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I yawned as I headed to the bed. I was very
tired and determined to have a good night
sleep. All this drama in my life in such a short
time was making me so extra tired. I sat down
before I lied down. There was a knock on the
” Seriously!? Right now!?” I managed to carry
up my tired self to answer the door. I opened
” Blayze? You…now…”
” Just hold on to your chitchats…pack your
bags! we’re leaving.”
” W-w-what but…but why? ” I managed to
finally asked but he was already heading down
to his room. He was already dressed in a suit
as usual whereas I…I was in my pyjamas. My
peach coloured pyjamas…hmm…why now?
Why now all of a sudden? I was really looking
forward to a good night sleep but now we’ll
have to make our way back to civilisation. On
the bright side, I was happy that I’m going to
see my family and friends again.
* * * * * * * * * *
” Bye Gloria, I’ll miss you and please don’t
forget to do visit someday.” I told her in tears
as we stood outside the cottage in front of the
“I’ll make sure to try my child…goodbye. ” she
said as we hugged.
The wind that blew by was chilling and cold.
The thunder rumbled in the clouds and I could
perceive the smell of rain.
As I wiped my face, I turned to Blayze
standing by the car.
” Blayze I think it’s going to rain. Maybe we
shouldn’t go…”
” Just keep your unnecessary opinions to
yourself and get into the car!” He snapped at
me rudely before he got into the car.
“If only I could murder this man! ” I murmured
to myself frustratingly before I turned waved to
Maria once more and got into the car. Soon
after, he sped off.
” You better slow down or we might actually
have an accident. ” I warned him.
” What did I tell you about your opinions, huh?
Keep them to yourself! ” he snapped at me
” Fine! Fine!! Do things your way but
remember, if I go home today with even a
single scratch on my face…I will sue you Mr
Norman! ” I warned him before I turned my
head away to ignore him.
Soon after, the rain started to fall in droplets
before it slowly became heavy. ‘I said it. ‘ I
declared in my mind. I turned to take a look at
Blayze to see if there was any change in his
expression or reaction but no…nothing. He just
looked more focused like…like there was
something on his mind. He was definitely
rushing back for an important reason. Well…I
guess I’m just destined to have such a horrible
honeymoon…forget honeymoon, my so called
marriage is a nightmare that I hope I could
wake up from someday.
” Stop staring at me!” He snapped without even
taking a look at me.
” What? Me? I wasn’t staring at you! You’re not
that handsome, you know! ” I managed to
defend myself before looking away from him.
I took one look at her after she turned away
before I turned back to the road. I have to get
back to the city as soon as I can. We both
staying together in a place doesn’t do us good
at all. I hadn’t really planned on leaving tonight
until I received that phone call.
I was going through some paper works when
my phone rang.
“Hello Mr James. ”
” I’m really sorry sir to interrupt your
” Just speak. ” I permitted him.
” Well…sir the Chinese investors that we had
struggled so hard to attain are threatening to
bark out of the deal…”
” What do you mean are threatening to back
out? How come no one informed me about
their presence? ”
” I’m really sorry sir but even I got to find out
about their presence recently…”
” Who is in charge of foreign affairs? ” I asked
him firmly.
” Mr Jay Thakur.”
” Alright, I’ll be there at the office tomorrow. ”
” But sir, your honey…”
” I said I’ll be there! Goodnight Mr James. ”
Then I cut the call. I was frustrated that one
man’s mistake just piled up my work. When I
get there, I’ll have to work my way up to
convince them.
Flashback over
I stepped on the brakes which brought the car
to an immediate halt.
” Oh my goodness! ” Caden exclaimed as she
almost hit her head on the front.
” Are you blind or something? Do you really
want to get us killed? ” She ranted angrily.
” It’s not my fault if you do not know that
you’re supposed to put on your seat belt. ” I
snapped at her.
Caden P.O.V
” Oh now it’s my fault that we almost got
killed!?” I asked him frustrated. He stared
ahead so I decided to turn in order to see what
he was staring at.
“It’s that a tree on the road!?” I asked as I
stared at the huge tree apparently blocking our
path as if it had been cut down on purpose.
I’m sure Blayze was thinking about what next
step to take. Whether he likes it or not,we
would have to go back. He turned the gear to
reverse before he drove back and turned.
Instead of just keep going straight as we came
from, he drove into another crooked looking
lane which had gallops.
” Blayze where are we going? It’s raining and
this road doesn’t look good…”
” The other side was the short route, this is the
longer route. ” did Blayze Norman just
answered me? Wow, he must be getting used
to me.
I remained silent and just stared ahead as he
drove. Slowly I was beginning to feel sleepy
but before I could finally shut my eyes, the car
suddenly came to a slow halt.
” What’s the problem now? ” I asked irritatedly.
He ignored me, took off his coat then turned
off the car before he opened the door and got
out under the rain. I can’t believe he just did
that. My eyes followed him as he walked
quickly to the front of the car and opened the
bonnet. Looks like there seems to be a
problem. After almost a second of going
through it, he shut the bonnet. He walked to
the left side and stared at the tyre. Is
everything okay? Please don’t tell me that the
tyre is punctured. It’s raining for goodness
sake and it’s really going to be difficult to find
a mechanic shop!
I guess I was thinking on my own as I saw
him roll a spare tyre from the boot. He
squatted and started to remove the nots.
Doesn’t he feel cold at all? It’s raining for
goodness sake in the middle of the night. I’m
pretty sure it’s freezing out there…no…it’s his
fault anyway so he should deal with it
alone…but he might catch a cold or worst, he
could come down with pneumonia. Shoots!
I turned to the back seat and searched around
for an umbrella and luckily I found one under
the seat. I opened the door before quickly
opening the umbrella then I stepped out and
shut the door and that was when I realised that
the rain was really heavy and windy.
Of all days and of all nights, the engine had to
fail and the tyre punctured from who knows
when. To top it all up, the rain was making
changing this tyre more difficult. Suddenly the
rain was no longer dropping on my already
soaked clothes and body anymore. Has it
stopped raining? I wondered as I looked up
only to see Caden standing there with an
” What do you think you’re doing? Go back in! I
do not need your help!” I ordered her as I
stood to my feet and obviously I don’t need
help from her or anyone else.
” I won’t.” She said as she shook her head
firmly which was not what I expected.
“We’re in this together. ” She said firmly as
well which sort of left me speechless. I really
wasn’t expecting any of this.
To be continued


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