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FIRE AND ICE Episode 5


I stepped out of my car before locking it with
the key fob. Sulking my way up to the door, I
pressed the bell and waited for the door to
“Welcome Miss Caden.” Greeted Lilian, my
housekeeper while offering to take my bags.
“Thank you, but I can do it,” I smiled and
walked past her, heading straight for the
staircase leading straight for my bedroom. All
I wanted at this point in time was to lie on my
bed and think about how to get out of this
mess with my very limited time.
“Hey, sis?” I heard Joanna call. I turned my
head towards her in response. My seventeen-
year-old sister is in her last year of high
school. We’re around the same height and we
share the same colour of hair. An occasional
person will ask if we’re twins. The only major
difference is that she got our fathers eyes.
Standing at the door I took in her appearance,
a sweatshirt and a messy ponytail.
“Caden?” My mom came in from the sitting
room. After meeting her eyes, I knew she was
aware of the situation at hand. Sadness swirled
in her eyes, and her face told a tale of
disparity. My father crept in behind her, the
same look filling his features. They must be in
here to talk about our predicament.
“Caden? How are you feeling honey?” Mum
asked as she walked up to me and took my
hands into hers, Joana and dad followed
behind her. Their actions were suffocating, I
needed to think and be alone at the moment.
“Caden. If you do not want to do this, you don’t
have to. This is purely your own choice; you
don’t have to fix the mistakes of others.”
“Caden, please think about this decision, it
impacts us tremendously.”
“John, are you serious right now? Are you really
trying to get your daughter to cover up your
mistakes? Plus, we barely know this man!”
mum exclaimed.
“It’s not that I want her to… it’s just… the
consequences that follow this are
“You want to sell my daughter to keep your
money? That’s twisted!” My mother bursted.
Her expression was terrifying; I was glad I was
not on the other side of it.
“I’m not selling my daughter, but I don’t know
what else to do! He has the ability to take
everything we have. You’d have to work again,
other workers may lose their positions, there is
so much at stake!”
“He has to win the case first! That’s not a
“Georgia, why are you being too critical? You
know why we have to do this, this isn’t what I
wanted, but it’s what it has come to so that’s
what has to happen!”
“John I’m well aware! I’ve made my sacrifices
too but I’m not willing to sacrifice my
“I’ll do it!” I screamed. This was not worth
tearing my family apart for. Eyes wide open,
everyone was staring at me. I looked away, I
didn’t want them to see me distraught over
Sighing, I continued. “I’ll marry him because of
everything that changes if I don’t do it. I’m not
willing to tear this family apart, to leave so
many of our hard workers without a job. I can’t
just sit back and watch that kind of thing
happen when I have the key to fix it. I’m not in
a relationship at the moment either, so I don’t
have much to lose.”
Looking back towards them, I noticed I had
never seen them look that shocked.
“I’m tired; I need to be alone right now.” I
requested before walking away and up the
stairs towards my room. I was glad no one
said anything more to counter my decision.
Perhaps, this was for the best. I took a bath
and changed into my pyjamas. I sat on my
bed and looked around the room. It wasn’t as
spectacular as you would expect from my
father’s job, but nonetheless it was homey and
nice. The ceiling and walls were white with
shiny brown tiles with a window view of
nothing special.
Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.
“Come in!”
The door creaked open and Joanna peeked her
head through. “Is it okay if I’m in here?”
I gave a small chuckle.
“I already said you can come in.”
She smiled before walking right in and having
her seat right next to me.
“I came to tell you something that will make
you feel better.” She giggled and pulled a
magazine out from behind her back. “Hey look
who it is!”
On the cover of AND MEN Magazine was one
of the most attractive guys I’ve seen in a while.
He was dressed in a royal blue suit, white shirt
and black tie. His dark hair was a
professionally styled mess. His face a bit stiff
while his eyes held so much focus. I furrowed
my eyebrows as I narrowed my eyes at the
My God! That’s the same jerk I earlier had a
feisty exchange of words with. Staring harder, it
annoyed me to the core that he looked so
good. Too bad his personality reeked. If only
people knew the real truth behind such a man.
“He’s Blayze Norman, one of the most eligible
bachelors of the world, and your husband to
be!” Joanna exclaimed.
“Excuse me?”
“Oh come on Caden, are you trying to tell me
he’s not drool worthy? He’s literally front cover
material. So many women would line up to be
in your place!”
“And that’s supposed to make you make me
feel better? Jo, you have no idea what he’s
actually like, he’s a nightmare to deal with. My
personal experience with him has taught me
that already, the only thing he has going for
him are the shallow things in life, he has
money and he’s attractive. I want something
more than that.”
“Wow, I didn’t know how big of a deal this
was. It’s just kicking in.” Jo stated as she
stared at me. I could see the slight amusing
look in her eyes.
“I have an idea, let’s switch. You adore him so
there isn’t any trouble.”
“No thank you,” Joanna laughed as she stood
up from the bed.
“Well, anyways, I call being the Maid of
Honour, I don’t care who the rest of the
bridesmaids are, okay?” All I could do was
shake my head in response. I could tell she
didn’t fully understand the weight of this
sacrifice. I’m going to be tied to this man for
many years to come and any possible chance
that we will get divorced I will still have ties to
him, the media and all those around me won’t
let me forget. I won’t find someone who I
really wish to marry and grow old with. I’m
going to be stuck in a loveless marriage.
“Goodnight Jo,” I gave her a sad smile.
“I’m leaving the magazine for you,” Joanna
giggled as she left the room.
“No! Don’t leave him with me!” I called after her
but my attempts were futile; she was already
Looking down at the magazine next to me, I
picked it up. I furrowed my eyebrows. “Why
does it feel like he’s staring at me? What? Do
you feel like you can invade my house too?
Where are my scissors?” I wondered out loud
before searching around for the scissors. I
found one.
“Let’s see how you like it when I come in and
mess everything up for you!” I exclaimed as I
began to cut up the front cover of the
magazine with the scissors. Afterwards,
realising the craziness of my actions, I gave a
small laugh. A great way to get rid of stress
and let out some of my pent up anger.
To be continued


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