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We’re in this together. ” she said firmly while
looking straight into my eyes. For a minute
there, I was tempted to believe her…that we
were together but everyone knows it’s not true.
It can never be true ’cause I won’t let it
” What nonsense! ” I exclaimed as I pushed the
umbrella away making it fall to the ground. It
probably startled her as she stared at the
umbrella on the wet soil before turning back to
” Listen and listen very carefully, I don’t need
your help and like I’ve told you before, I don’t
want you around me because we have no
relationship together. The only thing tieing both
of us together is our signature on a mere piece
of paper so go back into the car and leave me
alone! ”
“No!” She spoke out right that minute.
” I said no…look I get the whole idea that you
don’t like me but that doesn’t give you the right
to order me about and disrespect me whenever
you feel like…whether it’s a mere paper, a
worthless tissue or whether you like it or
not…I’m your wife and you are stuck with me.
That’s our relationship and that’s why we’re in
this together so be quiet Mr Blayze and just
accept my offer to help you!” She spoke back
with so much courage that it angered me to
the core. We were both getting drenched under
this heavy rain and it seems she wasn’t ready
to give up. I’ll have to put her in her place.
“I don’t need relationships in my life. I’ve never
needed it and I’ll never need it in future so stay
away! ”
“What are you so scared of!? Are you actually
scared of…of liking me…or actually falling in
love with me?”
“Look don’t entice yourself so much. Try taking
a close look at yourself in the mirror then you’ll
see just how ugly you are. I have seen much
prettier women…”
“Then why didn’t you marry them. Whether I’m
ugly or pretty to you…I really don’t care what
you think one bit. If you like, we can stand
right here under the rain and argue all night.
I’m already drenched as it is so getting more
wet isn’t a big deal but you…you seem to have
something important you’re rushing back to.
It’s your call. ” She said boldly. I folded my
fists which were by my sides. Nobody has ever
talked to me that way especially a woman.
How dare she?
Caden P.O.V
Brrrr! It’s cold but I don’t care. It’s only been a
really short while we’ve been married but I
already feel fed up with him. Sometimes he
really acts like a jerk then another time like a
male chauvinist then another time like he’s
scared. What’s he so scared of?
Relationships!? That’s absurd. The Blayze I
know can’t be really scared of relationships.
He can’t just love being alone. Nobody loves
that. I know deep down, he feels void.
He glared at me with all the hatred and anger
in his heart and eyes. I know I’ve angered him
but I really had to speak up. I just lowered my
eyes away from his. After about a second, he
turned and continued trying to fix the tyre.
Good choice. I turned and picked up the
umbrella. I felt heavy in this white woolen
sweater and not to top the long flay skirt I was
putting on. I stood beside him and squarted
with the umbrella over the both of us.
” Just tell me what you need and I’ll hand it
over to you. ” I told him but he behaved like he
didn’t hear me. While working on the tyre, he
stretched his hand to get the spanner but I
quickly grabbed it and stretched my hand to
him. He took a look at the spanner in my hand
then at me. I raised my eyebrows to him,
signaling him to take it. He glared at me
before he finally unwillingly picked it up from
my hand. Well that’ll do.
Soon enough we were done with the tyre. He
opened the bonnet again and touched some
few places here and there before he went and
got into the car. He tried turning the engine on
but it just coughed like a really old ill person.
He tried it several times but the engine just
kept coughing. Out of frustration, he shut the
bonnet and walked back to the car. He got in
and I also got in too.
” So now what?” I asked him after we got in.
He just turned and glared at me before he
turned back to face the road ahead of us.
” Is that a plan or something else? ” I dared to
” It’s a glare that says, shut up!”
” Fine. Do things your own way! I really don’t
care!” I told him angrily before I took off my
” What are you doing? ” he suddenly asked.
“Trying to save myself. I can’t afford to fall
sick at this time. ” I told him as I turned and
spread the sweater on the back seat. It was a
nice thing that I was putting on a singlet
He gave me a strange look before he looked
away. What? I’m not doing anything wrong.
“You should take off your shirt before you fall
sick.” I suggested to him.
” It will be better you learn how to mind your
business!” He snapped at me which left me in
surprise. I don’t even know why I’m surprise.
” You don’t need to tell me that…from now
on…I will mind my business…you do your
thing and I’ll do my thing. That’ll be better for
this marriage. ” I told him before I turned my
back to him with folded arms. He can rot away
in cold for all I care. From now on, it’s ignore
him Caden.
It’s definitely better this way. She should mind
her business and I’ll definitely mind mine.
I took a look at her and she had her back
faced to me. We were definitely wet alright and
in the middle of the road under a heavy rain. I
decided to turn on the air conditioner to dry us
a bit. I picked up my phone and tried to call
James but there seemed to be a connection
problem. I tried calling home but still nothing.
What I’m I going to do? I need to reach the
city by morning. I need to be at the office and
yet I’m still here, stuck under this rain in this
car with her. I rested properly on my seat.
First thing I’ll do after this rain is gone is to
look for a nearby mechanic shop.
I took a look at her and she seemed to have
already fallen asleep. How easy it is for her to
sleep. I have to fight off old memories in order
to finally fall asleep. She shivered visibly even
while she was asleep. I looked away. It’s none
of my business if she gets cold.
But she’s in that position because she offered
to help you.
My subconscious mind told me.
I shook my head at that thought.
“It’s none of my business. ” I reminded myself
before I decided to shut my eyes and get
some rest.
I covered her properly with my jacket before I
then turned off the air conditioner. Yes, I
actually paid attention to my subconscious
mind. I wasn’t able to relax without doing that.
First thing, when I wake up. I’ll take it off from
To be continued


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