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He just stared at me. I asked him again by
raising my eyebrows.
” I don’t like saying it and I definitely don’t
appreciate staying in the same room with you
but we lied to the world…One mistake at home
and the servants can spread the news all the
way to the reporters ears so have your bathe
and learn to control your mouth.” He told me
calmly with his hands in his pockets. After
about five seconds of silence, I spoke.
” Wait…don’t you mean…you lied to the world?
” I asked him and all he did was glare at me
before he turned and walked out of the room.
Well…it’s not like I was expecting an answer.
I’ve gotten a little bit used to Blayze’s
snobbing character.
I wanted to sit down on the bed but
remembered I was still dirty. I had to take my
bath but my luggage was downstairs. I turned
to leave the room but two servants walked in
with the luggagges including Blayze’s. I
thanked them with a smile and they couldn’t
avoid looking at me and wondering how Blayze
and I got so muddy. Thinking of that made me
smile. I slapped my forehead playfully before I
bent to my bag to get out fresh new clothes.
I opened the door to the bathroom and was
baffled at what I saw. What kind of architect
designed this home. This mansion must worth
I opened the tap at the head of the bathtub
before I slowly immersed my body into the
warm water. Oh…this feels good. I can’t
remember when last I felt this good in having
a bath. So much had happened and taking a
bath now seems like the best thing ever.
I smiled to myself as I unknowingly
remembered everything that has happened
between Blayze and I from the day before
yesterday till today. So much things we said to
each other. Now that I think about it, they all
sound funny to me. Blayze looked so cute
playing in the mud earlier today. Who would
have imagined he had such a beautiful smile
but he’s always hiding it. I don’t know, does he
actually think smiling or being nice to people
would make him look weak. I wonder if Blayze
was a bit nicer, loving and caring and not the
way he is now, will there actually be a chance
for us….oh no! What I’m I saying? What I’m I
thinking? Me and Blayze Norman!? I don’t think
that is ever possible.
Geez! I think I’m getting myself all
confused…the best thing I have to do is talk
to Blayze and ask him how far he plans on
going on with this charade of a marriage. He
needs to tell me what his future plans are
because I don’t think I can play a character of
a ball to him anytime he wants…yes, that’s the
next step I need to take in order to save
I got out of the bathtub after I was done and
put on my white towel. I was about to take a
step gently to avoid falling down on the
slippery ground because of the foam soaps I
had played with earlier. Some had managed to
fall on the floor, melt and made the ground
The door suddenly opened and Blayze walked
right in at the same time. In surprise and wide
eyed, I forgot the floor was slippery and tried
to quickly walk away and hide but at the end
while trying to avoid falling to the ground, I
took several risky steps. At the last one, I
slipped and ended up falling right into Blayze
arms and in trying to grab on, I put my arms
around his neck and surprisingly, he
unknowingly put his hands on my waist. I
stared at him with wide eye. On realisation of
what just happened, he tried to take a step
backwards but immediately slipped and before
I knew it, we were both on the floor. While he
was on the floor, I was on top of him. I felt
my heart beat with fear. My arms hurt from the
floor but Blayze. He must be the one who’s
really hurt. As I groaned in pain and raised my
head trying to push my wet hair backwards, I
noticed him. For the first time, I saw him
squeeze his face in pain and discomfort. I just
stayed there stupidly staring at him. His eyes
finally looked into mine and we stared into
each other’s eyes for almost a minute while
still in the same position.
All of a sudden, he pushed me really hard off
him that I fell to the other side and ended up
scratching the back of my elbow. He
immediately stood up without saying anything
or taking a look at me. He quickly left the
” Oh I’m sorry Caden! Are you okay? Here, let
me help you. ” I said sarcastically as I
impersonated the action I expected Blayze to
have done.
I managed to finally get myself up to my feet.
This is the reason why beautiful well tiled
bathrooms cannot afford to have soapy water
on the floor. I almost forgot that I’ve been
wearing just a towel all this while.
Why the hell would Blayze walk into the
bathroom when he very well knows that I’m in
I walked out of the bathroom angrily after
putting on the bathrobe instead.
I came out and met Blayze standing by the
window. He looked like he was staring
outside. He didn’t look muddy anymore. It’s
like he had quickly bathed and dressed in
another room. I walked up to me.
” Why in the world did you walk into the
bathroom knowing very well that I was in
there?” I asked him frustratingly. He just turned
to me, glared at me and tended to pass me
but I got in his way instead with both my
hands on my waist.
” I demand an explanation or at least an
appology!” I told him directly. He just put his
hands in his pocket and stared at me. The way
he looked at me was clearly showing that he
was underestimating me because of my small
stature and that was very annoying.
” Blayze you saw something that you weren’t
suppose to see so you better appologise right
now! ” I warned him again but he still remained
like that. Silent with no expression on his face.
Sometimes, I can’t help but think that he
was…was sort of analysing everything about
me and right now. It was making me really
body conscious.
” I didn’t see anything that’s worth seeing so I
cannot appologise for that…” he told me
harshly which left me staring at him in
” Get out of my way! I have important work to
attend to. ” He told me coldly as he pushed
me aside with his right hand and I ended up
falling on the bed.
I suddenly felt dumbfounded. He went to the
wardrobe, picked out his suit and left with it. I
guess to change in another room.
Why can’t I say anything anymore? I was
unknowingly hurt to know that he thought that
way about seeing me…gosh, this feels really
stupid to be feeling this way but Blayze was
belittling me a lot and it was slowly beginning
to get to me. Ever since I was young I’ve
always had a petite look but decided to
sharpen my mouth to cover it up so that
nobody would take advantage of me. Blayze
was obviously stronger than me and he was
really making me feel little right now.
I raised my knees up to my chest and rested
my chin on it as I wrapped my arms around
my legs. Slow tears trickled down my cheeks.
” I hate you Blayze Norman…I hate you. ”
To be continued
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