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I ran into the washroom breathing hard. I
placed my hand on my beating heart as if that
will calm it down. I stared at my reflection in
the mirror. Blayze was right…I was definitely
blushing. I placed both of my hands on my
cheeks before stumping my feet angrily on the
” Why? Why Caden!?” I asked myself
frustratingly as I paced to and fro in the
” After everything Caden…after all your
planning. You end up humiliating yourself and
not humiliating Blayze…How could you
seriously blush in front of him? Now he knows
you were thinking about him while he was
talking…but it was his fault…why did he have
to come so close while talking…obviously he
threw me off guard.” I said all this to my
reflection in the mirror after I stood one place
and stared at it.
What is wrong with me? Now I’m talking to my
Oh I messed up big time but…but why…why
did I mess up?
I couldn’t help it. When Blayze started to talk
and took steps closer…I suddenly started
feeling different…obviously something was
wrong with me. In my eyes Blayze looked…he
sort of started sparkling in my eyes while he
talked. The closer he got, the more dashing
and handsome he looked. His eyes were
mesmerizing and when he caged me in
between his arms…that was when I lost all
contacts in thinking. I couldn’t help but just
stare at Blayze. It was wierd…my heart
suddenly started beating very fast and to top it
all…I couldn’t take my eyes off Blayze…for the
first time since I met Blayze, a voice in the
corner of my mind told me that he actually
owned me. I want to push that wierd and
unclearified voice away but I couldn’t…I
suddenly seemed stuck…Blayze was talking
and he was looking dashiously awesome. My
heart was beating, my mind was a mess, I
was daydreaming about Blayze…I didn’t even
realise when I started blushing and I haven’t
really blushed because of a guy in a very long
Urghh! This is irritating!
Blayze can’t get to me like this…not now, not
ever…I’ll just become his puppet if that ever
“Get a grip of yourself Caden! You’re a fighter
and you can’t be weak now…don’t give in to
him! ” I ordered myself as I stared at my
reflection in the mirror.
One of the toilet’s door opened and a woman
slowly emerged from it staring at me in a
strange manner.
I can’t believe this! She’s been in there all this
I smiled to her in a strange awkward manner
and she gave me that wierd look as she neared
the sink and began to wash her hands.
With the wierd smile on my face, I turned and
left the washroom.
Blayze P.O.V
I can’t seem to concentrate on the meeting
going on in front of me and I don’t know why.
I kind of seemed restless. I could see myself
taking glances at the door.
Where is she?
I haven’t seen Caden ever since she
embarrasingly walked out of my office. I called
her driver and he said he was still in the
parking lot meaning Caden was still in this
building but where is she? Why haven’t I seen
” …sir…sir…” I heard the presenter calling me
and I raised up my head to him with raised
” Is the plan okay sir?” The presenter asked
refering to the presentation he just gave. What
do I say? I haven’t been paying attention all
this while.
” Hmm…yeah…yes, just send the file to my
office. ” I told him while everyone turned to
me. I then got up and walked out of the office
with a few people behind me.
Where in the world is she!?
As we walked out of the conference room and
down the hallway and as we were about to turn
into another path. I saw Caden walking straight
ahead towards us from our former path. I
looked away to walk into the next path but
then stopped on realisation that I just saw her.
I immediately turned my head back to that
direction but she was gone, she was no longer
there. I looked around but no sign of her.
Caden you’re getting on my nerves!
The rest of the day was like hide and seek
between us and it was getting really irritating.
What are we? Little children?
Why is she avoiding me? Is she feeling
embarassed because she blushed in front of
me earlier? That is so unlike
Caden….wait…why do I care whether she
shows up or not? Isn’t it better if I don’t even
see her at all? At least I could focus on my
work properly now…no Caden…more
concentration for me….I guess she has given
up on dragging for her job…I really didn’t
expect that from her.
I stared hard and inquisitively at the laptop
screen in front of me to finally complete my
work but the image of Caden’s face earlier with
her widened eyes kept flashing in and out of
my mind. I suddenly couldn’t get image of her
blushing earlier out of my mind…she looked
really…cute and…wierd in a way. I couldn’t
seem to concentrate. I took a look outside and
saw that it was already dark outside. I took a
look at the time and it was ten minutes past
eight in the evening. I still haven’t seen Caden.
I finally decided on something. I got up to my
feet and packed up my stuff and the remaining
work I have left.
I walked out of the building towards the car. I
saw Caden’s car in front of mine. Her driver
walked up to me.
” Where’s Caden? ” I asked Caden’s driver after
my driver collected my briefcase from me and
put it in the car.
” I haven’t seen madam all day.”
” Are you sure she hasn’t escaped your watch?
” I asked him and he shook his head.
” No sir, I’ve been here throughout the day and
I haven’t seen madam leave the building. ” he
told me and I sighed frustratingly as I put my
hands in my pockets.
I saw Caden coming out of the building and as
soon as she saw me, she immediately turned
and tried to run back in.
” Caden! ” I called her to a halt. She stood still
without turning to me.
” Caden! ” I called her again and finally she
slowly turned and without looking at me
straight in the eyes, she walked down the
stairs up to me.
When she was finally in front of me…I didn’t
even know how I was feeling like anymore.
She was gone the whole day…now I hope that
she has a good reason for her character today.
“So…are we done playing hide and seek? ” I
asked her while she looked away.
“What is this? You’re feeling shy because you
had blushed in front of me earlier? ”
” That’s not true! Who told you that!?” She
quickly defended herself but it was very
evident that in fact that was exactly what
I couldn’t help but stare at her. Caden was
somehow like two side to a coin. Every day, I
discover something new about her. On one
side she was tough and on the other side…she
seemed very soft and gullible.
” Get into the car. ” I told her after deciding
that continuing any argument with her will just
be futile.
She stared at me.
” What? ” she asked as if she didn’t understand
a thing I said.
” Earlier, you wanted to throw me out of your
car and now you’re asking me to go in…make
up your mind Blayze.”
” Caden…get into the car.” I purposely
repeated myself. She hesitated a lot before the
driver opened the door then she got in. I kind
of sighed a sigh of relief before I got in
To be continued


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