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After having my bathe and got dressed, I came
out of the room. I decided to have a proper
tour round the house but then I remembered
my family. It hasn’t been a day yet but I miss
them so much already. I was about to call dad
when my phone rang. I saw the caller’s ID and
it was Mia.
” Hello Mia.” I heard my voice sounding rather
a bit strange in my own ears.
” How’s our new bride doing?” Mia’s happy
voice came up.
” Not okay but let’s not talk about me
so…What’s up?”
“Nothing much except the fact that I’m rather
sought of jobless now. ” her voice suddenly
sounded tired.
“Oh my goodness Mia, I’m so sorry that you
had to go through this because of me.” I
appologised to her sincerely as I remembered
what Blayze did to our little work place.
“You don’t have to appologise Caden ’cause I
know none of this is your fault and that you’re
going through a lot already but maybe…maybe
you could talk to him to release the building
back to us now that you’re both married. I
mean the deal is done already. ” Mia said and
I couldn’t help but think for a second.
” I think you’re right…don’t worry Mia. I’ll make
sure to have a talk with him and return back to
you, okay? ”
“Sure thing. Thanks Caden. ” Mia said before
we said our goodbyes.
* * * * * * * *
I walked into his office where he was busy as
usual. I know he heard my footsteps but
pretended like he didn’t.
” We need to talk. ” I told him calmly but he
still ignored me and it was frustrating.
” Blayze I said we need to talk!” I repeated
myself a bit tensed up but he still continued
” Blayze we need to talk! ” I said once more as
I gathered enough courage and collected the
papers from his hands which made him finally
still. I watched him shut his eyes for a minute
before he opened them again.
” What do you want? ” He asked in a wierd
calm manner without raising his eyes up to
” Good. ” I said before I took my seat in front
of his table.
” We had an agreement…I marry you and you
leave my family, everything and everyone I love
alone…I kept our agreement and now it’s time
you do yours.” I told him but all he did was
raise his eyes up to me.
” I need you to release my workplace. I need
to have it back. ”
“Why should I? ” He finally said after much
hesitation and glaring.
” You don’t tell me what to do. I tell you what
to do and right now I say, no.” He told me
coldly in a straight expression.
” Why!?” I couldn’t help but almost scream at
him. I felt like there was a lump of tears
growing in my neck. I was really frustrated by
this man.
“Because you don’t need a job…”
” But my friend does. She works with me and
now that you shut our company down…she’s
having a hard time…”
” Then let her adapt…let her adapt to this
harsh and cruel world! ” Blayze said as he
stood up. Finally the tears rolled down my
cheeks and I tried hard to control it but I
couldn’t. I felt really annoyed on remembering
everything that I’m going through. I lied to the
world for goodness sake! I lied and agreed to
marry him because he said he would let my
family be but now he’s…he’s really being
cruel. I gently stood up after I tried to wipe the
tears off my face.
” How does it really feel Blayze? How does it
feel to be cruel and mean to people? Does it
make you feel great, better than every other
human being or do you just purposely want
attention because you’re lonely? Why can’t you
keep your word? Do you know how much
suffering my conscience is making me go
through? I can’t sleep in peace every night
since the day you made me lie in front of the
press…I had decided to unknowingly trust and
marry you because I thought this high business
man will surely keep his word but…you keep
making me think otherwise…why?” I told him
in tears but all he did was stretch his hand and
collected the papers from me.
” I don’t have to explain anything to anyone. ”
he said before he turned to leave his office.
” Then hear this clearly…so long as you
continue to not keep your word…” I wiped my
face with my palms as I suddenly meant
business. He stopped with his back facing me.
“…I’m going to make your life a living hell. I’m
going to make you wish you never went down
the path of marrying me…I’m going to frustrate
you…starting now! ” I told him before I turned,
walked up to the sofa and had my seat. I
crossed my legs and folded my arms. He
ignored me and went on ahead and left the
“Caden I thought you said you won’t show him
your tears. ” I told myself frustratingly as I
wiped my face with my palms.
This is so frustrating. I really don’t have to
explain myself to anyone and I really can’t
remember when last I had to explain anything
to anyone.
” Dad, Dad look what I drew.” A little boy ran
into his father’s room.
” Not now Blayze! Can’t you see I’m busy!
Nanny! Nanny!!” He yelled out. An average
looking black woman came running into the
study room.
“Take Blayze away and don’t let him out of your
sight again! ” his very busy father warned the
Nanny without looking up. The Nanny nodded
and dragged the little boy with her outside the
study room.
* * * * * * *
” Daddy I don’t want to go…I don’t want to. ”
the little boy wept as he was being led to the
car. His father kept him in the backseat and
shut the door.
” You’re going to learn. Now stop being a cry
baby and man up!” His dad told him.
” I don’t want to go daddy…I don’t want to. I
want to stay here with you. ” the little boy
pleaded as he wept.
” You have to venture into the world Blayze so
that someday you can be very tough and take
care of our empire. Go!” He ordered the driver
after talking to his son. He walked back into the
mansion ignoring his son’s pleas.
” Daddy…Daddy…” he wept as the car drove
out of the compound.
” You don’t have any right to question me
Caden. ” he said in almost a spiteful whisper.
To be continued


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