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I quickly ran into the washroom while covering
my mouth with my right hand and trying hard
to hold back my tears. Luckily for me, no one
was in the washroom. I rested my hands on
the sink as I bent my head and wept hard like
never before in a really long time.
I can’t believe he would do this to me…I can’t
believe he would hurt me this way.
“I thought you cared Blayze…I thought you
cared…” I wept in a whisper as I slowly
squatted beside the sink.
It hurt so much and I really don’t know why. It
just feels like my heart would just burst…it
feels as if I’m being pricked with needles in
every part of my body. What Blayze did to me
today sunk in very much and whereas it’s not
supposed to be so…I’m supposed to stand
strong and talk back to him. Tell him that he
can’t push me around anyway he feels like. I’m
supposed to fight back and get him for
embarrassing me so much but yet…here I
am…weeping so much that I feel like I might
never stop.
I had such high hopes for this presentation. I
worked so hard. I stayed up almost every night
trying to make everything so perfect and
yet…in a twinkle of an eye…Blayze crushed
me down so much that now…now I feel like a
nobody…I really feel like a tiny ant under his
feet. He finally really proved to me that his
cold behaviour has no limits…how could I
have thought that we were okay and that he
was somehow on my side, whereas…where
all this while, he has just been planning to hurt
me the more…why Blayze? Why? I don’t
remember doing anything so hurtful to you so
why would you treat me this way? What
wrongful thing have I done to you…what
” Why would you treat me this way Blayze?
Why?” I asked as I wept and gently soothe the
left side of my chest in which my heart resided
in with my hand. I just felt like stopping my
heart from beating so much because the faster
it beat, the more pains I feel.
My heart was hurting so much and I know…I
know it’s because of you Blayze…of your
disappointment. You betrayed me.
Blayze’s P.O.V
As soon as I watched Caden quickly walk out
of the room without saying a word even to her
friend…I hiccuped and it felt like a string was
drawn in my heart as well…it felt very painful
and wierd because this has never happened to
me before. I began to hiccup after every
second and each time I hiccuped, my heart
hurt. What is wrong with me?
Caden must be very upset with me but she has
to be strong…I didn’t want her to work here for
a good reason but she insisted…I had to
correct her when everyone was so scared of
doing so. I had to point out her wrong to her
and save her from future embarrassment even
if it means…hurting her.
” I don’t mean to disrespect you…sir but
why…why would you treat your own wife in
such a cruel manner? Why would you
embarrass her so much?” Mia asked me as
soon as she walked up to me.
I decided to ignore her questions and just walk
past her.
” In all my years of being friends with
Caden…I’ve never seen the look she had in her
eyes today…” Mia started which made me stop
just before I could open the door.
“…today, for the first time…I saw defeat in
Caden’s eyes and the Caden I know never
accepts defeat. She worked so hard, so hard
that I beleived she would nail everything but
today…today, in just a twinkle of an eye…you
rendered her efforts useless and embarrassed
her in front of directors…now she’ll surely be
the laughing stock of the whole company
because you her own husband…called her a
fool…I can’t help but ask this…do you love
your wife Caden at all?” Mia asked and the
only thing that got to me was the last
As I ignored her and walked out of the room
without turning back, the only thing that
strangely rang in my mind was her last
question. It was one question that I definitely
have no answer to. What was I supposed to
do? Was I supposed to set aside everything
and applaud her even when she was wrong? I
don’t understand what to do and I don’t
understand why I’m bothered so much about
this. I scold my staff all the time in various
ways and I don’t feel any remorse or anything
of that sort. Why is Caden’s case different to
“Caden…Caden are you in here? ” I heard Mia’s
voice call out as she walked into our office.
I wanted to call out and tell her that I was in
here but I barely found the strenght. I lost it all
while crying.
I just sat on the bare floor at a corner with my
legs folded up to my chest. I had already
taken off my heels and just wanted to try and
see if I’ll be okay. What’s the need of dressing
so much when it all went down the drain.
Thinking about going down the drain made me
feel like crying again but I just swallowed the
lump in my throat down.
“Caden are you okay? ” Mia asked as soon as
she finally found me and bent to join me on
the floor.
I slowly nodded to her still with a dull
expression. I just couldn’t find the strength
right now to pretend like I was okay.
