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Blayze’s P.O.V
I went through the documents in my hands as I
sat on my seat in my office and as I went
through, I raised my eyes up to take a look at
Caden and Mia aseat on the sofa. I couldn’t
help but stare at them as they whispered to
each other as well as with signs. It was kind of
I stood up from my seat and walked up to
them and as I stood in front of them with my
hands in my pockets, I purposely cleared my
throat to get their attention.
They finally stopped whispering and slowly
looked up to me. They both stood up to their
feet. For some reason, I couldn’t seem to look
at Caden straight in the eye upon remembering
what happened between us earlier. It was really
embarrassing. I noticed that Caden was doing
the same thing. She was fixing her eyes
anywhere else except on me. She couldn’t look
me in the eyes either.
“What is this? Are you two shy brides or
something? ” Mia suddenly spoke and the next
thing I heard was her groaning out in pain.
” Ouch!” Mia exclaimed before glaring at her
friend with the corner of her eyes.
Caden had hit her slightly in the corner of her
stomach with her elbow…probably warning her
to be quiet. Mia rubbed where she was hit with
her hand and she squeezed her face.
Caden gave me a fake smile before she turned
and stretched her hand towards the table and
picked up the document.
“I think we’ll take this. Read through it and
show you our results through our work. Oh
look at the time, we best be on our way to our
new office. Come Mia, let’s go. ” She said
quickly before taking hold of her friend in the
arm and dragging her towards the door.
” But I still want to talk to Blayze…” Mia’s
voice trailed away as Caden dragged her
along. Caden whispered something to Mia
making her quiet.
” Wait!” I ordered them as they quickly headed
towards the door. They stopped instantly on
hearing my voice which was good.
“Talking and accepting this job is one thing but
actually showing the results is another
thing…this deal is worth billions of dollars.
One mistake from you and this company loses
a lot…you might as well say…a lot of
people’s salary are depending on you. ” I told
her the threatening truth. I know why I don’t
want her to handle this job but she remained
adamant on proving me wrong so I let her
have it to teach her a lesson. Nobody goes
against me and gets away with it.
” Don’t you worry about it…we won’t let anyone
down. ” Caden said boldly before they both left
the office.
I sighed before going back to take my seat. I
best continue my work. For some reason I just
couldn’t concentrate…I wonder if she’s okay
with the office. I made sure to give her a nice
spot…what I’m I thinking?
I stood at a corner in front of Caden’s new
office watching her and Mia try to organise the
workshop slash office. They were putting on
workshop aprons and rubber gloves. They were
trying to move heavy tables on their own and I
really don’t know why. They struggled together
to push the heavy furnitures together and
argued with each other on which position
everything should be. Why couldn’t they just
ask for help from someone?
I like the fact that she doesn’t give up. One
quality of Caden. She was very petite but her
strength was unimaginable. I don’t know where
she gets her vibes and optimistic character
from but it was amazing I have to admit.
I brought out my cell phone from my pocket
and dialed a number then put it close to my
“Hello…yes…get some men upstairs. There’s
something you have to do…”
“I’m telling you no Mia. We have to keep this
table in a position in which we could be facing
the entire workshop…”
” But Caden I’m already so tired. Why don’t we
just leave it here in the middle? It’s better
” Let’s just push it a little bit more…”
” Excuse me Mrs Norman.” I turned my head
to the glass door. Three security men in
uniform stood at the entrance.
” Um…yes?” I managed to answer a bit
confused at what they were doing here.
” I presume you need help in moving the
furnitures?” He sort of asked in a way.
” Yes! Yes we do! Seriously where have you
guys been? Come, come, come in.” Mia
immediately gave them an answer excitedly
without letting me talk. She directed the men
into the office. I walked up to her and drew her
towards me by her arm.
” What are you doing? We really don’t need any
help. We’re almost done already and do you
really not care about who sent them?
Remember what I told you, this company is
like a war zone, not everybody is on our side
especially the harsh general…”
” Oh come on Caden! Not everybody has
enough enthusiasm like you do, for example,
me. I totally do not have the strength you do in
you and besides Blayze loves you….”
” Whaaat!? What are you talking about!?” I
asked her almost in a loud voice.
” Um…you married him, he’s your husband
and…you married him because you love him
and he loves you…right?”
I might have forgotten that Mia doesn’t know
the entire truth surrounding my marriage with
Blayze. Oh this sucks! I can’t even tell my best
friend everything.
“Uhh…yeah…sure…he probably does.” I lied to
her as I scratched the back of my neck.
“Look Mia, all I’m saying is that we should be
careful. There might be a plan somewhere for
us to make mistake in order to throw us out of
this job so we better best be on our toes. You
wouldn’t want to go back to being the couch’s
bestfriend, would you? ” I asked her.
She shook her head with a squeezed face.
” Good so we best work together.”
“Yes we will just as soon as they’re done
helping us move the furnitures…”
” Mia!?”
“Pleasssseeee!” She pleaded as she slowly
went back to the men and started on directing
them on which position to arrange the
She will never change. I turned and stared
outside and that’s when I saw…Blayze? I
shook my head and rubbed my eyes then took
another look and he wasn’t there any longer. It
must have been one of my wierd imaginations.
Geez I really need to check myself!
” Mia not there.” I called out to her and went to
join her as I noticed something was not right
in what she was doing.
