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Just when I thought everything was over. I was
finally going to die a horrible death…just when
I thought the bright headlights from the truck
would blind my eyes and my ears will block
from the loud honking of the car…I suddenly
felt a strong pull on my arm and I fell with my
eyes shut out of fear.
Later on, I decided to slowly open my
eyes…did I make it to heaven? Instead of
seeing some wierd new faces. I actually began
to hear the whispering voices of people and
the constant fast beating heart of the ground
beneath me or…is it actually a ground.
I slowly raised my head up, confused at what
was going on as some people stared while
some seem to be recording with their phones.
What kind of ground beats? I took a look at
the ground beneath me and it actually wasn’t a
ground. It was a man’s body…I slowly took a
look at the face…it was…Blayze!?
He just laid there knocked out cold with his
eyes shut and his arms around me.
Did…did Blayze just…save my…life?
But…why isn’t he moving? Why isn’t he
talking? Why isn’t he scolding me right now?
” Blayze…Blayze…” I managed to call him
almost in a whisper over my fast beating heart
that even rang in my ears. I got down from on
top of him and quickly placed my hand on his
“Blayze…” I called him again with a shaky
voice and when I heard no reply…I shook him
” Blayze! ” I called him this time around in a
loud voice as I knelt beside his stiff body and
tears gathered my eyes.
“Blayze please wake up…Blayze…Blayze I’m
sorry…Blayze…” I begged him in tears as
tears trickled down my cheeks.
“…somebody please call an ambulance! ” I
yelled to everyone that had stood staring at us
until finally someone called them.
* * * * * * *
” Blayze please…please don’t leave me…I’m
sorry…I’m really sorry. ” I pleaded in tears as I
took hold of his hand in mine as we rode
inside the ambulance driving towards the
I’m really sorry Blayze…why did you save me
when you know you can get hurt…why Blayze!?
Why? I thought you don’t care…I thought you
never did care then what is this? Blayze please
don’t lose out on me now.
Just open your eyes and say anything. Even if
you lock me up somewhere or hit me…I’ll take
everything but please just open your eyes and
let me know that you’re okay.
” Please Blayze wake up…I’m sorry…” I
pleaded to him in tears as I followed the
nurses and they wheeled him on the stretcher
into the hospital and then into a room.
I wanted to stay in there with him and know
that he’s okay but they asked me to wait
outside and so finally I gave up and went out
of the room.
I squatted right in front of the closed room
with my back resting on the wall behind me. I
just couldn’t stop crying as I pushed my hair
backwards with both of my hands.
Blayze please be okay…please…for some
wierd reason…I’ll rather take your harsh
treatment everyday than to lose you…please
Blayze be okay…please.
* * * * * *
” Mrs Norman? ” The doctor asked after he
finally came out of the room. I immediately
stood up with my tears stained face and red
cheek and nose. I quickly walked up to him
with hope in my eyes.
“He just attained a few mild wounds and a
scratch at the back of his head but you don’t
worry. We’ve treated him and hopefully when
he wakes up, he’ll be okay. ” the doctor
assured me.
” Really? ” I asked him in tears and he nodded
as he placed a hand on my shoulder.
I felt a little bit relieved.
” Can I…can I please see him?” I asked the
doctor as I sniffed and tried to wipe my face.
“Sure you can. ” he told me with a smile before
he left.
I could still feel my heart beating. I still felt
very scared of what I caused Blayze. If I hadn’t
been so stubborn and just entered the car like
he had ordered me to then he probably
wouldn’t be in this situation right now…for
once Caden…your stubbornness almost
caused you someone…very…dear’s life.
I gently opened the door and shut it back
gently before walking steathily into the room
and up to him. I’m not used to seeing this type
of Blayze. I’m used to the authoritative and
demandable Blayze. Not the Blayze that just
lies still without a single harsh word to my
face. Seeing him in such a helpless manner
brought tears to my eyes again…I don’t
understand but all I know is that Blayze is
managing to squeeze his way into my heart.
I’m supposed to hate him for everything he has
done to my life and my family but now how
I’m I supposed to do that when he just risk his
life to save mine.
I gently took hold of his hand in my hands. All
I really want now Blayze…is to watch you open
your eyes. Is to hear your voice and know that
you’re okay.
” Please Blayze…please wake up…” I pleaded
in tears as I bent my head and rested in on
his hand that I held.
Suddenly, I felt as if my hand was being
squeezed slowly…
” Caden…Caden…” I heard Blayze’s voice and
I slowly raised up my head to take a look at
” Caden…” he called my name with his eyes
closed and squeezed eyebrows as he moved
his head a little from left to right. He looked
disturbed as he kept calling my name in a
whisper and held on to my hand tightly. There
was this strange joy in my heart on hearing his
voice again.
