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I turned on the bed. This sleep was so nice
and I just don’t feel like waking up unlike the
days I have to go to work…Work! I
immediately opened my eyes as I sat up.
I ran my hand through my hair, I can’t believe I
forgot about work. I took a look at the time
and it was five minutes past six in the
morning…wait…how did I…get on the bed? I
remembered working late downstairs then
Blayze came in to discourage me…I covered
my mouth with my hand…Blayze! Blayze must
have brought me in. That’s the only explanation
there is…that sort of made me smile. He does
care after all…he encouraged me and brought
me in…he didn’t leave me on the sofa but on
this comfortable bed instead…there is some
good in you Blayze afterall…what…what is this
that I’m seeing? I saw Blayze on the floor a bit
away from the bed doing some push ups
without…his shirt on.
” Wow!” I said almost like a mime without no
sound coming out of my mouth as I brought
my head to be at the foot side of the bed and
my legs at the head side of the bed.
I never knew Blayze looked this good. As he
pushed up and down, his muscles flexed and
the sun coming in through the window radiated
a certain beauty throughout his entire body that
I never saw before…what is wrong with me?
Why I’m I praising Blayze’s body?
” Caden are you okay? ” Blayze asked me as he
turned and noticed that I was staring at him.
Damn! what I’m going to do? He has caught
” Caden I asked you a question? ” he asked
once again as he now stood in front of me.
” Um…um, I…um…I…oh shoot! Fine, I was
admiring your body. Are you happy?” I told him
as I got down from the bed and turned to him.
Now I’m really going to get it…oh here it
Blayze suddenly laughed…whaaat!? For the first
time Blayze is laughing…he is actually finding
something that I’ve done…funny!?
” Come here you.” He said with a smile as he
took hold of my hand and drew me into his
arms. Wow…firm chest…again…what I’m I
talking about? What is going on?
He pushed my hair behind my ear.
” All you really had to do Caden was…tell me
the truth and…everything will be okay. ” This
was really wierd but what was more wierder
was the fact that I actually really like what is
going on. I don’t know why and neither can I
explain it but…I feel really great about being in
Blayze’s arms with he smiling and telling me all
sorts of nice things.
He stared into my eyes and I stared back into
his as our lips drew closer….
” Caden! ” I immediately snapped out of my
daydream as I slowly opened my eyes only to
find out that Blayze was now standing in front
of me with his real dry strict
face…uhhh…wait…why are my lips protruded
out this way?
I wondered as I looked down at my protruded
out lips as if they were getting ready to be
kissed…oh my goodness! Did I just get caught
by the real Blayze!? I immediately jumped up
to my feet after keeping back my lips to its
normal position as I yelled.
” It’s not what you think!” Damn! That came out
wrong! I thought as i bit my lower lip
regretfully and looked away from him.
Obviously Caden, now he’ll know that what he
thinks is actually what is going on…Fine, I was
clearly daydreaming about him while staring at
him exercise so what?
He cleared his throat for me to turn back to
him and I did but slowly at that…what is going
on with you Caden? Since when did you start
allowing what Blayze thinks affect you? Be
yourself…afterall…you really didn’t do anything
wrong…I clearly not remember fantasing about
someone to be a crime.
” I wasn’t staring at you!” I immediately
covered my mouth with my hand. Again
Caden…what is wrong with you!? Why are you
acting so nervous? How the hell did that
sentence come out?
“If you’re done arguing with yourself…can you
now come down from my bed? It wasn’t a
cheap change that I used to buy this bed.” He
told me in his still best and award winning
cold look and voice.
Without saying a word more, I gently got down
from the bed and walked towards the
bathroom only for me to be suddenly swung
around to turn to him as I almost approached
the bathroom door.
” I will go in there first.” He told me as he
tended to walk past me.
” But excuse me why? I don’t see your name
written on anywhere on the bathroom…oh
except the fact that your name is written under
this entire mansion. ” Not very smart
Caden…not very smart.
” I’m glad that you answered the question
yourself…that means you read your manual. ”
he told me before he continued walking
towards the bathroom.
What manual…ohh!
Wow…for once, I seem out of words.
He turned to him when he was at the door of
the bathroom.
” And…I know that you were staring at me
earlier…” What!?
” It’s not a crime to stare but it’s a crime to
dream of something that’s never going to
” I wasn’t staring! ” I immediately told him.
