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After I was done dressing up, I took a look at
my reflection in the mirror.
Love it. I really needed to wear something free
and comfortable. I brushed my hair and let it
fall on my shoulders before I quickly put on
my stud earrings. I hate being guarded up and
down but I miss my family and friends so
much that I’m so happy to be going out even if
I have to be drived around.
Finally, I stood in front of Mia’s apartment. I
knocked twice before she opened the door.
” Look who’s here! The new bride of Blayze
Norman. ” she exclaimed happily before we
hugged and then she let me in.
” When did you get back? ” she asked as she
handed me a cup of water.
“Yesterday. ” I told her before I began to drink
down some water.
“So am I expecting a godson very soon…”
I coughed almost choking on the water I was
” Are you okay? ” Mia asked as she rubbed my
back. When I finally got myself, I hit her hard
on the arm that she yelled in pain.
” Sometimes you talk nonsense way too
” What? What wrong did I say? Aren’t you
married? Then you went on a honeymoon.
What I’m I suppose to say then?” I just
remembered that Mia doesn’t have any idea of
the kind of marriage Blayze and I are in.
” Anyway forget it…let’s just forget that whole
phase…so…how have you been doing? ”
“Well…same old story…I haven’t found a
replaceable job. Caden is Blayze really not
going to release our work place? ” she asked
me worriedly. I could see how much she needs
her work back even I want to work again. I
didn’t go to high school and college for
nothing. My efforts can’t be a waste just like
” He’s proving stubborn but you don’t worry…I
just came up with a great plan on how to
forcefully get what I want from him…they say
that if you bring a horse to the stream but it
still refuses to drink water then you wipe him
really hard so he learns his lesson. ” I told her
as I thought out every step in my mind.
” Um…Caden…I’m pretty sure that nobody
says what you just said. ” Really Mia!? You had
to spoil this mood.
I gave her a look.
“Okay…fine, I leave everything in your hands. ”
she told me.
” You don’t worry. I promise to give you a job
very soon. ” I told her with a smile and she
smiled back as I drank down the remaining
She took hold of my hand and stared at my
” Wow Caden…your ring is really pretty. I can’t
believe that it’s just now that I’m taking a
closer look.”
” Well he obviously tried to show off his
money.” I murmured to myself.
“What?” Mia asked confusingly.
” Nothing…I was just saying that…that yes,
Blayze did try…” I told her as I drew back my
hand and stared at the ring. I couldn’t help but
slowly stop talking and stare at the ring. I
myself haven’t really taken a closer look at the
ring before. I always put it on and I really don’t
know why but I’ve never taken note of the
simplicity in the ring. It was just what I like.
Not too fancy nor too cheap or simple but just
in the middle. Very easy to wear and
portable…weird…it was as if Blayze knew me
very well…
” Caden…Caden…” I heard Mia’s voice calling
” Huh?” I answered her almost lost.
” Wow…what is wrong Caden? I’ve been calling
you for quite sometime now but you were just
lost in your own fantasy…I get it, your husband
is hot and you can’t stop thinking about him.””What…no…what are you saying? I told you
several times to stop talking too much…I was
just thinking about something else. ” I told her
” Hmm…I hear you.” She said as she raised
her eyebrows at me with a smile.
This was one of the moments I wish I could
smack her head and tell her about what really
is going on between Blayze and I. We weren’t
just like other normal couples. We were
different. I married him against my wish and
that I just had to save my father.
Blayze’s P.O.V
I sat in my office going through some
documents before signing them then I handed
it to James.
” Make sure everything runs smoothly and
quickly. Are the Chinese investors here?”
” Yes sir, they just arrived.”
” Okay, let’s go.” I told him as I stood to my
feet and picked up the necessary documents
* * * * * * *
” …These furnitures here are suitable enough to
be displayed in the mall…” a man who stood
in front of the projector demonstrating the
project on the screen to the Chinese investors
and some other board members. Blayze sat at
the head of the table paying attention as well.
Suddenly the door opened and Caden walked
in while arguing with Lisa, my secretary. All
eyes turned to them.
” I’m really sorry sir but I tried to stop her.”
Lisa appologised to me. I just raised my hand
to her to hold on.
Caden just stood in front of me smiling. I
must admit she looked different from earlier
this morning.
” Oh I’m really sorry everyone…I didn’t know
my husband here was really in a meeting…I
thought his secretary just said that to keep me
away. ” she said while trying to be as nice as
possible but I could see right through her. I
know she purposely barged in here.
” Well…husband… I’ll just be waiting for you
outside. ” I told him with the nicest smile I
could come up with as I touched his arm
lightly. Well, I trust Blayze to glare at me
I turned to his guests.
” Xie Xie” I told them with both of my hands
together as I bent my head a little with a
smile. I raised my head and saw that they
were smiling and nodding as well so I gently
left with his annoying secretary following
behind me.
Let me let everyone in on what my plan
is…first, I very well knew Blayze was in a
meeting. I wanted to embarrass him.
Secondly, this plan is called operation
embarrass him. I was going to stalk him
everywhere he goes till he finally gives into my
demands. I was going to show him who the
real Caden is and why I’m called little fighter.
Blayze’s P.O.V
” Is she your wife Mr Norman? ” Mr Han one of
the Chinese investors asked with a funny
I cleared my throat.
” Yes.” I answered as I sat up. Oh dear lord, I
hope she has not ruined this for me. I won’t let
her off the hook if they look at what she just
did as an insult…”
” She is very funny. ” he said and they all
smiled while nodding.
” Yes…and she is very pretty.”
Who? Caden?
The rest of the meeting weirdly went well and
before I knew it, the deal was signed. As
everyone left, I stayed back and personal
shaked the Chinese investors one by one.
Caden surprisingly came back in and stood
beside me with a huge smile on her face.
What is she up to? Why is she behaving this
” ( thank you all for coming and I do hope you
had a nice stay here in America. Please do
have a nice trip back to China. ) ” She
surprisingly spoke Chinese to them and I was
left staring at her.
The investors looked impressed as they
laughed and spoke back to her in Chinese and
she replied before they all laughed together. I
was now looking like the third wheel party
” Mr Norman, your wife here speaks pretty
good Chinese…she was just telling me that
she knows of a good Chinese restaurant here
in New York after I told her just how much I
miss Chinese food. ”
To be continued
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