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So…mayyyybe I’m not really reacting the way I
should but that’s me. I can’t let one tiny little
thing break me down permanently. If Blayze
wants another one then so be it…I will make
another one and stop weeping about the last
one…I’ll just assume that my boss scolded
me and asked for a redo afterall the boss
knows best. I will just give Blayze the exact
dose he wants. Afterall, the best way to get
under a person’s skin is to totally do the
opposite of what he wants. I’m sure Blayze
expected me to cry for like…enternity but
unfortunately for him…he barked at the wrong
door. I’m going to prove to him that he is the
one in the wrong here and I’m going to get
back my dignity.
* * * * * *
I walked into my office after I went to get
myself a cup of coffee. I stopped as soon as I
saw a box of chocolates and the same type of
flowers I have been receiving everyday for the
past few days on my table. As soon as I
stood in front of the table, I picked up the
card from the flowers and read out.
“Don’t lose hope and courage. I always beleive
in you. You’ll come up with something better.”
Yours truly,
an admirer.
My admirer!?
I smiled.
Every day is a new supportive quote.
I looked right and left to see if anyone
suspicious was hanging around. I’m really
becoming curious as to who my so called
admirer is but there is one thing that makes
me feel better. The fact that someone is
supporting me somewhere.
As I took in the breath of the fresh lilies, I
smiled. The nice smell always manages to
bring a smile to my face. I opened the
rectangular shaped box of chocolates to reveal
different shapes of moulded chocolates.
I love chocolates!
It’s like this person knows me or something.
I chewed happily after I put one into my mouth
and the melting taste of the caramel flavour
was exquisite.
” ou chocolates! ” Mia exclaimed happily as
soon as she came in and saw the box of
chocolate in my hand. She quickly picked one
and put in her mouth.
” And…flowers…let me guess…your secret
admirer again. ” She said and I nodded to her.
” Wow he’s really interested in you! I hope he
knows that you’re already a married woman
before he starts weaving dreams about you…”
” Of course he does…it’s strange but I feel like
he seems to know me a lot…it’s like this
person is just very close to me. You know
what I mean, that feeling that something is
right there but you can’t point it out. You know
there is something awkward but you’re just
confused about the whole thing. ”
” Uhh-hunh…sure.” Mia said before she put
another chocolate piece into her mouth and
walked to the other side.
“You don’t have a clue about what I’m saying,
do you?”
” Nope.” Mia answered with a smile which
made me shake my head at her.
* * * * * * *
I yawned as I sat on my seat in the office. I
then stretched my hands before I twirled my
seat around to the view of the transparent
glass behind us which sort of revrals probably
the whole city. Starring at it made me
remember my freedom days. The days I used
to go sky diving, swimming, mountain
climbing and even travelling around. No driver
to follow me around and most of all, no bossy
husband to order me.
” Mia don’t you just miss our old school days.
We used to behave like mad dogs. We were
always on our toes…we never missed out on
any fun…don’t you think in the past one
month, we’ve become like old women? ” I
asked her before turning my head to her only
to realise that she was deep in sleep with her
head on the table.
” Even you are bored.” I said to her in a sad
low voice.
I sighed.
Oh how I miss my freedom! If only I can find a
way to escape from this building without
Blayze nor his security guards outside from
noticing I’m the one leaving. If only I could get
a disguise or something…”
” A little to the left, no, no, no gently with the
mannequins. If any of their attires gets
messed up then today’s shoot will be
cancelled. ”
Act fast Caden or you might never have
another opportunity.
I immediately got up from my seat and walked
out of the office towards Jeremy who was in
charge of advertising the furnitures. Dressing
up a model and have them advertise the
furnitures by either sitting on them for a photo
shoot to be displayed in a magazine.
” Um Jeremy. ” I called his attention and he
turned to me.
” What are you doing here? Didn’t your
assistance, Bea tell you anything? ” I asked
him in all seriousness.
