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FIRE AND ICE Episode 4


“Miss, I’m sorry… you can’t go in there right
now. Hey! Stop!” The receptionist called, but it
was too late. My mind was set on getting in
there to see who ever this “Mr. Norman” man
“Miss please, you can’t go in!” After her final
verbal attempt, she tried to physically stop me,
yet she was in vain. With a final step, I was at
his door. I opened his door with a force that
made it hit the wall.
“I’m sorry sir. I tried to stop her!” Exclaimed
the secretary, defending herself as if her life
depended on it. I couldn’t care less about her
apologies. Right now, my blood was boiling.
“It’s okay, Lisa. I’ll handle it.” He remarked,
waving her off. Nodding, she left the office
with a face overflowing with relief.
“Miss, can I help you?” He inquired with a tone
of burden lacing his words. I immediately
shifted my eyes back to him away from the
secretary that just left his office. It only took
me a second to analyse the man in front of
him. Okay, he wasn’t exactly what I expected
but I got this. I can handle this.
I walked directly up to him and slumped my
handbag on his desk. I could see that act
alone took an effect on him as he took a slight
look at the handbag before raising his eyes
back to me. I leaned a little forward as I
rested both my hands on his desk. Looking
straight into his eyes, I spoke up.
“I don’t know what kind of sick game you have
planned out but I’m demanding this minute that
you stop it. If you don’t, I’m warning you Mr
Norman, the consequences are going to be too
much for you to handle.” I warned making sure
my eyes reflected the fact that I meant exactly
what I was stating but he just sat there, his
head, a little titled to his right. No expression
on his face. Not even a little fear in his eyes.
It bordered me a little but I retained my
“Do I know you?” He asked still retaining his
calmness. My brows slightly furrowed for a
second, recollecting the fact that this man
really has no idea who I am and yet he wants
to marry me. The more this comes to light, the
harder it is for me to understand what his deal
was. I relaxed a bit, leaning away from his
table. I folded my arms across my chest.
“Oh, I forgot the fact that you actually know
nothing about the woman you’re proposing
marriage to.” I stated, a little fake sarcastically
amusement drawn across my face. His brows
slightly lifted before he rolled his eyes from up
to down, clearly taking this opportunity to have
a good look at me. Truly. he couldn’t see how
annoying that act alone was.
“I see, so you’re she.” He stated rather than a
question and what got to me was the tone he
used. A kind of disappointing tone. How much
more disrespectful can this man be?
“I don’t even want to know what all this is
about. I just need you to stop threatening my
father with your nonsensical lawsuits and stop
demanding that I marry you like some kind of
sacrificial lamb. For goodness sake, this isn’t
the 1500s where you can barter people as if
they were currency!” I ranted hoping all that I
said really got through him because I couldn’t
see myself being married to such a man like
him. Not in this life.
I watched him take in a deep breath before
getting up to his feet, his body built clearly
overshadowing the sunlight from the view
behind him. Okay, he was huge or perhaps, I
was the little one. No problem. I can handle
this. I watched him walk away from his seat,
past his table and only stopped when he was
in front of me. Both hands buried within the
pockets of his trouser. I had to take a slight
step backward as I realised he stood too close
for comfort. Still refusing to back down and
ready to defend my future, I had to really raise
my head up so our eyes met while he stared
down at me. I could notice the mock in his
eyes. God, he was tall!
“No.” He finally replied. That exact word
resounding in my ears. His voice quite deep.
Unbelievable was my situation. I blinked
several times as if to recharge and find my
stand. He really wasn’t budging one bit and
that fact was a little rendering me speechless.
I hated that fact.
“Uh-Uh, No!?” I asked a little stuttering.
“What did you think would happen? You would
storm in here, give a really bad threat and then
everything will be settled?” He asked,
frustratingly calm.
I looked away from him for a moment trying to
recollect my comeback statement.
“We’re getting married miss Carter and not
even the heavens itself can change my
decision.” He stated rather coldly causing me
to shift my eyes back to him. This was so
“Look Mr Norman, I’m not ready to get married
and if I am, trust me, it won’t be someone as
self-centred as you.” I quoted quite rudely.
Well, if he can do it then I can do so as well.
“Besides, I’m probably not your type.” I blurted
out, looking him straight in the eye. An
expression that resembled that of a smirk
surfaced for a second. It was quick to
disappear that it made me doubt its
appearance in the first place.
“That was not taken into consideration but if
you do want to know then my answer is no.
You’re definitely not my type. Nevertheless, this
marriage is solely for monetary benefits.” He
added which got me all rallied up the more. It
felt like all what I’ve stated since I walked in
here has fallen on deaf ears.
“You really are full of yourself, aren’t you?” I
shook my head in disbelief.
“You have no idea.”
“Look, Mr. Norman…” I sneered, as I
uncrossed my arms and pointed my index
finger at him. My blood really boiling just
staring at his face.
“I suggest that you change your so-called
solution or we’re going to have an issue.” I
warned through greeted teeth. I noticed how he
took a look at my index finger pointed right to
his face.
