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Okay, I seem to have a long list of things that
I want to do. First is walk down to the central
park and breath in some fresh air. Spread out
my arms and enjoy my freedom. Secondly,
visit a few fun places, my family and stroll
around. What can I say? I have to enjoy it
while it lasts. I’m sorry Blayze but rules are
meant to be broken and right now, I have to
be myself.
I sat on a bench in the central park just
breathing in fresh air and enjoying the view. I
couldn’t help but notice a couple sitting on the
grass right under the tree. They were all lovey-
dovey and just couldn’t stop smiling at each
other. Something about them made them look
so cute and happy. You could see the love the
man has for the woman in his eyes. He just
couldn’t take his eyes off her……I wonder how
that feels like…having someone stare at you
so lovingly like you mean the world to him.
I sighed.
“I wonder if Blayze looks at me that way…” I
immediately gasped as I covered my mouth
with both of my hands.
What did I just say? No…no I couldn’t have
possibly said that…Caden what are you
thinking…how could you say such a thing
about Blayze!?
Blayze doesn’t know how to love or care for
anyone else except himself…I doubt he even
cares about himself so…just stop every silly
thought. Living in the same house with him for
more than a month now is not enough to start
any strange thought or feelings……or is it?
Urghh! Stop it Caden! It’s not like he cares
about you! He’s probably waiting for the next
opportunity to hurt me so delete every silly
thought now…just stop it…you came out here
to be yourself, to have fun and not to think
about Blayze.
I got up and decided to leave to my next
destination. Time to shake off every negative
vibes and invite in the positive ones.
* * * * *
I buckled up myself properly before a woman
approached me to aid me buckle up tightly. I
was at a place where I could climb. Even if I
couldn’t go find a mountain right now but at
least I could do it one way or the other. Okay
maybe this wasn’t the real mountain but I’ll
still have my fun one way or the other.
” Wait…are…are you not…Blayze Norman’s
I’m sorry what?
The woman who was supposed to just help
me buckle suddenly asked me with a surprised
look and smile in her eyes.
What do I do now?
” Um…I…I don’t think so.” I quickly told her
before I turned to start climbing.
” Wait…no…I’m pretty sure you are…I saw
your wedding pictures in one of the magazines
I read…I don’t easily forget faces especially
celebrities I like. Oh my gosh! I’m obsessed
with Blayze Norman! I love his bad boy attitude
and I love the fact that he totally doesn’t
Really? Then why didn’t you just marry him
” Um…that’s nice but I came here for
something so…could you please let me
continue? ” I asked her before turning back to
the wall.
“Sure but I could let you go as many times as
you want only of you take a picture with me.”
She sort of said in a whisper between her
I stopped on hearing that.
As many times as I…want!?
I immediately turned to her.
” You mean like for…free?” I asked her to be
sure that I heard rightly.
She nodded with a smile.
” I know you’re Blayze Norman’s wife and that
you can afford as many times as you want to
go. You can even call your husband…”
” No, no, no, no…of course I’ll take a picture
with you. Afterall, it’s just a picture, no harm in
it…just tell me how you want me to pose and
I’ll just do it.” I told her with a happy smile.
She just can’t get Blayze involved here.
She took out her cell phone and switched on
the camera. She raised her hand up to an
angle for the both of us to get into the selfie
Finally, I had my way. Wow…I’m beginning to
get recognised but of course…as Blayze
Norman’s wife and not as Caden Carter
Blayze’s P.O.V
” Sir…you really have to see this.” Lisa called
my attention as I stood in my office worriedly
waiting for an answer and thinking of another
way out.
I wonder where Caden could have gone to.
She showed me a picture on Facebook with
her cell phone.
“Is that…”
” You’re right sir. It’s Caden…I received an alert
and checked only to find this image and this is
exactly what she was wearing today…”
” What is the name of that shop?” I asked her
to cut her story short. She zoomed the picture
to a product behind Caden and the woman.
“Dream mountains. She must have gone
there…” I ignored Lisa’s words as I
immediately walked out of the office without
looking back. All I had in my mind right now
was to get Caden back to my side, right under
my watch where I know that she can be safe. I
don’t want anything to happen to her and I
hope everything will hold off till I get there.
I collected the car keys from my driver and
ordered him to go back home with Caden’s
driver. I was going to drive Caden home
myself. I don’t why she has to be so stubborn.
I called Lisa to text me the address of the
place before I drove off.
I got to that place in exactly fifteen minutes
time but unfortunately for me…she had just
I wonder where next she could have gone to.
I rang the bell the third time before finally the
door opened and mum stood in front of me.
” Caden! ” She called me excitedly before she
immediately hugged me.
Oh mum.
I’m so happy to see you.
” I’ve missed you very much Caden. ” she told
me after she finally let go of the tight embrace
she just gave me.
