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The hall was filled up and everywhere was
lively and for a second, I forgot that this was
my worst nightmare as dad and I danced
together to a slow dance.
” I can’t believe that my baby is now all grown
up.” Dad said sadly but yet with a smile. I
smiled back.
” But I’ll always and forever be your baby,
dad.” I told him as I tried to console him. He
still had on the same pitiful look.
“Can my baby forgive me for all I’ve done to
” Sshhh…” I hushed him gently as we danced
to a slow song.
” You haven’t done anything wrong to me…so
far, you’ve been the one always taking care of
I, Joanna and also mum. You’ve always
thought hard and long of what you could do to
be able to give us a comfortable life but
now…now it’s my turn to make your life
comfortable and to unstress you and I’ll gladly
do everything even if it means marrying the
devil himself. To me…my family always
comes first before my needs…I love you dad
and I’m really grateful to be your daughter.
You’ve done more than enough for me. ” I told
him as I remembered all the joyful time that
we all spent together as a family, tears
gathered my eyes and I rested my head on his
” My dear please don’t cry…I..I don’t deserve
such a daughter like you…”
Writer’s P.O.V
Blayze stood by a corner outside the reception
hall answering a phone call. He was so
engrossed in the business call that he ignored
his environment.
“Has he signed the contract? ” Blayze asked
the man he was speaking with.
“No sir he hasn’t but I’ll make sure to get him
to sign it sir, just enjoy your wedding…”
” Don’t tell me what I should do! I warned you
that if that deal isn’t closed today then you’re
really getting fired. That deal is worth over ten
million dollars! If that deal isn’t closed by
tomorrow…don’t you dare bother show me
your face again! ” Blayze threatened him coldly
before he cut the call without giving the man a
chance to plead.
He stood panting angrily as he put the phone
in the pocket of his trouser.
” Sir…here you are. I’ve been looking all over
for you. ” James said as soon as he sighted
Blayze before he walked up to him.
” What is it James? I’m not in the mood. ”
Blayze told him the cold truth after James
stood in front of him.
” Don’t be angry sir but…but you have
to…dance with your wife.” Blayze raised his
head to him with cold look in his eyes.
” Why should I!?” He asked in a dangerous
” Well…well you already started this so
you’ll…you’ll have to make it look real till the
end…You have to have a dance with your
” I don’t want to so don’t disturbe me!” He
warned James before he tried to walk past him
further out of the building.
“I’m afraid sir but I can’t. ” James quickly said
before Blayze stopped.
” People are…are beginning to whisper strange
things about the groom looking and behaving
like he’s not interested in this ceremony…for
your own sake sir…please just dance with her,
just at least once.” James urged him, Blayze
slowly turned to him. His expression was cold
and scary. He was evidently frustrated. He
walked up to James who was beginning to
fidget with fear.
” Because of my company I married that
woman and now I have to dance with her just
to please everyone? Fine…but this is the last
time that this kind of thing will happen. ” he
told James before he walked past him. James
relieved his sigh.
” Mr James. ” Blayze called him from behind
and James slowly turned to him.
” Let this be the last time you talk to me like
that again or else…you can consider yourself
jobless next time! ” Blayze warned him before
he turned and walked back into the hall.
” He’s always so rude even when someone
tries to help him…he can go to hell for all I
care!” James murmured angrily before he
walked back into the hall.
Caden P.O.V
” Excuse me Mr Carter…I’ll dance with…my
wife now.” Blayze said just as dad was about
to say something. I rose up my head and
turned to him.
” Blayze… please give us a minute to talk…”
dad tried to talk to him.
” I believe you’ve exhausted all your time on
her and now…she’s my property…”
” I am not your property! ” I warned him angrily
as I almost raised my voice. He still had the
same cold look in his eyes.
” You’re answering my surname now so you are
my property…whether you like it or not!” Blayze
told me in a calm cold tone. At this moment I
hated this man with every single fiber in me.
” Mr Norman…my daughter is not one of your
properties which you acquire and set aside as
wealth…she’s a human being and I hope you
treat her as one. ”
” Okay, I’ll do that the day she starts to
deserve to be called a human being.” Blayze
said before he took hold of my arm and tried
to drag me along with him.
” Blayze.” Dad called him as he placed a hand
on his chest to stop him.
” Blayze let go of me.” I told him in a low
voice as I tried slowly to get my arm off his
grip. Everyone was beginning to slowly one by
one take a look at us.
” Mr Carter do you really want to create a
scene here? I’m sure it won’t be good for
me…more so it won’t be good for your
daughter…she’s my wife now and I can make
her life a living hell just by snapping my
fingers…you wouldn’t want your daughter to
suffer more because of your mistake, would
dare he try to blackmail my father this way. I
knew it worked on dad as his eyes softened to
that of sadness and defeat. Slowly he drew his
hand back and before I could say anything,
Blayze dragged me away with him to a corner.
” Just let my arm go!” I struggled before he let
me go and stood in front of me with his hands
in his pockets. He stood silently staring at me
with those cold eyes of his. I rubbed my arm
where he had gripped him as I felt my heart
tear into piece on remembering the state
Blayze had set my father into.
” You know…you’re such a mean jerk and
honestly you deserve to rot away somewhere!”
I told him angrily. He still stared at me without
saying anything.
“How could you say such insensitive words to
my father? For goodness sake, he’s old enough
to be your father…”
” He’s not my father and he can never be my
father ’cause I don’t need one! ” Blayze spoke
all of a sudden. O-kay…I don’t really get all
that but still I’m right.
“Look, I don’t have time to dance with you or
have any little chit- chat. I want you to get your
things ready. We’re leaving. ”
” Leaving!? You don’t even want to dance with
me and you had to insult my father! ”
“Caden…get. your. Things…I won’t repeat
myself…I’ll get everything rounded up!” He told
me rudely and tried to walk away.
“You’re really a sucker for fun, aren’t you? You
really hate it when others are happy. ” I told
him the bitter truth I just realised about him.
He ignored my statement and walked away.
I sighed as I realised it was time to say
goodbye to mum, dad, Joanna and everyone. It
was time to start life with an insensitive
To be continued



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