What…does he think that he’s some hot shot
or what?
” Keep telling yourself that.” He said in an
annoying cool manner before he walked into
the bathroom and shut the door.
” Really Caden!? He got one over you!?” I
argued with myself…work…oh my goodness! I
forgot again that I have a presentation to give
today…well…I don’t seem so scared anymore
because Blayze himself encouraged me last
He might not have said it out rightly but he did
anyways and I’m so happy about it. I don’t
know why but his support just gave me a new
strength found strength. Blayze was somehow
like two sides to a coin. Sometimes he seem
like he doesn’t care and sometimes, he seem
like he cares…well…I better go and sort the
papers I left downstairs last night.
Blayze’s P.O.V
I walked out of the bathroom after I had fully
dressed up. As I tried to button the sleeve of
my shirt, Caden suddenly came in front of me
and she was holding two hangers on which a
dress was differently hung on in both hands.
She raised her eyebrows at me as she raised
the hangers in front of me. I furrowed my
eyebrows at her.
” What? ” I finally asked her when I couldn’t
take it anymore.
” Which one do you think will suit me better?
This or this…which one will make me look
more professional like I really know what I’m
talking about?”
” Do you?” I purposely asked her as I walked
past her towards the mirror in front of the
dressing table.
” Ha ha ha…very funny Blayze. Now let’s get
serious…which one do you really think is
presentable to you? Afterall, you’re my boss.”
She asked from behind me as I applied some
perfume on myself.
I finally turned to her.
” Let me get this straight…you want to cheat? ”
” What are you saying Blayze? I just want your
opinion in my dressing today…I don’t really
see anything wrong with that.”
” Really? What of if I do not want to give my
opinion? ” I asked her as I put my hands in my
trouser pockets.
” Well…I’ll just go ahead and wear what I think
is right…”
” Then do that.” I told her as I then walked
past her towards the door.
” But…bu-but Blayze…”
” If I were you…I will hurry up because you
really don’t have much time left…a little tip for
you…your boss hates lateness. It’s as good as
a sign of unseriousness.” I told her after I
opened the door and before she could say
anything else, I walked out and shut the door
behind me. I sighed as I stood outside the
” The leopard skin would suit you more…it
brings out your eye colour. ” I said in a
whisper before I took in a deep breath and
went down the stairs.
” Good morning sir…” the driver greeted me as
he tried to help me with my briefcase.
” Don’t worry I’ll drive myself today. Give me
the car keys.” I told him as I rejected his offer
for help and collected the keys from him.
I got into the car, started the engine and drove
At least there was no traffic jam on the
way…why does it seem like I can’t stop
thinking about Caden? It’s her business if she
doesn’t do well today. Afterall, I warned her
that working for Blayze Norman is never going
to be easy but she refuses to pay attention.
Suddenly my eyes caught sight of a flower
shop just beside the street. The flowers looked
so lovely and fresh…what do I care? I’ve
always passed this street everyday while going
to work and I’ve never really paid attention to
that shop. All of a sudden…I’m noticing all
those flowers. I parked the car to a corner and
got down.
Blayze…you have no idea what you’re doing!
I walked up to that shop and that’s when an
elderly woman came out of the shop with a
bunch of other flowers to set it in the rest with
“Um…please excuse me. ” I called her
attention and she turned to me with a warm
I pointed to a bunch of flowers neatly bundled
” The white lilies?” She asked me and I
” I…I would like to buy those with a gift
card…it comes with a gift card, right?” I asked
her to be sure and she nodded. We talked
about the price and then she gave me the
“Um…could you please help me write
something? ” I asked her nicely and she
nodded with a smile. I gave her the small card
in the flowers and handed her a pen.
” Please write…um…I wish you the
best…Caden…and at the bottom write, yours
truly…an admirer. ”
God I feel so stupid! What is going on with me
and what I’m I doing? Why do I want to give
Caden flowers? Well…technically I’ll give her
these without her knowledge.
I’ll courier it to her.
I thanked the woman as i collected the card
and pen after she was done writing.
I placed the card back into the flowers and
gave a big sigh…maybe this will help her
” Don’t you worry son, she’s going to surely
love them. ” the woman told me in a nice tone
with a smile and I managed to smile back to
her before thanking her once more and before
To be continued


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