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FIRE AND ICE Episode 7


I rolled over and readjusted my duvet, blocking
the chilling breeze coming through the open
window. Despite my night’s rest, I still felt
exhausted. The weight of yesterday’s chaos
was crushing.
The doorbell rang throughout the house, but I
dismissed the thought as Lillian handles all of
our guests. The doorbell rang again and yet
nothing came through. It rang once more.
“Lillian?” Her name echoed throughout my
room as I called for her but when I heard
nothing, I called again.
“Where on earth is she?” I whispered to myself
before letting out a sigh then tiredly sat up,
concerned for both the person at the door and
Lillian. Looking around the house, I saw signs
on no human activity. Dad went to work, Jo
was at school, and I think I remember mum
having brunch plans with some friends, but,
where is Lillian?
Reluctantly opening the door, Blayze’s
secretary met my eyes the second the door
was open. Behind her was a professionally
dressed woman. The woman rolled her eyes in
a not so subtle way, then directing her gaze to
the ground. She clearly has some sort of issue
with me, but I don’t think I’ve met her before.
Blayze’s secretary cleared her throat.
“Mr. Norman has sent me here.”
“Well, what does Mr. High and Mighty demand
of me now?”
“This is Jennifer Alistair. She’s here to guide
you through the wedding planning for the next
few days. Mr. Norman has requested that you
spend the day with Ms. Alistair, now we must
get started immediately if we want to meet the
deadline of the twenty-fourth…”
“The twenty-fourth?! What happened to about a
week? That’s three days from now!” I cried as I
dug my hands into my hair.
“Well, you better get your acts together, his
words, not mine. It’s time I get back to the
office; I’ll leave Jennifer with you.” After hearing
Blayze remark I let out a snort. Lisa, Blayze’s
secretary, left soon after. I put on the best
smile I could and held out a hand.
“Hello Ms. Alistair, I’m Caden Carter. I’m sorry
you’re stuck with me.” I half joked but seriously
deep down, I was sorry. It was so not going to
be easy getting me all dressed up.
Returning my smile, she commented quite
positively. “Please, just call me Jennifer and
I’m sure you’re wonderful.”
I guided her to the living room and let her
have a seat. “Do you need anything to drink?
We have soft drinks, tea, coffee, and water,” I
offered trying my best to be a great host.
“Oh, no thank you.”
“Well if you change your mind it’s in the fridge
down the hall or feel free to ask. Anyways, I’m
going to take a quick shower and change into
something… presentable. I’ll be back shortly.”
I told her before portraying a brief smile. She
nodded with a smile of her own and then I was
on my way back to my room. A part of me
still wondering where Lilian could be.
Never in my life could I have imagined I would
be in such a situation. Truthfully, wedding
planning was no easy job. There were a lot of
things to take care of and planning a high-
class society wedding within nothing less than
three days was a lot to do. A lot. I always
imagined myself leaving all the work to the
wedding planner. I’ll let her know of my
preferences, show up for my dress fitting and
finally show up on the very wedding day but
unfortunately, high and mighty Blayze thought it
would be better to get me involved in it all.
He might think he was doing me a favour but
clearly, he so wasn’t. Apparently, the printing
of the invitation cards was already being dealt
with so after booking the hall for the exact
wedding date, shopping for a few items,
checking out the catering team in charge of the
meals, and booking the team in charge of
melody for that day, I was almost tired as hell.
As I tried out several wedding dresses, I could
hear Jennifer and the shop attendant debating
on whether I looked good in it or not.
Honestly, I didn’t care one bit what I looked
like in any of them. I saw no reason in
dressing up for something my heart wasn’t in.
After spending many hours begging for mercy,
Jennifer insisted that we persisted. Personally,
I think she’s afraid of Blayze, even if she
doesn’t want to admit it to me. I could see
how tired she had grown from all the day’s
work but she wouldn’t admit it.
“How close are we to being done today?
Please let’s go home, rest and we’ll continue
tomorrow.” I pleaded as I tried on the next
shoe. My feet were killing me and she
persisted I wear something elegant. Ignoring
my complaints, she listed off the things we
still had to do and I honestly thought we were
“We’re getting there, we still need to head to
the cake shop, get a makeup artist and choose
your hairstyle.”
