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” This is where you’ll be sleeping.” He told me
after I stared round the room. I’ll be
sleeping…here? Wait! I turned back to him.
” And you? ” I asked him with raised eyebrows.
Instead of just answering the question clear
and understandable. He took a few steps
closer to me still with his hands in his
pockets. At this moment I wished I could read
his mind but no, his face and expression was
still as cold and unpenetrateable as ever.
“We’re only married on paper and in the eyes
of everyone but in truth…I don’t know you and
I don’t want to get to know you. All you have
to do is play your role as my wife in the eyes
of everyone but in reality, don’t ever try to
come close to me…so we can never share the
same room…this honeymoon is just to make
things look real and nothing more. Mind your
business and I’ll mind mine. Don’t touch any of
my stuff and you won’t hear from
me…understood!?” He asked and all I could do
was gently nod as I began to realise there was
a lot of bitter in this man. A man who just
wants to isolate his life from the world and
can be as heartless as to marry a woman he
doesn’t love just to please the world and
increase his business profits. Suddenly all I
had was pity for this man.
He soon turned and left the room without
saying anymore words.
” Seriously all he had to say was ‘no, I’ll be
sleeping in another room…how hard is that? ” I
told myself as I imagined him using less
threatening words and more relatable ones.
“Anyway whatever!” I said before I slumped on
the bed and lay flat on my back.
” I’m just glad we’re not sharing a room
together and living like husband and
wife…seriously I wouldn’t be able to do it.” I
said to myself after I sighed.
My stomach grumbled. Everywhere was
already so dark outside and I barely ate
anything at the wedding. I was too upset and
uptight to eat and now I’m deeply hungry.
” Caden can’t you just hold it in?” I begged
myself but my stomach made the answer ‘no’
clearly by grumbling more. Okay, I hear you!
I got up from the bed and made my way out of
the room. The only problem here is that I don’t
know where the kitchen is. This is supposed
to be a cabin but from within it looks almost
like a mini mansion.
Before I could get lost, I saw an average
looking woman carrying two shopping bags in
her hands so I decided to follow her. She
walked directly into the kitchen. I stood just
right outside the kitchen watching her. Here is
the kitchen but yet I’m having trouble walking
into it, why? I don’t know why.
Caden just go in, make friends, eat something
since Mr Rude husband refused to ask you to
then go and rest.
“Hello. ” I said happily with a wide smile as I
waved my hand once and walked into the
kitchen. The woman turned to me. Wow! Her
face does look a bit strict but keep going
I smiled broadly like a fool.
” My name is Caden Car…I mean Norman. Yup
Norman…” I said as I raised my right hand to
show her the ring with a wierd smile on my
Wasn’t I sounding a bit too much?
She didn’t say anything. Her expression still
remained the same as before.
“I just came to…I…well…I…” I sighed when I
realised she still looked the same.
” I’ll just take my leave. ” I told her defeated
by her. Before I could turn and leave, she
started laughing. I was confused. She laughed
really hard like I said something funny.
* * * * * * * *
” Oh this is so good.” I told her as I munched
on my food.
“Ah I can see that…I know you’re very very
hungry. My master no do well at all…he marry
a beautiful lady like you and he no treat you
like you deserve. ” Gloria told me with a
spanish accent. Her English and sentences
were a bit oopsies here and there but it’s okay
’cause she’s fun and nice. She kind of reminds
me of mum. Mum…oh how I miss her
” You know what Gloria, you’re definitely right
about that…I deserve better, right? ” I told her
with a mouth full of macaroni.
” Of course you do…oh love…love is a strong
feeling. It can make one blind, sad and
happiness. You love my master very much and
that is why you marry him…” I almost choked
on my food before I began to cough.
” Oh goodness are you alright!?” Gloria asked
worriedly after she handed me a cup of water
to drink. She soothe my back as I drank.
Oh! I forgot that the world including Gloria
doesn’t know of the real reason behind our
marriage. This sucks.
