanged rings.
” I know pronounce you…husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride. ” the priest declared
and suddenly I felt my heart beat began to
race faster as Blayze took a step closer. What
is he doing? Is he really going to kiss me?
No…that can’t happen! I can’t share any
intimacy with him! I don’t even know this man!
He came closer and gently unveiled me. I
couldn’t help but stare at him. I was dead
scared that…that I might like this. I don’t want
to. Blayze is not any normal man. As he drew
his face closer, I became more scared. I could
feel my palm become sweaty. My heart felt
like it would explode from beating so fast. He
drew closer and closer and slowly I found
myself gently shutting my eyes to accept
everything but instead of a cold lips on
mine…I felt his warm lips on my cheek which
surprised me and as he drew away, I gently
opened my eyes. I felt a shameful wave of
disappointment wash over me.
Why didn’t he kiss me? Most men would have
definitely taken advantage of this time. He
should have kissed me to show me he won but
no he didn’t. I don’t understand him but…but I
guess I should be happy nothing happened
between us…relax Caden! You and your heart
is still on the safe side.
Wow! I’m…I’m married!
I just realise that as everyone cheered for us
and pictures were taken. Blayze still didn’t
smile while I at least tried to smile.
* * * * * * * * *
Blayze dragged me by the arm into a room
upstairs in the reception venue. The reception
hall was downstairs while we were upstairs.
” Ouch, you’re hurting my arm!” I exclaimed at
him as he dragged me in then shut the door
behind him. He finally let go of my arm.
” What was that?”
“What was what?” I asked him not knowing
what he was talking about.
“What was that little drama show you put on in
the church earlier…did you really intend to
embarrass me?” He asked as he put his hands
in his pockets. He remained calm as he asked
but I could see the anger in his cold blooded
” Embarass you!? Blayze if I really had
intended on doing that, you wouldn’t have seen
me at the church…” he immediately grabbed
my arm again where it hurt.
“Don’t try to play games with me Caden! I can
play a very good game with your family as well
so be a good wife like you should always
be…behave! ” He told me between gritted
teeth before he let my arm go. I hated this
man at this minute. I hated it whenever he
mentioned my family. How can someone be
so insensitive? How can he play with the lives
of people? How can he play with something
that their life depend on?
“Take care of yourself before you come down! ”
He ordered me before he turned and left. I
swallowed hard the lump of tears in my throat.
My name is Caden and this man will never
pull me down this way. I will not cry just
because of him. I will fight and show him that
if he is strong and mean well I am tough. He
won’t pull me down that easily.
As he ordered…I took care of my face,
practiced my smile before I took in a deep
breath. As I took a step forward, the door
” Here you are sis…I have been looking all
over for you. Why are you here? Anyway never
mind, let’s go downstairs. Everyone is waiting
to see the new Mrs Blayze Norman. ” Joanna
said all at once as she giggled, smiled and
dragged me along with her.
To be continued


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