My eyes bulged out of their sockets. “You’ve
got to be kidding me!” I exclaimed in disbelief
then shook my head as I got up to my feet.
“That’s it! I’m sorry but I can’t do this. I tried
but this isn’t me. I trust you so I’ll leave the
rest to you.” I told her as I grabbed my bag
then headed towards the door.
“Caden! Caden please! These are orders from
Mr. Norman!” She explained as she rushed to
catch up with me.
“After today, there is only two days until the
wedding! We don’t have any other choice but to
rush everything.” She explained trying to
convince me.
“My measurements have been taken, and I’ve
already chosen my style. You can do this. You
do your job well. I really need to go. Thank
you Jennifer.” I told her as I quickly walked
away refusing to listen to any other thing she
has to say. Poor Jennifer. I wish I could save
her but clearly, I couldn’t.
Quickly, I jumped into my car, started it and
sped towards my tiny office. Half of the day
was gone already making me so late to work
and far behind on my schedules.
I walk up to my one story building with pride
bubbling in my chest. I bought this place a
year ago after saving up some money while
working with dad. I restore and build furniture
with my friend. Honestly, I consider it as a
dream job.
“Hey Caden, you’re late… again.” Sung my co-
owner and friend, Mia.
“You don’t know the half of it.” I briefly stated
before going into the bathroom to change into
my work clothes. Mia and I were similar in
height, but we differed in build. She had what
anyone could describe as the perfect body
whereas I… well I was petite. She had
eyebrows carved by angels, her nose was
perfectly structured, her small pink lips
accented her face well, and her long brunette
hair framed her face gracefully. Mia and I had
met in college; we were course mates. She
instantly caught my attention with her eccentric
character and bouncy attitude. We weaved our
dreams together and decided to start this
business. Dad had plentiful offers but I desired
to build something off of my own name, not
someone else’s. I believe it’s called legacy.
“I’m sorry, a few rather annoying things came
up.” I tried to give a vague answer.
“Annoying as in getting married to the hot and
wealthy Blayze Norman!?” She exclaimed
almost in a high pitched voice. Urgh! So much
excitement for the wrong news.
“Oh my God Caden! When were you planning to
tell your best friend that you’ve been dating a
super hot businessman?” Mia asked as she
grabbed me by the arms and shook a bit
violently to my dissatisfaction. After wards, she
stared at me in expectation of hearing an
explanation from me but I just gave her a blank
“Just to be clear, I wasn’t following you. It’s all
over the internet! Stunning Blayze Norman is
finally getting married! Then I see an image of
the both of you. Seriously, why didn’t you tell
me anything?” She explained clearly hoping her
explanation worked its charm on me. I let out
a sigh as I took her hands off my arms.
“First…” I started, ready to tell her the truth
that there was never any dating in the first
place but then I recalled the part where just my
family and Blayze was supposed to know of
the truth. I felt stuck but then Mia was like
family to me. I’m sure she wouldn’t let anyone
know of this secret.
“First what Caden?” She asked demanding an
answer from me.
“Uh-um, first… first, you never tell me when
you start dating.” I stated covering up my
initial comment. I know, I’m doing the wrong
thing but the lesser she knows, the better for
her plus, she wouldn’t have to carry the burden
of hiding such a big secret.
Mia scoffed before displaying a brief smile. “I
do Caden. Turning this discussion back to you,
don’t you know how lucky you are?” She
I let out a sigh.
“So I’ve heard but no one knows the truth
about him. Sure he can pose on the cover of
magazines to promote his business but that
doesn’t get him close to being a bearable
human being. He’s got no character, he’s plain
rude and he talks to people as if he owns
them!” I vented. Mia’s mouth dropped and her
eyes were the size of the moon.
“Caden… are you sure you should be marrying
this guy? Because it sounds like you both have
some serious issues you need to work out.
Were you publicised into saying yes to his
proposal?” She asked and my brows slightly
furrowed at her question.