“I can’t believe he would do such a thing to
you. Doesn’t he care at all!? Doesn’t he care at
all about the fact that he’s hurting his wife!? I
don’t understand what is going on! You two are
supposed to be in love, I mean he’s supposed
to do so many romantic things for you! He’s
supposed to make sure that you never cry!
He’s supposed to care about you…”
” We’re not really married! ” I raised my voice
at her as I burst out once again into tears. She
stared at me with wide eyes and mouth agape.
” What I mean is that Blayze and I are not real
couples…he doesn’t love me and nei…neither
do I! We’re not all lovey-dovey because this
marriage is as good as a business
contract…he had threatened my father about
taking over his company because my dad’s
company owes his a lot and lots of
money…instead of sorting out another way. He
decided to use me and I accepted for the sake
of my family…I married him just to protect my
family…there is nothing between us…nothing
between us and that’s why he can hurt me over
and over again anytime he wishes to…anytime.
” I told her in tears.
I finally told her everything. I was tired of lying
to my friend all because of a man that doesn’t
care one bit at all about me…I just want some
comfort right now.
Mia’s eyes softened up for me as she brought
me into her arms for a comforting hug.
Blayze’s P.O.V
I hiccuped again and again as my heart ached
at the same time. I rubbed the position of
where my heart was which was within the
lower part of my left chest with my hand as I
stood just beside a corner away from Caden’s
office staring at her.
It felt really wierd but I…I actually feel pain on
seeing the position she was in. Did I hurt her
so much with my words? I was just trying
to…trying to…help her. I couldn’t do it in a
nice way because I don’t know how to do it. I
never really wanted to hurt her so badly.
Seeing her weep so much in the arms of her
friend…pained my heart and my hiccups has
refused to stop. I’ve taken over three cups of
water and yet it refuses to subside.
* * * * * *
Even after I came back home later in the night,
the hiccups still refused to stop. I decided to
busy myself in my study room with work.
Maybe that will occupy my mind for a long
time but working with this constant hiccups
and pain in the heart isn’t easy at all.
Work! Work!! Work!!! Blayze you have to
occupy your mind and stop thinking about
her…She must hate me so much right now.
She had left for home earlier than I did and I
haven’t seen her since then. In fact, I didn’t go
to the bedroom. As soon as I came back
home, I walked straight into my study room to
sort of avoid facing her.
” Here.” I heard her voice as I saw a glass cup
of water placed in front of me. From staring at
the cup, I slowly lifted up my head to meet her
now…smiling face?
” What? Surprised? You’re surprised to see me
okay?” She asked with…a smile as she walked
” You see that’s the problem with you
Blayze…you always assume that by saying
hurtful words to a person, you’ve won
whereas…it’s not so…I am perfectly okay now.
I’ve gotten over the terrible happenings of
today and so you should get over your hiccups
so…drink up.” She said as as finally came and
rested her elbows at the front side of my table
then she rested her chin on her opened hands.
I couldn’t help but stare at her in surprise
before staring at the water then back to her.
She wiggled her eyebrows at me with a smile
on her face.
” Don’t worry, I didn’t put anything in it except
my invisible magic medicine to cure your
hiccups so drink. ” She told me with her usual
Caden smile.
Could she really be back to normal? She
seems okay. I thought she’ll be angry with me
for probably a long time.
“Don’t you worry Blayze…this isn’t over. I will
surely have my revenge on you for today’s
humiliation and when I do it…you’ll have no
idea about it so for now…drink, go on drink
up. ” she said which still surprised me.
” Why are you staring at me like you’ve seen a
ghost? I’m okay! I don’t have a habit of sulking
for long so forget everything and drink already.
” she urged me with a smile as she pointed to
the cup and then to me.
I slowly took hold of the cup and as I slowly
brought it to my mouth, I didn’t take my eyes
off her.
What is going on with her? Why this sudden
The strange miraculous thing that happened is
that my hiccups immediately stopped after I
drank down the water.
“See? I told you that I have put in magical
stuff and now you’re okay!” She said with a
huge smile.
Yes…you really have put in a magic stuff but
what is that? What could your magic stuff be
when everything else refused to rid me of my
painful hiccups.
To be continued


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