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I was done putting on my long sleeves
pyjamas before I came out of the bathroom
and walked towards the bed. I met Blayze
coming from the wardrobe direction and also
walking towards the bed. He was putting on
his pyjamas trousers but a white short sleeve
shirt which showed his muscles and I
swallowed down. I wasn’t used to sharing a
room with a man. No, I must definitely always
have the room to myself.
We both stopped and stared at each other
before turning to the bed and back to each
other before we quickly ran towards the bed.
He got on the bed before me and before I
could get on also, he stopped me.
” Wait!” He ordered with his hand. I stopped
and folded my arms.
” You really are not aiming to sleep on this
bed, right?” He asked with furrowed eyebrows.
” Hmm, let me think…yes. I’m definitely
sleeping on the bed.”
” What do you mean why? ” I asked him
” What is your reason?”
” Um, the fact that bed is meant to be laid
on…I think that’s enough reason. ” I told him
before I pushed my hair behind my ear.
” You do that when it’s your bed. This is my
bed and I alone have the right here so you will
sleep on the sofa over there.” He told me
before pointing to a crampy looking sofa
beside the balcony. no, no, no!
” Um…haven’t you ever heard of gentle man…I
have an idea…why don’t you sleep over there
while I sleep here.” I told him before I got on
the bed while he still stared at me.
” Oh, and by the way…you gave me the right to
sleep here the day you made me your wife. ” I
told him as I got my legs under the duvet.
” What are you doing? Are you really going to
sleep on the same bed with me?” He asked
me in a confused manner which left me
confused as well.
” Of course. I would rather handle this than to
sleep in a crampy manner…if you want to do
it, very well be my guest. Do go ahead. ” I told
him before I laid my head on the pillow.
Oh this bed was so soft and comfortable.
“Oh so soft.” I said with a smile as I shut my
” Don’t blame me for what might happen
tonight. ” he said which made me immediately
open my eyes.
What did he mean by that? Is he trying to
scare me? Well, Caden can’t be easily scared.
“If I see even just a finger of yours on me then
I will surely cut it off.” I warned him with all
seriousness as I sat up and turned to him who
was already lying down with both of his hands
behind his head.
I picked up the pillow which was on the centre
close to the headboard of the bed and created
a demarcation on the bed.
” This is your side and this is my side. Anyone
that crosses each other’s side would pay dearly
for it, okay? ” I told him and he just gave me
his blank stare.
” Whether you agree or not, to me it’s an
agreement. ” I told him before I laid on the
bed properly.
Blayze’s P.O.V
I can’t believe she was doing this. She was
really disobeying me right now! I can’t believe
this! She was really sleeping on the same bed
with me.
After I switched off the lights and turned my
back to her then shut my eyes, I started
hearing someone giggle. I opened my eyes
and it still continued. It was obviously Caden
because she was the only one I know whose
laugh sounds like bubbles.
She continued doing it as she covered her
mouth. I tried to ignore her and sleep but it
wasn’t working. In annoyance, I turned and
turned her also to face me.
” Why are you laughing? ” I asked her as I held
her hands to the bed. She suddenly bursted out
laughing more which confused me the more.
“Stop it!” I ordered her but she just continued
laughing and on staring at her, I suddenly
found her looking cute in the darkness of the
room and only the moon’s light shone into the
room. I shook my head to remove that
“It’s…it’s just that I…I remembered the look
on your face when…when you saw that there
was no food in there…you looked so…so
” There’s nothing funny about that so shut up
and go to sleep. ” I told her. She slowly
stopped smiling and glared at me. She drew
both of her hands away from my grip.
” You always manage to spoil my fun.” She
said grumpily as she turned her back to me.
Better. I laid down back and as I was about to
shut my eyes…I heard her silent laughter
” Caden! ” I called her angrily as I was about to
” Okay, okay, I’m sleeping. ” she said and that
was it. Silence finally fell in the room.
* * * * * * * *
I slowly opened my eyes then stretched my
hand and switched on the lamp on the bedside
table before I got down from the bed to go to
the toilet and pee.
After I was done, I headed back to the
bathroom and that’s when I noticed her. Caden
was really asleep. She had turned and now had
her leg and arm on top of the pillows she had
used to draw a demarcation on the bed. Her
feet and hand was clearly on my side.
I snorted.
” And she dared to talk about punishing who
gets to touch each other’s side.” I said to
myself in almost a whisper and as usual she
was snoring but this time around, it sort of
sounded like a baby’s.
I laid down back on the bed before I turned off
the lamp. I took one look at her and her face
looked so angelic and peaceful which made
me kind of smile. I looked away from her to
the ceiling as I tried to stop any wierd
thoughts that was popping into my head right
I stared at her after I turned to face her. Caden
was definitely not all ladylike. She talkes too
much and really doesn’t care. She loves to
challenge me and she was very outspoken. It
was very obvious that she was trying hard to
be tough and that was…that was sort of
applaudable but her size always said
otherwise. I couldn’t help as I stared at her
face. I don’t why…I just couldn’t fall asleep
again. I don’t know what’s wrong with me and
what I was really doing right now but…it really
felt good inside and I clearly know it was
wierd. Just this night…just this one night, I’ll
give into my sudden crazy desires and after
that…it’s over…I’ll go back to being the real
controlled me.
I stretched my hand and gently pushed a
strand of her messy hair from her face and
behind her ear so she doesn’t wake up. I
couldn’t help but watch myself stroke her red
cheek softly which made me feel really nice. I
smiled at it.
I wanted to see what she would do. I wanted
to know if she was a sleeping dead while
asleep like most people or if she was
unconsciously active.
I stretched my hand and gently and softly
rubbed the tip of her nose. She instantly
reacted and I quickly drew my hand away as
she shook her head like a little cute cat and
brought her hand to rub her nose. It made me
smile. As soon as I noticed that she was
slowly opening her eyes, I quickly closed mine
to pretend like I was asleep.
To be continued


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