He furrowed his eyebrows at me in a confused
” Tell me what. ”
” That Blayze is calling you. I can remember
specifically telling Bea to inform you that
Blayze wants to talk to you and yet…yet she
took everything for granted and…you know
how Blayze can be…I’m sure he must be
fuming angry at you. You better go see him
now. ” I told him a big lie right between my
“Really? ” he asked worriedly and tried to walk
off but stopped.
” But…but what about the photo shoot…”
” Don’t you worry. I’ll help you take all these to
the room and hold off things for a little while
for your sake. For now, hurry up and save your
job.” I told him and he nodded.
” You’re a life saver Caden. I’ll handle Bea
later.” He said as he gave me a quick light hug
and quickly walked off.
” I’m sorry Jeremy but I’m really desperate. ” I
said in a whisper before I turned back to what
he was doing.
“Okay everyone this way. ” I started directing
them. I took hold of a mannequin with a wig
” Don’t you worry big guy…I got this one. ” I
told a man who was handling two. He
hesitated before nodding.
” Finally, my freedom key.” I said in a whisper
as I held the mannequin.
” Okay turn to your left…”
* * * * * *
Blayze’s P.O.V
” Hello sir…Jeremy is here to see you. ” Lisa’s
voice rang through the receiver on my table in
my office.
” I didn’t send for him.” I told her directly.
“But sir…he said you did.”
” Says who?” I asked her without looking away
from the screen of my laptop.
“Says your wife Caden. ”
I lifted up my eyes away from my laptop
Why would…Caden…say something I never
” Let him in Lisa.” I ordered her.
In a second time, Jeremy walked in through
the door and finally stood in front of me. I got
up from my seat and walked all the way to in
front of my table.
I put my hands in my pockets as I leaned on
the table.
” Who…did you say that informed you that I
was calling you? ” I asked him to be sure I
didn’t here wrongly.
” Caden told me that you’ve been demanding to
see me for quite a while now and that she told
my assistant Bea to inform me but she forgot.”
Jeremy narrated.
I don’t think I like where this is going to end.
I stretched my hand to the phone and pressed
” Lisa…tell Bea to come up here.”
” Yes sir. ” Lisa answered.
In a few seconds, Lisa also stood in front of
“Listen…all I need you to answer me is yes or
no.” I told Bea and she nodded.
” Did my wife…Caden ever told you that I was
calling for Jeremy? ” I asked her. She furrowed
her eyebrows at first before shaking her head.
” No sir…she never did in fact I saw her earlier
this morning but…”
” Just yes or no will do!” I reminded her to cut
short her story.
“So…Caden lied…why…what were you doing
that made her tell you such a lie?” I directed
the question to Jeremy.
” Well I was taking a few dressed up
mannequins to the photo shoot room…she
asked me to let her handle it while I go and
answer to you and that was exactly what I did.”
Jeremy explained.
What could Caden be up to this time around?
What would she need a dressed up mannequin
for? Why would she…….wait a
minute…dressed up….she wants to dress up
differently but for what….to the surpass the
security!? No…she wouldn’t be so stupid as to
dare and disobey me…would she? Blayze
come on…you’re talking about Caden
here…she always manages one way or the
other to test my patience.
” You two can go now and not a word spread
to anyone, do you understand? ” I warned them
both and they nodded before they left.
” Lisa call up the security guards at the
entrance and ask them if they’ve seen Caden.
Also ask the other guards to check around the
building for her.” I ordered her as soon as I
walked out of my office and turned to her
“Excuse me sir but none of them has seen
Damn it Caden!
Why are you so stubborn!?
Oh my goodness! I can’t believe I pulled it
off…good one Caden!
I thought to myself as I pulled off the blonde
wavy wig from my head and large cylindrical
dark sunglasses from my eyes as I sat at the
backseat in a taxi.
My heart was seriously beating fast. I just did
exactly what Blayze told me not to do. When I
get home later this evening…I’m really going
to hear it from him but for now…fun is mine.
By the time they realise that I’m gone, I will
already be far away and Blayze will never catch
To be continued


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