” I’ve really missed you too mum.” I told her
as I walked into the house and she shut the
” I’ve really wanted to come earlier but
” Does he treat you right? He doesn’t beat you
up, does he? If he has been hurting you in any
form, don’t hesitate to tell me Caden. He hasn’t
been forcing himself on you…”
” No mum…in fact…” I started as I sighed
after we took our seats on the sofa.
“…Blayze hasn’t really been such a monster
except the fact that he needs to learn how to
talk and do nicer things for people…he hasn’t
ever raised his hand on me ever since we got
married. Sometimes when we talk…I forget the
fact that he forced me into marrying him. It
feels as if we’ve been long time friends that
just can’t speak nicely to each other. He’s like
a two sides to a coin. Sometimes I feel like
he’s hiding something from me. Sometimes I
can’t help but feel as if…he cares about me
but maybe I’m wrong…Sometimes I can’t help
but feel as if…he’s scared of something
or…someone and I find that hard to believe
because Blayze is the meanest person I’ve ever
met. He can be mean to me at times but all of
a sudden…I feel as if he’s…nice to me.” I told
mum unknowingly exactly what I’ve been
feeling and observing in the past few weeks
while living with Blayze.
It’s strange and the whole phenomenon is
confusing to me.
” Caden…look at me. ” Mum told me as she
turned my head to face hers. She took hold of
my hands.
” I’m your mother Caden and only I can help
you…tell me the truth…are you falling in love
with Blayze? ”
” What!? No!” I immediately stood up as I drew
my hands away from hers.
” I…no…I…I can’t…I…I…I’m not Okay? ”
” Caden there is nothing wrong if you’re falling
in love with him…”
” I’m not falling in love with him…I…I’m just
simply observing. Where’s Dad and Jo?
Jo…Dad…” I saw myself walking out of the
living room towards the stairs.
” Caden none of them is home. Joanna just left
a few minutes ago with her friends. Your dad
is at the office as usual so I’m alone at home.

“Really? Then I better go now. I…I still have a
place to go to. ” I quickly replied her as I
headed to the door while scratching the back
of my neck.
” Caden. ” Mum called me to a halt.
” I know and understand what you’re trying to
do but before it’s too late…you should find out
about what you truly feel for him. I’ll always
stand by you no matter your decision. I just
want to see you happy. ” Mum told me
sincerely from behind.
I sighed before turning back to her. I then gave
her a warm hug and promised to call and visit
as often as I can before I left.
* * * * * *
Blayze’s P.O.V
I’ve searched for Caden almost everywhere but
I’ve been so unlucky. It’s already half past
eight in the night and I haven’t seen Caden. Is
this her own way of punishing me for what
happened weeks ago?
I’ve been slow driving by the side of the road
trying to see if I’ll see her walking or
something but still nothing. As soon as I was
almost about to give up and turn the car. I
spotted her in front, walking on the pavement
while holding a big bag of popcorn in one
hand and used the other to pick them one by
one into her mouth as she chewed. The way
she walked as if there was no problem at all.
“Caden! ” I called her as soon as I drove the
car up to where she was and lowered the
glass. She didn’t turn to me so I called her
” Caden. ” she furrowed her eyebrows as she
Wait…why does it seem like I can hear
Blayze’s voice? Oh come on Caden! You aren’t
that scared of what Blayze will do to you when
he catches you that you can now hear his voice
in your head…
” Caden. ” I heard my name again and
immediately I turned to that voice. My eyes
widened in surprise before I quickly turned
back to my front and bit my lower lip
Geez! How on earth did Blayze find me? Isn’t
this city big enough to escape from him for
just a day.
“Caden get into the car right now! ” he ordered
as he still slow drive while following.
” Uh…who…who are you stranger that I don’t
know? ” I asked him pretentiously and before I
turned my head away from him, I saw him
furrow his eyebrows angrily.
I decided to hasten my pace. I’ll come home
alright but not now and definitely not with
“Caden I’m not joking. Get into the car!” He
ordered once more and I was beginning to feel
scared and confused.
What step should I take next? Honestly I didn’t
even know that I’ll reach this far today. Gosh, I
don’t want to go with Blayze…he won’t let me
off the hook so easily and I’m sure he’ll
severely punish me in which ever way he can.
“Go away! ” I exclaimed at him before I
immediately started running.
“Caden! ” I heard his voice behind me as he
quickly got out from his car and ran after.
“Caden stop!” He ordered as he ran after me
I don’t know why but the closer he got, the
more scared I feel so I increased my pace
even if the popcorn in my hand were beginning
to drop on the floor. I just can’t stop now.
Everyone was probably staring at us but what
the heck, they have no idea what I’ll go through
if this man catches up with me.
” Caden…wait…stop!” He still yelled behind.
I immediately decided to cross the road
without even thinking so as soon as I ran into
the road, suddenly I heard a loud honk. I
turned only to see a truck heading very fast
and directly towards me. Its bright headlights
shone so much directly at my face that I stood
frozen with wide eyes just staring at the fast
approaching truck.
Is this how it’s going to be the end of you
To be continued


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