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We all laughed except Blayze as we sat in one
of the best Chinese restaurant there is here in
new York.
Hmm…everything was going easier than I
The Chinese investors seemed very impressed
with me. I never knew that me knowing how to
speak Chinese would come in handy someday.
” Mr Norman your wife is very funny…she is
really cracking up some real jokes here.” Mr
Han told Blayze as Blayze drank up some
green tea. I smiled as I looked at him. He
stared at me in a very strange manner before
he looked away and back to Mr Han.
” I’m glad you’re enjoying yourselves. ” he told
them and Mr Han nodded with a smile before
drinking a sip of tea.
” Tell me Caden…what do you do or are you a
housewife?” Mr kim, another investor asked
with a smile.
” Oh no! I definitely work but…my dear
husband here…” I told them before I turned to
Blayze with a smile.
Blayze P.O.V
“…Has refused to let me work…he says that I
do not need to work. Please tell me sir…do
you think it’s wrong for me to be busy and
have independence? ” Caden asked them with
a sudden sad face. If you didn’t know Caden,
you would think I was the monster here.
They all shook their head before Mr Han turned
to me. Here we go!
” That shouldn’t be done Mr Norman. You
should support your wife…tell me
Caden…What’s your profession? ” Mr Han
asked her.
” I’m a furniture designer. ” Caden told him
with a soothing smile.
” Furniture designer!? Okay…Mr Norman, I
want your wife Caden to personally design all
the furnitures to be displayed at our new mall.”
Caden’s eyes widened in surprise as she
stared at them before a slow but happy smile
rose on her face.
I can’t believe this is happening.
” Don’t say things that you might regret later
Mr Han…I don’t think my wife is professional
enough to handle such a big project. Don’t
worry, I have someone specially for this
” Excuse me Mr husband…” she started as she
turned to me with a fake smile.
” Remember? I have a masters degree in my
profession and I’ve been working for four years
already with my own small little company
which you…recently closed down so…”
” Don’t say that I’m not a professional. ” she
said the last part between gritted teeth and a
fake smile before she then turned back to Mr
Han and the rest.
She faked a sad face as she bent her head
then sniffed.
” You see Mr Han…this is what I’ve been going
through…tell me…who will trust and believe in
me if my own husband doesn’t? Who will
support me if my own husband thinks I’m not
worthy enough to be supported…who will I
now run to help? ” Caden explained to them
sadly as she bent her head sadly and sniffed.
I couldn’t help staring at her acting as even
tears gathered her eyes to make everything
look real.
” Don’t…don’t worry dear. Mr Norman here fully
supports you…even if he really
doesn’t…we…we support you.” Mr Han said
nicely to console her.
” Yes Caden…we support you…we’ve been
here for two days now and you are the only
one that has shown us very good
hospitality…don’t worry…it has been
decided…you are the only one that we want as
our furniture designer…”
” But Mr Kim…”
” We have made our decision…Mr Norman
either Caden designs the furnitures or the deal
is off. ” Mr Han said sternly with a straight
face and I knew he meant it. A deal worth
millions was on the line here. This was
frustrating and irritating.I took a look at Caden and I could see her
staring at me with a sly smile at the corner of
her lips. Fine, rejoice now…we’ll see who wins
at the end.
“Thank you very much again Caden. ” Mr Han
said with a wide smile as he shook my hands
and I smiled to him. We stood outside the
restaurant in front of the cars.
” Your welcome…remember, just give me a
call anytime you visit again and Blayze and I
will make your stay one that you will never
forget. ” I told him while still smiling and he
nodded with a smile.
” I will be sure to remember that. ” he said
” (we look forward to seeing your work. )” Mr
Kim told me in Chinese and I replied him with
a warm smile before we stood and watched
them enter their various cars then drove off. I
couldn’t help but keep smiling. Oh my
goodness! I just got a job! I’m back baby!
I turned happily only to meet Blayze’s icy face.
He stood straight with daggers in his eyes and
with his hands in his pockets. I couldn’t help
but slowly stop smiling.