” You alright dear?” Gloria asked worriedly
again after I dropped the cup on the table.
“Uh y-yes, yeah I’m alright…I…I think I’m full
now…I just need to have my bathe and have
some rest then I’ll be okay.” I told her as I
stood to my feet. I’ve known Gloria in a short
while and I already really hate lying to her. My
heart aches.
“Thank you very much for the food. You are a
life saver.” I told her before I gave her a hug
with a smile and left to my room.
I slumped on the bed and stared at the ceiling.
I was staring at nothing exactly.
” Oh I think I ate too much.” I told myself as I
found it difficult to turn on the bed. I could feel
my stomach being heavy. I managed to drag
myself up from the bed. I stood jogged round
the room for about a minute to lighten up a bit
before I finally decided to go and have my
I came out of the bathroom all washed up and
putting on a towel with wet hair. I headed to
my box, zipped it open to take out my
pyjamas but saw some strange lingeries firt.
” Joanna! You have such a naughty mind! ” I
exclaimed disgustingly before I set them aside
and looked for my pyjamas. I found a baby
pink pyjamas with little paw prints on them. I
got dressed, dry my hair before I finally laid on
the bed staring at the ceiling.
” Okay Caden…it’s time to sleep…shut your
eyes and go to sleep. ” I told myself before I
took in a deep breath and shut my eyes.
5 seconds later….
I turned on the bed then turned to the other
side again and repeated the same thing before
I finally hit my legs and hands on the bed
” I’m so bored and not sleepy…and it’s all your
fault Mr Rude husband…I have to lie all the
time and I can’t sleep with a peaceful
conscience! Well…if I’m miserable…it’s only
right that you should be miserable too!” I said
before I finally got up from the bed.
I put on my red robe, floppy slippers and left
the room.
“Now where is his office?” I wondered to
myself in a whisper as I walked around and
unfailing to notice the beauty of the house.
Finally I noticed a door slightly open and a
little light penetrating from it. I took in a deep
breath and got closer. I first of all peeped in.
I first of all noticed the huge width of his
office. One could think that here is one little
library. I saw him where he stood in front of a
shelf full of books right behind his huge table
and chair. He held a book in his hands flipping
through pages and studying them so
intensively. He looked so engrossed in it.
Wait…is he still putting on his suit…I’m sure
that’s it.
He was still putting on his trouser and shirt
from our wedding. His jacket was already off
and thrown on the sofa. His tie hung loosely
on his neck. He turned once to take a look at
something on his table before he turned back
to the shelf and his look was still as cold as
ever. He was totally iced out and he looked
busy…that’s good. It will be easy to frustrate
I took in a deep breath before I walked in as
courageously as possible.
“I must admit…”I started as I walked in and
stopped in front of his table. I saw him react
as he rose his head away from the book in his
” You’ve got a nice place here. ” I told him as I
crossed my arms and the most annoying part
was that I was right. This place was beautiful.
He immediately shut the book in his hands that
it made a loud thud before he turned.
“What are you doing here? ” he asked as coldly
and hateful as he could be.
“I don’t know…I ask myself that question every
second I spend here…seeing your face…” I
told him as I began to walk around taking a
look at every corner.
” I couldn’t really sleep since I do have a
conscience so I decided to come and pay a
visit to my so-called husband who left me to
myself as soon as we got here…no…Caden
have you eaten? Will you take something?
What will you have? Are you okay? Do you
need more? You know…at least act a little bit
caring…anyway that’s old talk…the truth is…”I
told him as carefree as I could. I mean why
shouldn’t I be?
I gently laid on the sofa with my legs on top
as well. I took a look at him and he still
looked the same. No reaction. No expression.
Caden it’s not working…try something else.
I yawned as I streched my hands above my
” I’m bored.” I told him. He took steps forward
and dropped the book in his hands on the
table before walking towards me.
” Get up and leave!” He ordered as soon as he
stood in front of me.
To be continued…..


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