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I walked directly towards his office and I
smiled to myself when I realised his annoying
secretary wasn’t at her usual post. Free
entrance for me.
As soon as I was about to stretch my hand
towards the door and open it, she suddenly
appeared in front of me panting.
” I’m sorry but for the second time today…you
can’t go in. Mr Norman specifically gave orders
that no one should disturb him…”
” I think your earring fell off over there.” I told
her as I pointed towards one of the employee’s
” huh where!?” She wondered as she looked
away in that direction. I quickly cornered her
and opened the door to Blayze office then
walked in.
” Hi Blayze. ” I said with a huge smile as soon
as I walked into his office and met him sitting
at his seat with some papers in his hands. He
stared at me.
” I am so sorry sir, I tried to stop her but
” It’s okay Lisa. You can go.” He told her
before she took one look at me. What? Even I
don’t like you too.
She left the office, shutting the door behind
I walked up to Blayze with still my huge smile
plastered on my face. If anyone could see me
right now, you would never believe that we just
had an episode in the car.
” What are you doing here? Didn’t I tell you to
go home? Are you purposely trying to get on
my nerve?”
” Woah Blayze! One question at a time…I’m
sure you’re not that desperate to get rid of me.”
I told him before I started walking around
taking a look at every detail in his office.
The last time I was here, I wasn’t able to look
around. I saw a huge picture of a man hung
on the wall who looks almost like Blayze but a
bit older and he had a moustache.
” Is he your father?” I asked Blayze as I stared
at the picture and obviously he ignored me.
“You two quite resemble except I’m sure he
was a much nicer man than you are
today…anyway…” I said as I turned to him. He
just glared at me without saying anything.
“…I’m bored and you really can’t expect me to
go back to your boring mansion and stay all
alone…if I keep staying there alone, someday I
might begin to hear voices…”
” What do you want Caden? ”
” Now you’re talking. ” I told him happily before
I walked up to him and leaned on his table
after keeping my handbag on it.
I leaned towards him.
” Nothing much just…you know, the usual…my
” No.” He said sternly before he tended to go
back to his work.
“Oh come on Blayze! I won’t be here if I had
just the right thing to keep me busy. I didn’t
spend sleepless nights in college just to end
up throwing away my certificate…Blayze if you
do not have things done my way then I’ll have
it done your way…the hard way. ” I told him as
I gave him my best serious look.
He leaned a little bit closer towards me for
” Caden….I say NO.” He said with an
emotionless face.
Damn! Why is this man so adamant!? Fine, I
still have plan B.
” Fine…okay…you’ve made your choice. You
chose the hard way…don’t blame me when you
start to cry later…Fine.” I told him as I slowly
retrieved back. I walked up to the sofa in his
office and took my seat then I crossed my
legs and folded my arms. He just stared at me
with inquisitive eyes as if doing that can make
him read my mind and I just smiled to him as
if everything was okay between us.Blayze P.O.V
I stared hard and inquisitively at the screen of
my laptop in front of me as I worked on it. I
wanted to understand something on the papers
so I took a closer look then try to calculate
some things in my head but…the crunchy
sounds Caden was making by chewing those
chips were really frustrating and getting to me.
I purposely ignored her when she walked out
and then came back in with a bag of potatoes
chips. She put her legs on the centre table in
front of her and crossed them then she relaxed
while chewing them one by one without being
considerate at all at the fact that I am working
Now, the crunchy sounds while she chewed
was becoming quite irritating. I could feel the
anger in me as I heard the sounds coming
from her mouth.
I raised up my eyes to her away from the
papers in my hands. I glared at her angrily but
she was way into the chips in her hands that
she didn’t see me and when she finally turned
to me…I expected my glare alone to warn her
that enough is enough but instead, she smiled
and stretched out the bag of potatoe chips
towards me.
” You want some? ” she asked in a very
irritating manner. I glared at her hard and long
to warn her that she was clearly touching on
the wrong nerve here.
” keep…it…down.” I ordered her almost
between closed teeth.
She shrugged her shoulders as she withdrew
her hand.
“It’s Okay if you do not want some…but these
are really good. You should try these someday.
” she said with a smile. I looked away from
her then back to my work.
I sighed as I continued working. Finally, the
peace and quietness someone needs…but isn’t
it too quiet. Very unlike Caden…the Caden I
know wouldn’t obey me so easily, rather she
would do something to annoy me the more.
Could it be that she’s gone. ..
” What does all these mean? ” I immediately
turned my head to my right to find her staring
at the screen of my laptop. When did she get
here and how come I didn’t hear her footsteps.
The bag of potatoe chips was still in her hand
as she stared at the screen with wide eyes.
Urghh! This is irritating!
I immediately shut the laptop.
“Caden what is your problem!?” I asked in a bit
calm manner. I’m not supposed to let her
know that she was getting to me. I know…I
know that this is all her plan to frustrate me
into letting her work but clearly she doesn’t
know the real Blaze…I don’t ever give in so
“Simple…give me my Job.” She said as she
finally stood straight then started to eat her
potatoe chips one by one.
“Not a chance. ” I told her as I got up and
walked past her then towards the shelf to get
an important file.
“Well then Blayze…I hope you begin to think of
me as your new partner…in this office…your
mansion is too boring so from now on…I’ll
hang out here. ” She said as she followed me
behind. I stopped checking for in right file in
the shelf and then turned to her.
” I know what you’re trying to do Caden. ” I
told her as I took steps closer to her.
” You…you do?” She asked with wide eyes as
she began to take slow steps backwards.
” Yes…you’re trying to hang around me…
You’re trying to stick to me like a glue…You’re
trying to frustrate me…You’re trying to prove
that you’re tough… You’re trying to prove that
you’re right…You’re trying to shame me…
You’re trying to make me look like a
fool…You’re trying to irritate me so I give in…”
I told her as I took steps closer towards her
and she took steps backwards with widened
eyes and till eventually she hit her back on the
wall. I rested both of my hands on the wall to
block any path of her escaping. I stared right
into her big round blue eyes which stared right
back at me in surprise.
“…I’m I not right?” I asked her in the best
intimidating voice and look that I could put on.
She seemed to have gone speechless as she
just stared at me with wide eyes. The way she
stared at me was as if I had cast a spell on
her or something but no problem…it means I
was close to getting the trophy. Something
about Caden’s eyes were funny and magnetic.
She definitely looked stunned. I don’t think she
was surprised at the fact that I found out about
her plan…I think she was stunned by
something else…something I do not know.
Suddenly I noticed something on her face. I
furrowed my eyebrows at it as slow realisation
dawned on me as to what it was.
” Are…are you blushing right now? ” I asked
her, that was definitely not something I had
expected of her. With her eyes still widened,
she turned her eyeballs left and right and then
” No?” Her answer sounded like a question to
herself. Her voice was low and shaking. She
immediately turned, bent her head and passed
under my arm. I watched her as she slowly
then quickly walked away and out of the office.
A slow smile crept on my lips as I
remembered her face earlier. Here I was
talking about something serious and it
seems…Caden was hallucinating about
something else. Obviously, her skin colour
gave her away. She was way too fair for you
not to notice that she was blushing. It was the
first time that I saw her blush and her face
was almost as red as a tomato.
I put my hands in my pockets as I smiled at
her silliness.
To be continued
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