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I was in his car and it felt wierder than earlier
today. The ride home was quiet as I stared out
through the window until the car bumped
sending us kind of hopping on our seat before
the ride continued.
I saw Blayze’s hand on the other side of my
seat and I couldn’t help relaxing a bit
backwards as I stared at him in surprise. My
heart beat suddenly increased. He was actually
drawing the seat belt to buckle it up for me
and this surprised me. My heartbeat wasn’t
letting me think straight. Our hands sort of
brushed which sent fireworks shooting up my
body. This was really getting dangerous. After
he was done with buckling me up, he said
something totally confusing.
” We wouldn’t like people to keep asking
questions as to what happened to you…how
did you get hurt, would we?” He said without
looking into my eyes before he withdrew.
What is wrong with me? Any time he’s very
close, I suddenly lose my power of
concentration and speech. I start to feel like a
remoted puppet. Someone who can’t utter a
word up to him…this is strange. Caden get
your acts together!
” You…really didn’t have to…just let me
answer their questions.” I told him proudly
without turning to him in order to show him
that he hasn’t won me yet.
He didn’t reply so I guess the conversation for
tonight is over.
I came out of the bathroom all freshened up
and dressed in my pyjamas. I turned only to
find out that Blayze was nowhere in the room.
Anyway…better for me. There was a knock on
the door and I went to get it.
A maid stood in front of me in her usual
” Yes?” I asked her.
” I am here to tell you that the table has been
set…please come down for dinner. ” she said
nicely and I nodded to her.
” And Blayze? Have you told him? ” I asked her
as she was about to turn and leave.
” Yes ma, I have but he said he’s not eating
and I should go ahead and tell you instead. ”
” Really? ” I asked her and she nodded.
” So…where’s he?” I asked her.
“He’s in his study room. ” she answered, I bit
my lower lip as an idea came into my head.
” Please…you will have to do something for
me. ” I told her as I gestured to her to come
closer so I can tell her what it is.
“Knock knock.” I said as I opened the door
and knocked as well. Blayze raised his eyes to
me. As usual, he was seated in front of his
table with his eyes glued to the screen and
several papers in his left hand.
He didn’t say a thing except stare at me.
” I’ll take it that I’m allowed in. ” I told him as I
walked in.
” You can come in Bethany.” I told Bethany
after I stood in front of Blayze.
Bethany who was the maid I spoke to earlier
came in with a few other maids and with a tray
in their hands.
I asked one one of them to set up a table a
few inches from Blayze’s table. They placed
the dishes of food on the table and I thanked
them before they left. I took a look at Blayze
and he still had the same blank look on his
face except that he furrowed his eyebrows a
I took my seat in front of the table.
” What is the meaning of this?” He finally
” W-e-ll…I heard you didn’t want to eat
anything so I decided to bring the food here to
you and try you once more…please come and
join me.” I told him with a nice smile. After
staring at me hard and long and when I finally
thought that he would give in…he just withdrew
his eyes away from me and back to staring at
the screen.”Fine…suit yourself. ” I told him as I shrugged
my shoulders before I picked up a scooping
spoon and began to serve myself.
” Mmmm…this smells so good. ” I said as I
blew the hot air from the food with my hands
towards my nose.
” Wow…this actually taste so good…the
chicken is very soft.” I said as I put a piece of
chicken into my mouth and savoured the taste.
Blayze definitely behaves like a stone. A
person without emotions but the fact still
remains that he’s a human being trying to be
like a stone. I know Blayze has practically not
eaten throughout the whole day so obviously
seeing food in front of him would tempt his
Each time I ate, I savoured the taste loudly
and I made sure the aroma of the food was
smelling around the room. One time, I raised
my eyes and caught Blayze staring at me but
he quickly lowered his eyes. I smiled to
myself…gotcha again!
I placed a plate of food in front of him after I
shut his laptop without his consent and took it
in my hand.
“You should eat something and stop
pretending like you don’t care at all…” I told
him as I held the laptop in my hand.
“You can’t do it all Blayze. ” I told him before I
collected the papers from his hand. He just sat
there glaring at me without saying a word and
without an action.
Hmm…this was dangerous.
” What…do you want to say something or
what? ” I asked him after being so confused by
his glare.
Without saying a word, he stood up to his feet
and walked out of the study room.
O-k-a-y…maybe I wasn’t so successful about
this idea of mine but look on the bright side
when I went up to the room later on after
clearing the table, I saw Blayze already lying
on the bed with his eyes shut.
At least he’s asleep now and he doesn’t have
to work all night as usual. I walked to the
other side, as soon as I was about to climb
on, Blayze put his arm and leg on my side. I
looked up to his face. He slowly opened his
So he wasn’t sleeping?
” You’re sleeping on the sofa today. ” he told
me, I scratched my head and the back of my
neck irritatedly.
” Blayze I can’t believe we’re going all over this
again.” I told him irritatedly before I folded my
” Going over what?” He asked after he sat up.
” I’m just making everything clearer to you…I
told you before, we’re only married on paper
and nothing more…this is my house and my
rules alone will abide so I’m telling you…you’re
not sleeping on my bed.”
” Really? ” I asked him with raised eyebrows
and with my hands on my hips.
” Yes.” He answered me before he picked up a
pillow and threw it on the floor.
” What’s that for? ” I asked him refering to his
present action.
“That is for you to sleep on the floor if you
prefer that or…you can sleep on the sofa
instead.” He told me with a straight face before
he folded his arms.
I laughed out loud seemingly like a mad
person. Blayze was really cracking me up now.
“Oh…okay I get it…you’re treating me this way
because of what happened in your study
room…Blayze I thought you are more matured
than this…seriously, taking revenge? You can’t
even see that I was trying to help you….”
” I don’t need any of your help. I never needed
one before and I never will…so stick to your
own business and help yourself…you need it
more than anyone else. ” he told me coldly that
I couldn’t help but stare at me. There was a
sudden nudge of sadness and anger behind
my head but I decided to bite it in. My motto
in this house and this marriage is to make
sure that I do not let anything Blayze does get
to me.
” Maybe I’m not as stinking rich as you are but
I know my place and I am not stupid…don’t
take me for granted. ” I told him the honest
truth in the easiest way I could explain it to
” Really? ” He asked me with raised eyebrows.
” Yes…really. ” I told him with a smile on my
face before I tried again to get on the bed but
he blocked me with his leg.
” I mean it Caden. ” he told me with a serious
look in his eyes. Something told me he meant
it and I better succumb now but no…no way
will I succumb to Blayze…I am not his puppet
but no problem…there are special ways to
deal with Blayze.
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” Fine…fine…you really want to sleep on this
big bed alone while I sleep on a crampy
sofa…fine…fine…that’s no problem…” I told
him as I picked up the pillow from the floor
and walked up to the sofa.
“…but remember this Blayze…what you did
just now will surely cost you dearly…mark my
words.” I told him with a smile before I layed
down on the sofa. It wasn’t even long enough
to contain the entire lenght of my body but no
problem…no problem…Caden never gives up
and she shall exact her revenge.
To be continued


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