“I suggest Ms. Carter that you take your finger
away from my face or you’re going to look for
it in the nearest future.” He added rather dryly,
quite frustrated by his threat, I eventually took
down my finger away from his face.
“This little issue will become prominent when I
finalise my lawsuits. My many lawsuits and
your father’s company will crumble down with
the fortune it’s brought with it. So, Ms. Carter
whose problem it will be will be up to you.”
His response sent shivers down my spine.
“This is absolutely insane. You’re insane, this is
“That is debatable.”
“You don’t even know my name!” I rationalised.
“Yes I do Ms. Carter,” He retorted.
“My first name!” The silence verified my
“You don’t even know my name!” I repeated,
even more aggravated than before. How could
he even think about a wedding without knowing
my bare and basic information?
“My name is Caden. Caden.” I huffed, with my
eyes narrowing in.
“Well Ms. Caden, this isn’t as dramatic as
you’re making it out to be, it’s merely the
easiest solution.” He attempted to reason.
“You can’t force something like this upon me!”
I firmly restated my point. This man was hard
to figure out. He was oddly sarcastic and
unemotional for a man who represented a
company who advertised themselves as
“You know; I’m not forcing you to do anything.
Although your other options aren’t very
promising. I bet, very soon Ms. Carter, you will
stand right by my side and smile for the world,
no negotiations.” He remarked, a serious yet
threatening tone lacing his voice.
“I don’t take orders from annoying snobs like
you, Mr. Norman!” I countered confidently,
while maintaining eye contact.
“Then I guess I’ll have to add that to my
agenda, teaching you to take orders.” He
snapped back. My nails unconsciously dug into
the palms of my hands.
Grabbing my hand bag, I decided if I didn’t
leave soon, I’d most definitely do something
I’d regret. Turning around in one swift motion, I
felt a warm strong hand grip my arm in
attempt to stop me from leaving.
Looking over my shoulder, I saw his eyes
slightly widen seeing the look of fury deep
within my eyes. He quickly removed his hold
on me.
“Since you’ve saved me the trip of going to find
you, and your father and I have already
discussed the proposal… let’s put on a show.
James?” His outstretched arm rushed past me
to reach a black velvet box from James. I
hadn’t even realised someone else has been in
the office all this while. Staring at the small,
black velvet box in Mr. Norman’s hands, my
brows furrowed. What on earth?
“Give me your hand.” He commanded while
opening the box. A silver band with a diamond
laying on top. Is he being serious!? Why on
earth did he buy this!? Neither my father nor
myself agreed to the arrangement.
“Have you understood a single thing I’ve said
since I’ve been here? I said this whole scheme
isn’t going to happen. I’m not going to marry
you…” Disregarding my words once again, he
grabbed my left hand forcefully, and before I
had time to react he slid the ring onto my ring
finger. The shining diamond held my attention.
My head was spinning. My life had just done a
complete 360° turn. In the span of less than a
day, I ended up with this lunatic who thinks he
owns the world. I ended up possibly engaged
with a man who I don’t know without it being
my choice. Is this even a common practice
Looking back up to him with the most
surprised slash vexed expression on my face, I
realised this man was truly insane. I shook my
head in disbelief as I attempted to take off the
ring which strangely seemed stuck and difficult
to take off.
He must’ve noticed my struggle. “Think about
what you’re doing Ms. Carter,” he sneered.
“Once that ring comes off, there are countless
people getting laid off. You lose your fortune
of an inheritance. You and your father will
struggle financially. That simple gesture
changes so much, so just wait a minute before
you ruin so much, for many more than just
My jaw dropped. Is he guilt tripping me into
agreeing? The thought of making life harder for
not only several employees but their families is
the only thing that made me stop. My father
had dug his own grave, but those people didn’t
deserve to face the same fate. One look into
his eyes and I could see he meant it. My heart
pounded so loudly within my ears due to the
rise of my blood pressure. It was so frustrating
to feel this helpless. I’ve never felt this way in
my entire life.
“You seriously need to learn some boundaries
dude! This is borderline harassment; I could
report you!” Huffing, I straightened out my
posture to seem more threatening.
“I dare you. Do you really want to start the
legal procedures? I already have my best
lawyers ready, I don’t want to tear you down,
but if saving you is at the expense of my
company, I will spare no expense at fighting.
Your dad’s life work is at stake. This is up to
you Ms. Carter.” Leaving me speechless once
again. Knowing I’ve stated my case, I turned
away from him and hastened my pace towards
the door.
“One more thing, Ms. Caden.” He suddenly
interrupted just as I took hold of the door
knob. I stood still, forced to hear whatever
cock and bull story he has next to say.
“You have to be here tomorrow morning by
ten. We have a conference to attend. After all,
the world needs to know of our decision.” He
stated but each and every word uttered from
him enraged me further. Immediately, I turned
the knob, pushed the door open and quickly
walked out, slamming the door behind me.
Suddenly, I felt overwhelmed with tears as I
realised that I might have to marry an
insufferable man without any real choice.
To be continued



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