“Yes, publicised. You know when a lady is
proposed marriage to in public so the crowd
goes aww and then they chant for her to say
yes so she’s forced to comply or else by the
next day, the internet portrays her as this evil
and bad person who refused a sweet proposal
from this sweet and innocent guy.” She
explained but all I did was widen my eyes at
“Wow! You seriously watch too many bachelor
series or something of that sort.” I told her as
I walked past her to pick up my workstation
googles and put them on. Mia gasped as she
turns to me.
“How did you know that Caden?” She asked,
surprise really drawn on her face. I stared at
her blankly confused for a moment before
eventually shaking my head to forget she ever
asked such a question. I began to put on my
“Sooo… returning to our earlier topic… Yep, I
definitely think you guys have some serious
issues if that’s the case.”
“Yeah, we do have some serious issues.” Mia
and I instantly snapped our heads to the
direction of the alluring voice. Blayze stood
there in a black suit and tie. One hand in his
pocket, his face held no expression just like
the other day but yet, somehow, he managed
to still look really good. Why do the evil ones
always get blessed with great genes? Talk
about Lucifer.
Mia took slow but steady steps backwards
without taking her eyes off him and only
stopped when she was by my side. She leaned
a little closer to me so she could whisper.
“Oh-my-God Caden… I think I see Blayze
Norman. Do you see him as well?” She asked
in a whisper and I really couldn’t help taking a
look at her, my brows slightly furrowed at her
strange question.
“Yeah.” he repeated making me shift my eyes
back to him.
“We have lots and lots of issues.” He
continued as he took calm steps forward and
only stopped when he was directly in front of
me. I narrowed my eyes at him in annoyance
refusing to look away. If he thinks showing up
out of the blue and be crazy patronising would
make me quiver with fear or make him seem
cool, then he was dead end wrong? This man
right here has no idea who Caden Carter is.
Our glaring contest was only broken when
Blayze slightly shifted his eyes to something
by his side. His brows slightly ceased up.
Curious about the change of expression on his
face, I followed the direction of his eyes and
that’s when I caught sight of Mia’s index finger
lightly pocking his arm. My eyes widen in
embarrassment before I shift my eyes to Mia
who seemed engrossed in what she was
“Oh my God Caden! He’s real! He’s not one of
my weird imaginations! He’s so real!” Mia
exclaimed in excitement as she turns to me,
eyes lit up with joy. A huge smile played on
her face. I felt so embarrassed especially as I
took a look at Blayze and still couldn’t read
what his eyes were actually saying. It seemed
as if they were mocking. Why is she never less
girly whenever I need her to be? Urgh!
Immediately, I snatched her hand away from
him and down to her side. So frustrating. Dear
lord I need her to behave right now, I need all
of the moral support I can get from this girl. I
can’t have her acting like a teenager who is
meeting her current celebrity obsession.
“Listen Blayze, up until this point in the day I’ve
done what you asked but I actually have work
to take care of, deadlines to meet. I need you
to go so I’m able to upkeep my business.” I
told him gaining back some courage but he did
nothing of my expectation. I watched him look
left and right, clearly scanning the entire place
with his eyes before returning them back on
“You call this business?”
“Unknowing to my knowledge, I’m actually
doing you more of a favour than I thought.
Clearly, you need help.”
“Excuse me?” I asked, a little surprised by how
rude he was. Who the hell does he think he is?
I stare at him and I see no remorse regarding
the insults he just rendered on me. I get it,
he’s trying to belittle me but I’m not going to
let him win without putting up a great fight. My
name doesn’t mean little fighter for no reason.
“Now you listen to me, Mr. High and mighty, I
have chosen a well-respected career choice
and I don’t appreciate you coming into my
work place only to insult it. This isn’t your
business and so you don’t have a say in
anything that goes on here. Therefore, I’ll ask
you nicely once more to please leave my
building.” I retorted, crossing my arms in an
attempt to appear firm but the look on his
face wasn’t very encouraging. He neither
looked pleased with my firmness or at least
half threatened by me. Well, how could he? My
height barely reached his chin and my petite
frame didn’t help matters either. It was like a
bunny threatening a wolf. Yeah, so not cool
and story of my life.