* * * * * * *
Blayze’s P.O.V
I rolled on the bed in the darkness of the room
then finally laid on my back as I stared at the
ceiling. I turned my head and took a look at
the sofa, Caden wasn’t lying on it. In fact she
hasn’t come to bed either. She seems to be
out on proving me wrong and by so doing, she
has began to spend sleepless nights in the
past few days all because she’s working. She
has her first presentation of her work tomorrow
and this is five minutes past twelve and she
still hasn’t gone to bed. I can’t seem to sleep
either knowing that she’s still awake struggling
with work…why can’t I sleep? It’s not like I
should be concerned with the fact that she
doesn’t want to sleep…if she wants to hurt
herself then by so doing, she should…I really
don’t care. I have work tomorrow so come on
Blayze…go to sleep.
I stood at the entrance of the sitting room with
my hands in the pocket of my pyjamas trouser
staring at Caden.
She sat on the bare floor in the middle of the
sitting room and with all her work papers on
the center table. Apparently, she couldn’t see
me because she has her back faced to me. I
couldn’t help but just watch her work. I guess
she was beginning to feel sleepy when she
stood up for a moment and jogged up and
down and did a few more exercise before she
sat down back to her formal position. A smile
rose at the corner of my lips at just watching
her. Why doesn’t she just go to bed if she’s
feeling so sleepy?
I really can’t help but do what I’m doing right
now. I just…wanted to see her and know of
the fact that she’s okay.
I turned and went to the kitchen. I poured
myself a cup of water and carried it back to
the sitting room.
” You really think staying up all night will make
your work perfect? ” I purposely asked her as I
came and stood in front of the center table
before drinking down some water.
She slowly raised her head to me. She looked
tired with red eyes behind the huge cylindrical
glasses she put on.
” And you? You think saying mean things to me
will work? ” She dared to ask back even with a
tired voice which made me smile inwardly.
” Yes…is it working? ” I asked her.
She shrugged her shoulders.
” Not really. ”
” Good for you. ” I told her before drinking
down some more water.
She yawned tiredly as she scratched her neck.
Caden why don’t you just go to sleep?
I saw myself walking to her side and sat down
on the floor as well with crossed legs. She
stared at me in a strange manner before rolling
her eyes away.
” What is so special in this…” I asked as I
tried to take a look at the papers she was
working on but she quickly kept her arms and
head on them.
” No! You’re my boss and you’ve got to only
see it tomorrow when I present it…seeing it
now will spoil the surprise for tomorrow. ”
I snorted. Really?
” You sound like it’s something worthy…I’m
sure it’s not what you imagine it to be.” I told
” Blayze don’t discourage me…I know all…”
she yawned.
” …all you really want to do is get me out of
your company but I…I’ve got news for you
Mr…it won’t work…” she turned her head to
me and pat her chest as she talked.
“…Caden doesn’t get discouraged so easily.
You’ll have to do a much…much more better
job in trying to discourage me…I…” she
yawned again with drowsy eyes.
Geez Caden just sleep!
“…I really don’t care what you think of me…”
she said and as her voice trailed away, she
dosed. She seemed so tired and yet strong
willed to put me to shame.
I stretched my hand towards her and gently
and slowly brought her head closer to my
shoulder and have her head rest on my
shoulder. She seemed to have fallen fast
asleep with her glasses still on.
She snored lightly. I couldn’t help but soothe
her cheek lightly with my hand as I stared at
her sleepy face. Caden why are you hurting
yourself so much? You really don’t have to…to
work so much. You have everything at your
feet…you don’t really need to work.
She flinched as she slowly opened her eyes
drowsily and I quickly drew my hand away.
” Blayze…” she called me in a sleepy voice.
“…I really shouldn’t be…be sleeping right
now…I still have to arrange a lot…how…how
do you usually keep yourself awake?” She
asked a strange question that even I couldn’t
answer myself.
What can I say? A lot of thoughts keep me
awake and only when I bury myself in work
that I actually forget about those thoughts.
” Just…sleep…you’ll prove yourself…wort
tomorrow. ” I told her.
” You…you sound like you’re…sort of
encouraging me…are you? ” she asked as she
raised her drowsy eyes to me.
” Don’t make me take it back. ” I warned her
and she gave a lazy salute.
” Yes sir. ” She said before resting her head
properly on my shoulder. After that, she was
silent and I took a look at her and saw that
she has fallen asleep again.
What is wrong with me? First, I seem restless
if I don’t know what is going on with her.
Second, I have this urge to help her. Third…I
can’t seem to see her hurt. What is all this
suppose to mean?
Blayze don’t you ever forget the promise you
made to yourself…you have to play on the safe
side. I gently took off her glasses from her
eyes and kept it on the centre table before I
gently held her head as I got up to my feet.
Gently, I carried her into my arms bridal style.
She actually wasn’t that heavy.
I laid her on her side of the bed and covered
her properly with the duvet before I then laid
on my own side of the bed. I turned and
stared at her face. She always seemed so
peaceful anytime she’s asleep and it baffles
me how she can seem so peaceful even upon
everything going on in her life right now. I
know getting married to an absolute strange is
absurd but Caden seems to take on everything
quite okay.
” What are you doing to me Caden? ” I asked
her sleepy self in a whisper as I lightly stroked
her cheek and stared at her.
To be continued


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