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I used my hand to fan myself after I came out
of his office and with not less of a pride, I
walked past Lisa ignoring her stares.
I stood at a corner fanning myself seriously
with my hand. I don’t get it, there is a full air
condition on in every corner of this building
and yet I’m feeling so hot…or is it
nervousness…why I’m I nervous? I don’t
understand what is going on with me!
I can’t begin to imagine what could have
happened if Lisa hadn’t walked in…maybe
Blayze and I would have…would have…no, no,
no…I shouldn’t be thinking of such things. If
not for one thing, I would really go over to Lisa
and give her a very good handshake. For once,
her constant interruption finally made sense…it
stopped me from stepping into something I’m
afraid that I might not ever get out of again…I
can’t afford to…to…to feel anything for
Blayze…everyone can testify that would be
unwise of me. You definitely can’t afford to feel
anything for a man that can’t even feel for
himself…look at me! What on earth I’m I
talking about!? Why am I talking about
feelings? There only one truth sane thought
here and that is I’m okay…I definitely don’t
have any kind of feelings towards Blayze.
Now…to do a more busy and sane thing.
I dialed Mia’s number from the callers log in
my phone and put it close to my ear.
” Hello Caden.” Mia’s voice came through.
“Guess what great news I have for you. ” I told
her with a smile and a happy voice.
” Ummm…you’re pregnant…”
” No! What is wrong with you!? Why are you
always going on about that!?” I asked her
” I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I just don’t know what
greater news there is than that…”
” Well there is something much more better
and please next time…think outside the box…”
” Okay, okay sowwy.” She appologised in a
baby’s voice which made me smile.
” Sometimes you sound like you don’t want to
be a mother. Don’t you want to have a family
with Blayze…”
” Okayyy! You’re doing it again with the
questions and the suggestions…anyway, the
great news I have for you is that we got jobs
again baby.”
” Ahhhhh!” Mia screamed over the phone in
excitement which made me have to push the
phone a bit from my ear.
” Are you for real Caden? Please don’t tell me
that you’re pulling my leg. ” Mia said in a very
excited voice. I could tell that she has been
dreaming of this news for so long.
“I am not pulling your leg.” I told her exactly
what she wanted to hear.
” Oh my goodness! So that means we got back
our building…”
” Close but even better…I managed to get into
the heart of one of Blayze company’s investors
and you know what happened? ” I asked her
purposely wanting to keep her in suspense.
” What?”
“He gave me the deal instead to create designs
and furnitures for the display for a new mall
his company is opening very soon in china.”
” Ahhh! Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you got the
deal like that but wait…where does that
actually put me? I don’t think I have a job
“We will always be partners but to get you into
Blayze’s company, I told him that I’ll make you
my assistant. ”
” Really!? And what did he say?”
” Whatever. ” I repeated his exact words.
” Huh? Soooo…”
” You got the job!” I finally broke it down for
” Yeeesss!” She exclaimed happily.
” So why don’t you get dressed and quickly
rush down to Blayze’s company so we can get
things going…I’ll text you the address.” I told
her happily and she thanked me before we said
our goodbyes I cut the call.
I sighed. It was as if a huge burden has been
lifted off my shoulders.
” Job. Check…Blayze. Not so check.” I said as
I stood straight after cutting the call.
All of a sudden, I feel like a soldier who just
called for backup. Mia and I have always been
soldiers in a sort of way backing each other
up. Now, it feels like I have an extra hand. I
really can’t wait for her to get here.
* * * * *
“This is where both your office and workshop
will be.” Lisa told Mia and I as we walked into
a large room of empty space. The walls were
painted white and both the entrance and exist
was built of a rectangular sliding see through
” Is it mine or Mia’s?” I asked Lisa after she
was done talking.
” Both.” She answered straight forward.
“What? Does Blayze know about this? ” I asked
her as I placed a hand on my waist.
” He ordered this. ” as soon as she said that, I
slowly took my hand away from my waist.
Once again, Blayze has played one over me.
” This won’t be eno…” Mia hit me with her
elbow in the stomach making me not to finish
my sentence.
” Thank you very much. We absolutely love it.
Don’t worry we’ll come to you when…Caden
and I are done checking things out.” Mia told
her with a smile. After staring at us, Lisa left.
” What in the world is wrong with you!?” I
exclaimed at her as I rubbed my stomach
where she had hit me.
” I’m so sorry for that but I had to…yes Caden,
it is not enough but let’s look on the bright
side. We’ve got a job whether room big
enough or not…we can’t give Blayze a cause to
turn us away. ” she explained to me as she
came and stood in front of me.
” Well…you do have a point. I know Blayze
purposely didn’t give us what we deserve
because he is out to get us but like you
said…we’ll take it.” I told her before I stood
straight then began to walk around the room.
” It is pretty though. ” I told Mia and she
” Wait…” I stopped then turned to Mia.
” …Have you always been this smart?” I asked
her because I clearly never remembering Mia
come up with ideas.
” I don’t know. I just got so hungry and tired
this past few days of staying at home that I
think I suddenly started cracking up my brain. ”
Mia said with one hand on her waist and the
other on her temple.
Well. Good enough for me.
” Good. Keep that up ’cause we’ll need it in
this company. ” I told her before turning back
to continue my tour.
” Mia…from now on, I want you to look at this
company as a war zone. We and those helping
us are the good soldiers and those against us
are the bad ones. Blayze is like the harsh
General or chief-in-command so we really have
to be alert or we will get shot…understo
od? ” I
asked her after I was done as soon as we
were about to leave the room.
She nodded then shook her head then nodded
Geez girl!
” I don’t really get the whole thing…aren’t we
supposed to be at work? What are we doing
on a battle field? Why is your husband the
harsh general…you see, I’m really confused. ”
” Blayze might be my husband but he doesn’t
want me to work so he will do everything in
his power to weaken us and I mean…anything.
” I explained once more.
” Ohhh!” She exclaimed while nodding her head
and I nodded also while smiling.
She gets it.
” What are we again? ”
Geez girl!
“Don’t worry Mia, just keep working on cracking
your brain.” I told her as I walked out of the
room and she followed behind me.
” But explain some more. ” she told me from
“Later. ” I told her as I walked on ahead.
To be continued


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