“No and for your information, I came here for a
reason. It didn’t please me one bit walking in
“Really? Then I don’t see why you’re actually
still standing here.” I replied quite quickly. The
immediate glare he threw at me told me that I
definitely hit a nerve.
“Caden.” Mia called in a whisper as she leaned
closer once more.
“He’s your fiance, right? Why are you speaking
to him in such a rude manner?” She asked and
I had to shift my eyes to her. The look of
confusion on her face quickly reminded me of
the fact that she doesn’t know what’s actually
going. It made me feel weak.
“She’s right.” We immediately turn back to him.
“Why are you speaking to me in such a rude
manner?” He repeated, something about his
tone very daring. If he thinks I won’t speak
back, then he’s wrong.
“Well, if you really want a reply to that question
then so be it. You are…” I started as I watched
him take a look at the time on his wristwatch.
“I’m wasting my time here. Let’s go Caden.”
He rudely interrupted and before I could get a
chance to react or even think of something
else to say, he grabbed me by the arm and
pulled me along with him towards the exit of
the office.
“Let go of my arm this instant! You’re hurting
me.” I ordered then complained as he dragged
me along but all that fell on deaf ears.
When we reached his car, he opened the front
door and roughly pushed me in. I could see
Mia coming out of the office, a confusing look
playing on her face. I could read her lips as
she shouted my name but unable to hear as
the car started.
“You’re insane! So insane! I have never met a
man like you in my entire life!” I admitted
whilst shaking my head in disbelief as he
drove off.
After a minute or two of driving he suddenly
pulled over. He undid his seat-belt and leaned
in closer towards me, causing me to press up
against the glass of the car window, trying to
get as far away as possible. My heart was
pounding in my chest; it was the only thing I
could hear.
His eyes made contact with mine, only pure
anger filled them.
“Listen to me very carefully Caden, when I tell
you to do something, you don’t purposefully
neglect them and simply walk out leaving
Jennifer to do the work all alone that I
assigned the both of you.”
“Personally, I don’t enjoy you planning things
for me without consulting me first. Not only do
I have work that is pressing but I also didn’t
want to waste my time on something that was
just for show, especially since you have shown
no interest in planning this either.” I responded
with a wobbly voice. The coarse tone was
unusual for me. Stop getting emotional over
“Well Caden, whether this is purely for show or
not is currently up to you. Eventually you’ll
happily be my wife and then, you’ll agree with
me. Never forget any uncalled for actions will
be reprimanded, so keep your father in mind
when deciding what kind of stunts, you’re
willing to try.” He snarled. Swallowing, I felt
my cheeks become as hot, and breathing
became more difficult. I felt stuck after
mentioning my dad. Blayze’s steaming
demeanour let me know exactly how truthful he
really was. He strapped himself once more
with his seat-belt.
“I have to start somewhere with your
punishment, don’t I?” He asked a strange
question causing my brows to slightly cease
up as I looked up to him. A part of me
patiently waiting to hear the nonsense that
would slip out of his mouth.
“You’re not to return to that office you call
“Failure to adhere to my instructions once
more would warrant a greater punishment.” He
added before I could say anything more and
after a second or two of staring at him, I let
out a light chuckle.
“This must be a dream. This right here really
has to be a dream because I don’t see what I,
Caden Carter would be doing sitting and about
to get married to a male chauvinist such as
yourself. This is definitely a bad dream I truly
have to wake up from.”
“Choose whatever psychotic approach you
prefer to this reality but it’s not going to
change my decision so you best not get on
my bad side.”
“Screw you Blayze!” I exclaimed quite furious at
the manner in which he kept talking. I’m done
with this madness and with this thought, I
quickly pushed the door to open and stepped
down from the car, slamming the door shut
afterwards. I began walking in the opposite
direction his car was headed.
“Who does he think he is? Punishment!? Me!?”
I exclaimed in full distaste. I’m definitely
returning to the office and Mr. high and mighty
can jump off a building if he doesn’t like the
To be continued



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