” Blayze…Blayze I’m right here.” I told him as I
lightly tapped him to open his eyes.
” Blayze just open your eyes…I’m right
here…I’m fine because of you…Blayze please
open your eyes. ” I pleaded to him as I lightly
tapped on the arm.
Finally, he slowly opened his eyes and I
couldn’t help but smile as the joy in my heart
” How…how are you feeling? ” I asked him
with a smile after I quickly wiped my face with
my other hand. He just stared at me blankly
without saying a word and the annoying part is
that I couldn’t read what his mind was saying
at the moment.
He took a look around the room by rolling his
eyeballs around.
” Where I’m I?” He suddenly asked.
” You’re at the hospital…you had dropped
unconscious earlier so…I brought you to the
hos…” he didn’t let me finish my words as he
suddenly sat up even if he felt a bit pains
which I could tell from his squeezed face.
He immediately began to try and remove the
plaster as well as the needle in the back of his
” Blayze…Blayze what are you trying to do?
Don’t…” he ignored me and continued.
The doctor opened the door and quickly
walked in on seeing Blayze action.
“Mr Norman what are you doing? You need rest
for at least tonight…” the doctor tried to stop
him but he just pushed the doctor’s hand away
and succeded in finally taken everything off.
” I’m fine! ” He exclaimed at the doctor before
he picked up his suit jacket that was on a
chair in the room.
Why is Blayze doing this? Why won’t he just
stay in the hospital and have his treatment.
He walked towards the door leaving both I and
the doctor standing and surprised at his
action. He suddenly stopped when as soon as
he placed his hand on the door knob.
After a bit hesitation, he turned and walked up
to him and suddenly took hold of my hand.
“Let’s go. ” he said to me authoritatively as he
drew confused me along with him.
* * * * *
He dragged me along with him into a bus and
we gad our seat with me seating by the
window and while he sat at the outer seat. He
remained quiet even as the bus started
I couldn’t help but stare at him. I don’t seem to
understand anything…why did Blayze react the
way he did? Doesn’t he know how much guilt I
feel within me with all that has happened? Why
won’t he just take treatment and be okay once
and for all? He looks really hazard right now
and unlike his usual composed self. Seeing
the bandage around his head made me feel
even worst. I can’t believe I almost caused
Blayze death. Before…in the past, I used to
wish that he would just dissappear or probably
drop dead in other for me to gain my freedom
but now…thinking about that is no longer
funny…in fact, I don’t want to ever imagine that
again. I feel very horrible right now. I feel like
the worst human existing right now.
Thinking about everything brought tears to my
eyes that I had no idea when they started
trickling down my cheeks. I sniffed
continuously to control my sudden running
nose as I bent my head in shame and stared
at my hands on my laps. When I thought that I
would never stop crying…I saw a white
handkerchief in a hand through my blurry vision
from the tears. I traced the hand up to the
owner only to realise that it was Blayze.
He had faced his head ahead to the front. He
just stretched the white handkerchief to me
without looking at me.
After much debate and hesitation, I collected it
from me. I wiped my tears and face then blew
my nose before I turned to him.
” Thank you. ” I told him as I stretched my
hand to him with the handkerchief.
He took one look at the handkerchief and then
looked away.
” Just keep it.” He told me and slowly, I
withdrew my hand.
“Blayze…” I called him with my head bent and
as I stared at my hands.
I don’t even know whether he turned or he’s
listening right now but I have to talk.
” …I’m sorry…I’m sorry that I almost caused
you your life. I’m sorry that I was stubborn
earlier. I’m sorry that because of me you had
to do things you didn’t want to do. I’m sorry
” I didn’t save you for your sake. ”
I slowly raised my head before I turned it to
him. He still stared on ahead.
“I did it because people were watching and I
had to play the hero…now you watch…my
company sales are going to go higher than
ever before so…”
He turned his head to me.
“…don’t butter yourself up.” He told me in a
cold manner before he looked away back to
his front.
I…I can’t believe Blayze is saying all this to
me. Does he really expect me to believe that
he risked himself just…just for his company
sales? Does he want to tell me that in so
much little time…he figured out a strategy for
his company?
Why are you making everything so difficult
Blayze? Why can’t we just talk like civilised
adults that we are? Can’t we…sort of resolve
some issues between the both of us? I don’t
know where to start. I don’t know what to say
but all I know is that…if you’re ready Blayze
then I can be ready too. I’m lost of words and
plans right now. Maybe Caden…maybe you
should just go with the flow for the moment.
All I know Blayze is that…I don’t believe a
single word that you just said to me…my heart
is telling me otherwise from your words.
“Let’s go. ” Blayze ordered me as he stood up
as soon as the bus stopped. I stood up too
and followed him off the bus.
To be continued


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