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This was…it was the most fun that I’ve ever
had in my life. Who would have thought
playing in the mud would be fun. Caden
couldn’t stop laughing as I was on her and
held both of her hands to the ground and kept
applying the mud on her hair and face and for
the first time…I noticed she had a bubbling
kind of laughter which made me feel…good.
She deserved the mud that she just got all
over her body…we had both practically bathed
ourselves with the mud. My hair was covered
with mud and I…I really couldn’t care less.
This was fun.
“Blayze…Blayze okay…okay Blayze, fine…fine
you’ve got me…you won!” She ranted out as
she still gave a bubble laughter. I smiled at
” Wait…did you just smile?” She asked with
raised eyebrows. What…I smiled? Wait…what
I’m I doing? And…and with her of all people?
Blayze what’s wrong with you? I let go of her
hands and got up to my feet.
I suddenly felt stupid. I had relaxed too much.
Like they say, fun is good but too much of it is
bad and that was what just happened to me.
Caden P.O.V
O-k-a-y…Blayze was being a turd right now.
Here we are, sitted in the car on our way
home. How we got the car out of that mud?
Well…while I was trying to know the reason
for his sudden mood change, a family car
pulled over. They asked us what the problem
was and helped us push the car out of the
mud. After thanking them, they left and we
were on our way as well.
For the first time, I saw Blayze smile and he
looked like he was really having fun or is it too
much of it…anyway, it sort of made me happy
to see him like that but then all of a sudden he
stopped and backed away. He hasn’t said a
word to me since then. The air in the car was
becoming too tense. There has got to be a
reason why he’s acting this way. Did anyone
tell him that if he doesn’t have fun anymore
then he’ll no longer be handsome…….did I
just call him handsome? Oh Caden you’re
losing it. It’s best I talk to him than keep
asking myself questions for enternity.
” So…are you really just going to be quiet the
whole ride?” I asked him as I turned to him.
He snobbed me as usual. He didn’t say a
single word and kept staring intensively ahead
at the road with furrowed eyebrows.
” Are you really going to be like this? No word,
no laughter, just plain? At least you can tell me
what is wrong…”
” Just be quiet! ” and ladies and gentlemen, Mr
Blayze Norman is back! A round of applause
for him.
” I see…hmmm…okay…if that’s how you want
it.” I told him disappointedly before I turned
back properly to face the road. His character
was really annoying and it was getting on my
nerves. He always turned on and off his
emotions like it was some switch. Sometimes
with the way he chases me away…I can’t help
but think that he’s avoiding something.
Something big…something that could break
him down…something that could change him
from being so tough and controlled all the
I decided to take one more look at him, as if
the answers would pop up on his face and
then I remembered we were both obviously still
looking muddy and dirty.
His face looked like that of an art abstract. It
made me laugh. I’ve never seen Blayze since
the day I met him so disarranged. He was
looking dirty and his hair was in a rough style.
I laughed again to his attention as I
remembered how he played earlier in the mud.
It made me really laugh that I had to cover my
mouth with both of my palms. He took a look
at me at intervals with a confused look which
made everything more funny.
“Why are you laughing sheepishly!?” He finally
asked when he couldn’t stand it anymore.
Got your attention huh! I took my palms off
from my mouth and sat down properly and
with head held high and a serious face, I
” No-thing! And as you always say…it’s none
of your business! ” I told him and immediately
turned my head away to face the window as I
still struggled and managed to control my
Oh, the look on Blayze’s face right now is
worth remembering over and over again. Ha
* * * * * * * *
The car finally stopped in front of a huge black
gate. He honked and suddenly the gate
opened on its own. Wow…it must be one of
those electrical gates but oh my…the gate
was nothing compared to the view of the
mansion inside. The scenery of the compound
was breathtaking. There was beautiful
ornamental flowers to beautiful the entire
surrounding. The runway down to the mansion
was smooth and well done. His home on its
own was a huge mansion that stood on its
own. I could see maids trooping in and out
doing several chores and there were also
security men.
The car finally stopped right in front of the
mansion and a security guard opened the door
for me.
” Thank you…” my words and excitement
trailed away as Blayze grabbed my arm and
dragged me in along with him. I was too
shock by his sudden move to even say
“Wow!” I still managed to exclaim at the
beauty of the mansion even from within as he
dragged me along. The servants kept greeting
as we walked. I answered them with a nod and
a smile but Blayze on the other hand
pretended like they weren’t there.
We climbed the wide c-curvy stairs then
walked down the hallway and before I knew it,
he opened a door and we walked into a wide
room. It looked more like a master’s bedroom.
Huge, wide bed, beautiful curtains and
wardrobe. The small chandelier hanging in the
ceiling made the room look even more prettier.
The walls were painted white and the floor
were made of beautiful tiles.
” This will be our room.” Blayze said.
” Wait…did you just say…our room?” I asked
him in surprise with raised eyebrows.
To be continued
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