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I walked into the company’s building
confidently as I hurried up to my office.
Finally, I decided to go with the leopard skin
leggings, a white singlet which was tucked in,
a cream coloured coat, a small pendant
necklace, a pair of stud earrings and a pair of
black stilletoes. It hasn’t been up to thirty
minutes that I’ve been wearing these heels but
I feel like my legs are killing me.
” Caden where the hell have you been? ” Mia
asked me as soon as the elevator’s door
opened and I got out.
” Why…what’s wrong? Tell me nothing is
wrong. ” I asked her as I walked into our new
office and kept my handbag and other stuff on
the table.
” Oh nothing really except for the fact that the
presentation is going to start in about thirty
minutes time…”
” What? I…I thought you said Lisa told you that
it would start at approximately nine thirty. ” I
asked her worriedly. She bit her lower lip.
” Um…apparently I…misheard actually…it’s

eight thirty…”
” Oh Mia! Seriously!?” I exclaimed at her as we
walked out of the office together.
” I’m sorry, I’m sorry, okay? You should know
better than to come to work early…”
” Mia!” I called her frustratedly as I finally
stopped almost close to the washroom.
” Fine I’m sorry. I’m surprise Blayze didn’t say
anything to you…”
” How would he when we don’t talk like that!?”
Mia stared at me with wide eyes.
” What I meant is that…how would he when
I…I didn’t ask him anything? He probably
didn’t know that I actually don’t know the real
time. ” I changed the whole explanation and I
knew she bought it when she nodded.
” Okay, okay, the important thing is…are you
ready? Mia asked me. I just stared at her
I’m I really hundred percent ready to face the
entire board of directors and Blayze?
” I hope you have a good answer for that
question? ” I suddenly heard Blayze voice.
Really? Blayze voice in my head!? What’s next?
Him really standing in front of me.
” Get out of my head Blayze. ” I said out aloud
before taking a look back at Mia. Mia’s eyes
was on something behind me…what is she
looking at?
” Mia…”
” Caden I…think that voice in not in your head.
” What, she can hear it too…wait a minute…
I immediately turned only to meet Blayze
staring right back at me in his usual handsome
posture…really Caden!? Really!? What I mean
is that he stood with his hands in his trouser
” I told you not to be late.” He said in a calm
“Well…technically I’m not late. We still have
about…” I took a look at my wristwatch.
“…twenty minutes before the presentation
starts so…we’re saved.” I answered him
confidently even though I know that I wasn’t
that confident within.
At least I have his involuntarily support.
“That brings us back to her question…I hope
you’re ready and you’re not just going in there
to waste my time. ”
” First, yes and second, your only job is to
mark me good or bad and not to check if I’m
ready so…”
” Excuse me, are you Mrs Norman?” A man in
a blue T-shirt and jean trouser asked me.
” Um…yes.” I answered him. He handed me
the bunch of Lillie flowers in his arms.
Lillies! I love Lillies!
“What is this? ” I asked him.
” This was sent to you and please sign here.”
He said as he handed me a pen and showed
me where to sign on his clipboard before he
then left.
” Wow Caden! Flowers…who could have sent
these to you? Oh look, there is a card.” Mia
said as she picked out the card from the
flowers. She handed it to me.
” I wish you the best Caden. Yours truly, an
admirer. ” I read it out.
I have an admirer who wishes me the best!?
” Oh my goodness Caden! You have an
admirer…who knows you and who knows that
you work here. That means that person is
probably in this building as well, he probably
works here.”
True but…I slowly raised my eyes to take a
look at Blayze who seemed to have furrowed
his eyebrows at us. He looked
devastated…and that was good.
” See Blayze…I have an admirer. Somebody
who knows my worth. Come on Mia, let’s go
set these beauties in a vase and get ready for
the presentation. ” I told Mia with a sly smile
at the corner of my lips before I turned and
walked away with Mia.
I finally set the flowers in an empty vase that I
found in the office yesterday. I smelled them
once more, they smelled so fresh and
powerful…powerful enough to shut Blayze up.
Just remembering the look on his face earlier,
it was like…who in the world would give this
woman some flowers…ha! I can never forget
that look of victory for me but by the
way…who could this so called admirer be?
Anyways, whoever he is…thumbs up for you
for making me sort of successful today.
I stood in front of the mirror in the washroom
doing some mouth warming exercises and
practicing over and over again how to start. I
feel very convinced that I’ll do well today.
“Caden let’s go!” Mia said as she came into
the washroom and took me along with her out
of the washroom.
” Now go in there and give us both some
victories…” Mia told me as we stood outside
the meeting room.
“…and remember, our jobs depend on you but
no pressure…” she said and I turned to walk
towards the door.
“…my life and career depends on you Caden.
I’m sorry, no pressure. ” She said then I
stretched my hand to open the door.
” My future depends…”
” Mia!” I called her to stop.
“We’re both in this, you know and not only me.
Now, let’s go.” I said as I took hold of her
hand and dragged her into the room along with
We walked in only to meet several intimidating
swarming eyes staring at us.
” Um…hi…I…” I started as I walked up to their
front and in front of the projector screen.
” …well…I know that I’m not really who…any
of you expected to see here but I’m just as
good as any professional out there.” I started
with a smile and none of them said anything
and neither smiled especially Blayze who sat
at the head.
” Um okay. ” I cleared my throat as I turned to
Mia before signalling her to set our work into
the projector so it can set on the screen.
Finally, it came on and I started even with a
beating heart. At times, I felt like I was losing
out on their support but whenever I see them
nod in accordance to something I said, I feel
motivated again to continue.
“…and that’s why I think these set of furnitures
will be the best to be displayed at the new
mall in China.” I finally concluded with a wide
smile and they all applauded me after I was
“That was a very good presentation Caden. ”
One of the board of directors commented and I
thanked him.
” I think that is exactly what Mr Han’s mall
needs. The designs are exclusive. ” a woman
told me with a smile and I smiled back to her
broadly. I took a look at Mia and she gave me
thumbs up with a broad smile.
Oh I’m so happy this is going well…
” I don’t like it.” Blayze suddenly spoke out
which made everyone quiet and slowly hid
back everyone’s smile…including me.
” W-what…what don’t…you like? ” I asked him
in a low disappointed voice. He was the last
person I expected that sentence from, I
mean…he told me that I would do nicely today
and now…he’s deducing me.
” Every-thing…from the beginning…till the
end…Caden…what do you think this is? What
do you think the project you were handed over
to is? Did you think that it was a child
game…you were asked to design furnitures
that would be displayed for sale at a new
mall…what impression do you really think
people will have when the walk into a new
mall in which funny looking furnites are
displayed in…none of those would sell even
for a dime…Did you do your research at all?
Did you try to find out the likes and dislikes of
the tourists and indigenes of that country? Did
you try to match colours at all or you just
settled with any colour you feel like…….those
colours are too dull and none of these people
here are bold enough to tell you that and do
you know why……because you are my
wife…they are afraid to upset the boss’s wife
and by so doing, they’re making a fool out of
you. Caden my company is not some child’s
playground…either you show me some serious
work or you…quit.”
I swallowed hard the tears that were slowly
threatening to burst out…Why would Blayze
talk to me this way in front of everyone? Why
would he embarrass me so much?
” This meeting… is over.” Blayze declared
before everyone stood up, packed up their stuff
and began to leave one after the other.
“Caden…” Mia started in a low tone as she
came closer to me.
I could feel the tears gather my eyes, my
visions. My heart felt so heavy and pained.
I…I can’t stay here any longer…No I can’t!
I quickly walked out of the room ignoring
Mia’s call for me to wait.
To be continued


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