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FIRE AND ICE Episode 6


My long sleeved navy blue dress and matching
gold jewellery gave me temporary confidence
as I marched into the intimidating office
building. I walked past Blayze’s secretary. It’s
so ironic how his name and personality go
hand in hand. Before I even had the
opportunity to open my mouth, she had given
me the okay to head into his office. She gave a
smile I knew that couldn’t possibly be genuine
after the whole ordeal yesterday.
She looked me up and down. “Make sure you
look presentable enough and brace yourself for
what you’re about to meet.” She stated which
made me furrow my brows.
About to meet? What does she mean by that?
Just as I was still contemplating about her
words, she had turned the door knob and with
her hand on my back, she gave me a little
push to take steps forward which I then did.
Suddenly, I froze. My eyes wide open in
Camera’s fluttering, their lights flashing, most
of them affecting my sight for the meantime.
This experience was all too familiar. He must
have hosted a press conference of some sort.
I know I was told but… I guess I still didn’t
expect him to really host a conference the very
next day. I mean, how did he get a lot of
reporters to show up here today. It was such a
short notice and where on earth is Blayze?
As if reading my mind, a warm arm slipped its
way around my waist without warning. On
instinct, I try to slither out of my current
position. His grip slightly tightened in
response to my struggling. He held me closer
as a pair of people romantically involved might
be. Oh no, this is way too soon for us to
announce anything! What if I want to back out?
“Stand here and look pretty; remember what we
talked about.” He clearly threatened in a
whisper. His eyes barely stayed on me as he
then shifted them back to the press in front of
My heart was pounding like bass drums; it
was all I could hear. He then guided me to a
spot before the gathered press and we took
our seats behind the table.
A lady stood up, a pencil and notebook in
hand, “Where did you two meet?”
“In an elevator.”
“In a meeting,” We responded simultaneously.
Blayze slightly turned his head to me and shot
me a look of annoyance.
“We met in an elevator after a meeting.” He
quickly covered up.
The crowd seemed to buy the lie, many jotting
notes down and a few more camera’s fluttered.
The meeting felt like a chore, and honestly I
felt like I couldn’t handle too much more of
this and so I picked up a bottle water from the
table, opened and drank down some.
“Could we get a brief overview of your
Blayze cleared his throat, “As I have previously
stated, we met in an elevator after an
important meeting. Small talk turned into a full
blown conversation in the lobby of the building
and we exchanged numbers. We started dating
in private and grew incredibly closer. I recently
proposed and she accepted. We couldn’t be
any happier.” He ended with a simple but fake
and brief smile. The first smile I had seen on
him. He had taken it down way too quick as I
couldn’t quite describe it. My eyes had
remained on him, a little surprise at how good
of a liar he was. God, he must have no
conscience to lie just like that to the world.
He shifted his eyes to me. Something about
his stare felt like he was giving a warning and
so I looked away from him and to the press to
showcase my own fake smile as well. I may
have been forced into this but I know how to
fake a show when needed. His voice had held
only confidence and finality, it almost made
question whether or not it had ever happened.
“Is that an engagement ring, Miss Carter?”
Not expecting to have to answer a question on
my own, I paused. “Um… yes.” I squeaked out
in a voice I couldn’t recognise. Blayze gave me
a look that I could tell that meant to tell me to
keep talking.
“It’s quite lovely. I believe he got a ring that
suits me well.”
The attention was directed at my wedding
“Ms. Carter, how do you feel to be the lucky
woman to be chosen by Mr. Norman?”
Lucky? I wish I could scream; this is binding
me to a man who does not care about me at
all for the rest of my life. Now I have to spout
lies to build up the impenetrable wall that is
his ego.
“I honestly don’t think words can express the
joy that fills me every time we are together.” I
stopped to smile at him, yet he didn’t smile
“He is genuinely a caring. Loving, and generous
man. I am grateful God has given me a man
like him. I am indeed lucky.” Blayze’s eyes left
me as soon after I finished the torturous
“Mr. Norman, when is the date of the
“In about a week.”
My heart stopped.
A… week!?
“The formal information will be released at a
later time. That will be all. Thank you.” Blayze
ended the conference with a tight smile and
grabbed my hand to get me up.
The room exploded in a frenzy of desperate
questions but before they could get any closer
security blocked the way. He dragged me out
of the room briskly. Even after we were out of
the line of sight, he took me the entire way to
his office disregarding that I was in heels, and
walked quicker than average speed.
When we finally got into the room, he pushed
me to sit on the couch as he paced in front of
“What did I do wrong?”
“Just shut up!” He snapped.
How dare he! I just lied to the entire world
because of his demands.
Heated, I stood up. “What’s your problem? I
dressed up. I played the part. I did exactly
what you wanted and you still aren’t happy,” I
“Be quiet! I’m thinking!” He demanded.
“Stop acting like you have some sort of power
over me!”
“That’s where you are wrong, Caden. Eventually
you will see that. I’ve set my mind on making
you mine so keep that in mind.”
“You really think some threats are going to
make that happen? See Blayze, that’s where
you’re wrong. I might have agreed to marry you
but you don’t own me… There can never be
something like what you described earlier
between the both of us. Never.” I growled out.
To be continued


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