“Are you happy? ” he suddenly asked me which
I obviously felt was wierd.
I took in a deep breath as I finally decided to
stand up to him.
” Yes…I am very happy. ” I told him as I
brought back my smile.
” Good. I hope you can keep that smile up
because you are not going to work in my
company. ” he said before he turned and
walked towards his car.
My smile slowly dissappeared.
” Wait what!?” I exclaimed as realisation
dawned on me.
” Blayze wait…” I called out to him as I
followed him behind. He ignored me and got
into the back seat of his car. I opened the
other door and got in as well.
” Get off! ” he ordered me with a straight face.
“Not until you clearify what you just said. Didn’t
you hear what Mr Han said…he said that he
would work with only me and no one else…”
” Drive.” He ordered the drive as he cut me in
between my sentence and before I knew it, the
car was moving.
” Blayze you need me…without me, you’re
going to lose a deal worth millions. ” I told
him as I still tried to persuade him.
” No I won’t…don’t worry, you will work…” he
said while looking straight ahead. I sighed a
sigh of relief as I properly relaxed on my seat.
“…only with your name. ”
” What? ” I asked him as I sat up and turned
my head to him.
” You heard me…your name would be on the
project but you won’t be working. ”
” You can’t do that…Mr Han would notice…”
” No he won’t. He’s all the way in China and
we’re here…I am a business man Caden so
next time you try to play your cards…shuffle it
very well. ” he told me the last part between
gritted teeth as he turned to me.
I felt like stabbing this man right here.
” You can’t do this to me Blayze. ” I told him
as I stared at him loathely.
The car came to a halt.
” Breaking news Caden…I can do anything I
want to do to you because I own you.”
“You don’t own me. Yes, I answer your
surname, I stay in your house and the world
knows you as my husband but that is it…that
doesn’t mean you own me at all. The only
relationship between us is that little paper with
our signature on…anyway…if you decide to be
stubborn then I will have to play your game…I
will have to haunt you. ” I told him with my
best serious face. I don’t think this was the
time for me to waver.
” Fine…if you want to play with fire then…be
my guest. ” he said in a very wierd manner
before he opened the car door and got down.
Oh my goodness what I’m I going to do?
Blayze was playing tougher than I thought. He
can’t possibly have his way. No…he just can’t!
” Get off! ” I heard his voice order me and I
turned only to find him standing in front of me
after opening my seat’s door.
I stared at him with thoughts still running
through my mind. Before I knew it, he grabbed
my arm and pulled me out of the car.
” Blayze let go of my arm. ” I told him almost
in a whisper in order not to attract people’s
attention. He dragged me towards the car he
had ordered me to ride in with a driver.
He opened the backseat door.
“Make sure to take her directly home and
nowhere else! Do you understand me!?” Blayze
ordered the driver and the driver nodded in
” Now you go home and be a good wife that
you are supposed to be. ” he told me before
pushing me into the car and without letting me
say anything more, he shut the door. I glared
at him angrily through the window.
I obviously really hate this man. He can’t just
treat me like trash and demand whatsoever he
wants of me anytime he feels like it. What
Blayze needs is a real iron fist…someone to
show him that he’s not the only tough person
in the world. Even I am tough. It’s time to
show this man what the real Caden can do and
even if I have to make his office and company
too hot for him then so be it.
” Stop the car.” I ordered the driver as we were
already moving.
” But madam, sir Blayze said…”
” He’s my husband isn’t he? Just stop the car
and take me back or else I will really jump out
and get severely hurt myself and then I’ll say
that it was all your fault so you better drive me
back to the company’s building. ” I threatened
him and after much hesitation, my plan worked
and he turned the car. Five minutes later, I
stood in front of the tall sky scrapper building
after I got out of the car.
” Well Blayze…get ready to eat your own
words…from now on, I’m going to show you
that you are not the only one who has a strong
will…even I am stubborn so get ready.” I said
strongly before I took a deep breath then
walked into the building.
To be continued


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