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Blayze’s P.O.V .
What can I say? Caden had to be somehow
thought a lesson. I still needed to let her know
that I was the one in control here of everything
and not her…although I really hadn’t expected
her to give up so easily…maybe she finally
realised that my power over her was greater
than hers anyway.
I turned and switched off the table lamp
beside the bed before I lay down properly
facing her. She had already shut her eyes as
she laid on the sofa.
I wonder what’s going on in her little brain.
She opened her eyes to meet mine and the
next thing she did was furrow her eyebrows
tightly and angrily at me before she turned her
back to me…I slow smile grew at the corner
of my lips. What a cute way of showing that
she was angry with me? I can’t seem to see
her angry face…it’s always a funny looking
angry face.
As I watched her, I slowly fell asleep.
* * * * * * * *
I opened my eyes before I sat up and got
down from the bed. I had to use the restroom.
After I was done, I headed towards the bed
and that’s when I noticed her.
She folded her arms and legs as if she was
feeling cold while she laid on her side on the
sofa. Her eyes were shut and she was asleep
okay but she looked…cold…nah! That’s not
my business. She should know better than to
lie down without a blanket. She just acted so
full of herself but nothing to show for it. I went
back to my bed and laid down…it’s none of
my concern.
I covered her with a blanket gently and
properly. I stood staring at her. She definitely
looked better. In about a second time, she
started her usual snoring. I just snorted at her
with a smile on my face. I really can’t believe
a woman could snore so carelessly.
I squatted in front of her face as I watched her
sleeping, snoring in and out.
” Caden you need serious help.” I said to her in
a whisper before I lightly pushed a strand of
her hair behind her ear and smiled to myself. I
don’t know what I’m doing here. I don’t know
why I’m doing this but it feels strangely nice. I
know this is sort of wierd for me but I really
can’t help it. I can’t seem to ignore her. I can’t
seem to not care. Everything wasn’t as the
same as the day I first set my eyes on
her…there is definitely something changing in
me and I don’t think it’s a good change…in
fact…it’s not a healthy change.
* * * * * * *
I turned on the crampy sofa uncomfortably
before I slowly opened my eyes. The first thing
my eyes landed on was Blayze’s sleeping face.
I yawned and scratched my head as I sat up. I
could feel the pain in my back which
remembered me of the injustice melted out on
me last night. I took a look at the clock hung
on the wall. It was five minutes to five in the
morning and Blayze usually wakes up at six. I
turned back to Blayze’s face and with furrowed
eyebrows I spoke.
” Revenge time.” I said in a whisper while
rubbing both of my hands diabolically.
I gently stood up from the sofa and without
turning on the light, I could see very well
through the ray of the moon into the room. I
stood still for a second as I bit my lower lip in
thoughts. Now what could I do that could
really get on his nerves and make me happy?
Aha! A bright idea hit me.
I decided to search around for something and
luckily I found a black and red marker and I
smiled to myself. I didn’t even want to try and
imagine or know the reason why a whole
Blayze could have markers in his drawers but
anyway…thanks Blayze.
I come closer to him and luckily for me, he
was lying with his face facing the ceiling. Only
that his right hand was covering a part of his
I gently and slowly lifted up his right hand to
take it away from his face. As I was about to
draw closer, he moved his right hand and kept
it on his stomach which made me freeze for a
second. He didn’t move again so I released
myself and knelt down close to the bed.
Now you’ll see how I teach you a lesson Mr
I’m sorry but your handsome face will not be
spared by me.
Slowly and gently I began to draw on his face
and each time he tried to move, I just bent my
head down the bed. Afterwards, I continue.
Serious laughter was threatening to burst out of
my mouth after I was done but I covered my
mouth with my other hand then slowly got up.
” That will teach you never to mess with Caden
again. ” I said to him in a whisper after I stood
on my feet.
He threatened to turn so I immediately lied on
the floor so even if he opens his eyes, he
wouldn’t see me. When I didn’t hear anymore
sound, I slowly got up to my feet.
I threaded stealthily and carefully on the floor
as I headed back to the sofa after I dropped
the markers back where I saw them.
I laid on the sofa with a wide smile on my
face as I imagined what Blayze would do when
he wakes up and sees his face. I covered
myself properly with the blanket as I shut my
eyes and tried to get back to sleep.
I immediately opened my eyes back…by the
way, where did this blanket come from? I don’t
remember taking a blanket last
night……could…could Blayze had put this on
me while I was asleep?
Nahhh! I don’t think so…Blayze doesn’t care a
bit about me…but again, he’s the only one in
this room with me…obviously he had put this
on me but…but why? Why would Blayze care
about me? No…this is very confusing…Bla
definitely put this on me but now I feel bad for
masquerading his face. If he had shown such
kindness to me last night then everything
would have been better…anyways, I can’t turn
back the hands of time and stop myself from
drawing on his face so…Blayze sorry but a
girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. You
have to be taught a lesson if not you will never
To be continued


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