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Blayze’s P.O.V
I gently got off the bed after I woke up. I
headed to the toilet to ease myself and after I
came out, I turned and noticed that Caden was
still asleep.
I decided to perform my normal morning
exercise of performing about twenty push ups
before I then headed to the bathroom tiredly to
brush my teeth and have my bathe. Without
looking at my reflection in the mirror, I opened
the cabinet beside the mirror and picked up
my brush and toothpaste from where they were
I applied toothpaste on my brush then looked
up to the mirror with my brush close to my
mouth. My eyes widened in surprise on seeing
the strange reflection of myself in the mirror.
“What the!?” I said in a low voice as I drew
closer to the mirror. On seeing my face clearer,
I felt very pissed off. Who would do such a
thi…CADEN! I swear I’m going to rip her
throats out. I turned and walked out of the
bathroom angrily. I walked up to the sofa
where she slept peacefully.
I bent a bit closer to her ear.
” CADEN! ”
“Ah!” She screamed as she fell off the sofa as
soon as she heard her name been called loudly
by me.
She looked around with lazy eyes before her
eyes rested on my face. She almost laughed
but covered her mouth with her hands.
” No…don’t control it…just laugh out your
life…it’s very funny right?” I asked her
sarcastically. She still continued with her
“Blayze…what happened to your face?” She
asked pretentiously as she stood to her feet.
Wow…what a good actress she is!
” You happened…you did this didn’t you!? You
drew a clown’s face on my face while I was
asleep, didn’t you!?” I asked her furiously.
” Me…What are you saying Blayze? Are you
trying to insinuate that I would abandon my
beautiful sleep just to waste time on your
face…in case you do not know Blayze…I’m
way matured than that.” She said so
pretentiously and annoyingly confident.
” Really!?”
” I very well know that you did this! Only you
can dare to do this to my face!”
“Prove it.” She told me with raised eyebrows. I
immediately raised her right hand to in front of
her eyes to reveal black marker paints on her
She first stared at it with wide eyes before
looking up to me.
” That still doesn’t prove anything…it could be
a new lipstick I bought…yesterday. ” she tried
to lie right between her teeth but it was very
easy to read Caden.
” You got up this early morning just to rub a
lipstick on your hand, you don’t even wear
” I so do…sometimes. ”
” Black!?”
” You’re such a dirty liar…”
” I learnt it from my grand master standing
right in front of me. ” she defended herself. I
couldn’t help but stare at her angrily. I was
very angry with what she did.
” I know how your mind works. You did all this
as a form of revenge. You have such a childish
character and normally, two can play that game
but in this case…I’m going to put you in your
place and I’m going to remind you that it’s my
name at the back of your name and I own
you…including your father and his company! ” I
told her angrily without caring about how the
expression on her face looks like. I
immediately turned and walked towards the
” Jerk.” I heard her say in a low voice behind
“I heard you. ” I told her as I stood by the
entrance into the bathroom.
” You were meant to hear it!” She yelled back
to me. I decided to ignore her and walk into
the bathroom then shut the door.
Caden don’t let anything he said get to
you…but why did he have to involve dad in this
fight of ours? I don’t find it funny at all when
he threatens dad’s career. Dad’s company
means the world to him after his family…I
don’t like it at all anytime Blayze brings him up
in such a manner. He could have done
anything, anything at all to me…hit or even
slap me, yell at me, anything and I’ll gladly
take it but when he threatens dad’s career,
dad’s everything…he begins to scare me. He
actually reminds me of the fact that I was
forced into this situation with him.
Normally, any right woman would sit in a
corner everyday crying for their misfortune but
not me. I decided to forget the fact that this
marriage was forced on me and I decided to
just think of it as a fun game…to make his life
miserable but now…Blayze just reminded me
that he’s the devil afterall.
He’s such a jerk…always threatening my
family’s livelihood. Doesn’t he know how that
feels at all? Obviously, he has a family and yet
he treats someone else’s own anyhow…by the
way… I’ve never seen any of his family
members even at our wedding, not even a soul
came. I know his dad is dead but…what about
his mum, relatives? Anyways…that part is a
mystery about Blayze and very soon I’ll find out
everything. I’ll find out the reason why he’s so
cold towards everything.
Blayze P.O.V
I came out of the bathroom all dressed in my
usual attire of suit and ready to go to work. I
turned and saw Caden sitting on the sofa with
her legs up on it too and folded close to her
chest. She stared at her hands that rested on
her knees and she looked deep in thought.
At least she looked sorry for what she did. I
thought to myself as I sprayed a few colognes.
I turned to walk out of the room then I turned
once more to her and she still sat down the
same way without looking up or moving. I
wanted to ignore her and just walk out of the
room and go to work but…I just couldn’t. I
have to hear her voice…I just wanted to know
if she was okay.
I turned and walked up to her, I stood in front
of her with my hands in the pocket of my
” You don’t have to sulk all day. All you have to
do is to admit to what you did and appologise.
” I told her firmly and she still remained silent
without moving then all of a sudden, she
started to laugh out loudly before she stood up
her feet.
Wierd but okay…she looked okay.
” Oh Blayze…I told you several times, I didn’t
do it, wait…okay, I did it…I drew a clown’s
face on your face because to me…you look
like a clown…a clown begging desperately for
attention by being such an annoying
person…anyways, that matter is in the past
now…let us talk about our present and our
future…You don’t really think this marriage of
ours will last forever, do you? Well to me,
no…I just need to know from you for how long
I have to stand you? When will all this charade
end?” She asked so confidently.
I have to admit Caden…you took me really on
aware and you still prove that you’ll always be
a lion. I guess to teach you a lesson, I’ll have
to collect pride rock from you.
I took a step closer to her and she took a step
backwards with wide surprised eyes. I took
another step closer and she took another step
backwards but ended up falling on the sofa.
As I bent closer towards her, she shifted to the
side to finally rest on the arm of the sofa.
I took my right hand out of my pocket and
rested it on the arm of the sofa to lock her in
and there will be no escape route for her. She
looked sort of helpless at the moment as she
just wide her eyes staring at me right in the
” It looks like you, my lovely dear wife has
suddenly found so much courage to talk to me
anyhow but…you’re forgetting one thing…I
make the rules here and not you…I alone will
decide whether this marriage will continue till
enternity or if it will end very soon…the only
thing you have to do is wait for my decision. ”
” Till…when? ” She asked almost like a zombie
while still staring into my eyes.
I drew closer to her ear and whispered.
” Till when I want to.” Before I drew back and
stared into her big blue attractive eyes. I drew
away and stood straight. I turned with a sly
successful smile at the corner of my lips.
” And…you should take a look at the
mirror…you look a mess.” I told her before
walking on ahead and walk out of the room.
I couldn’t help but feel good. First… I know
she’s okay. Secondly, I brought her down to
where she should be.
To be continued


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