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I’m going to miss you so much Caden. ” Mia
said sadly as we hugged. I couldn’t help but
get teary as well as I hugged all my friends
before coming to Joanna. She smiled at me
with tears in her eyes. We were never really
like most siblings who fought a lot. Jo was
not only my sister but was also one of my
best of friends and she always tried to cheer
me up with a silly jokes. We stood outside the
hall in front of a black Mercedes benz car and
friends and well wishers came to wish us
” Don’t forget to call me regularly, okay? ” Jo
warned me in tears after we were done
hugging and I nodded as I smiled and tried to
control my tears.
” I will. ” I replied to her before going to mum
and hugging her. She had her own share of
teary eyes. She hugged me so tightly that I
thought I wouldn’t be able to breath again.
” Please be well my daughter and don’t
hesitate to call us whenever you need to talk to
someone. ” mum told me comfortably after we
released from the hug to make me feel better.
I nodded to her in understanding.
Dad hugged me tightly before he let go.
” Please forgive me my daughter for all the
wrong doings I’ve done…don’t forget that you’ll
always have a place in our home and you’ll
always be my daughter…live well.” Dad told
me and I nodded in tears before we hugged
once more.
I felt a hand on my arm and I turned my head
to meet Blayze standing beside me.
” We have to go now.” He told us calmly but
the Blayze I’ve come to know in this past few
days is definitely not okay. If people were not
around I’m sure he would have said something
” Blayze…please…take good care of my
daughter. ” dad told him and he nodded.
” I’ll make sure to take…very good care of
her.” Blayze said as he stared at me. I had a
deep feeling that he meant that sentence in
another way.
He directed me towards the car and opened
the door for me. I took one more look at my
family before I got in. Blayze shut the door. As
he went round to the other door, I could feel
my eyes burning with more tears and I couldn’t
help but just ket it all down. I felt really bad. I
wanted to get married someday but not leave
my family this way. What hurt most was the
person I got married to wasn’t actually my
exact fantasy of a husband. Sure he got the
looks but that was just that, nothing else was
dreamy about him.
I waved to everyone as Blayze drove the car
out of the compound till they were out of sight.
I felt really bad knowing that it was over. The
tears were still uncontrollable as I remembered
past memories of my family and I together.
“Would you just stop crying…seriously, it’s
irritating!” Blayze said all of a sudden as he
drove. It was obvious from the very beginning
that he wasn’t so happy with everything but
seriously he was a bad actor.
I was silent and didn’t reply to anything he
said. I was way in a bad mood to reply and
more so I couldn’t just stop the tears. I don’t
know if it’s because I just left my parents
behind or because I just married the worst
person there is on earth. I sniffed and wiped
my face but still didn’t take a look at him. I
just stared at the road which was just filled
with grasses on both side. I began to wonder
where on earth Mr Blayze Norman was taking
me to. Obviously it’s not to some nice
romantic place….no,no,no,no,no…I’ll totally
throw up if I see that but then where exactly
are we going?
” Could you please just tell me where you’re
taking me to? ” I finally asked him as I couldn’t
bear it anymore, just sitting there and let him
take me to somewhere I have no idea about.
He just took one look at me and turned back
to the road without saying a word. I got
” Blayze I said…please” I reminded him but he
still ignored me.
” Why is it so hard for you to just answer this
one calm question…”
” Because I don’t want to. Don’t query me again
and you’ll do as I say. ” he suddenly said
without taking a look at me. He just focused
on the road.
” You can’t just say that to a person…what in
the world makes you think that I’ll follow your
” First, because I have your father by the neck.
Second…because you’re now my wife. ” he
told me coldly while still had his eyes fixed on
the road. At the mention of dad, I felt
” I thought you said you won’t ever harm him or
threaten him again if I married you. ” I told him
in a low voice.
” I never said that! ” He said coldly as he took
a look at me and I saw his eyes displayed the
same coldness.
” The way I’ll treat your father depends on your
performance as my wife…if you can be a
humble, quiet and obedient wife then you need
not worry about your father. ” he said after he
focused back his gaze on the road. I had no
choice but to just sit back quietly. Anytime he
mentioned dad or my family, I felt really weak.
I don’t want anything to happen to any of them
because of me.
The rest of the ride was in silence and slowly
as everywhere became darker and darker, I
soon fell asleep.
* * * * * * * * * * *
“Get up! Get up!!” I heard Blayze’s cold voice
as he tapped me harshly on the shoulder.
Slowly I opened my drowsy eyes. I forced
myself to sit up properly as I rubbed my eyes.
Finally, when my eyes were cleared properly. I
took a look at our surrounding and came to
realise that the car had stopped and was
parked in front of a cozy looking cottage made
of entirely wood. The whole surrounding was
just pure nature. Did he take me into some
forest or what? Finally, my eyes landed on
Blayze who just stood staring at me with fury
in his eyes. What now? What did I do to
deserve this look?
” If you’re now done staring, get down from the
car!” He told me in the rudest possible
manner. I sighed before I then got down from
the car.
There was a man standing behind Blayze. He
was almost dressed like a steward.
” What are you waiting for? Get the bags from
the trunk into the house! ” He ordered the man
before he quickly turned and headed into the
The man quickly said,
“Yes sir.” And ran to get our luggage. Blayze
didn’t even ask me in. He just went in ahead
like that. I guess it’s up to you Caden to show
yourself in.
I took in a deep breath before I followed the
same path he followed into the cottage. As
soon as I got in I felt a bit warmer. One look
at the cottage and it was obvious that a man
with wealth had it beautifully decorated. I
found myself standing in the sitting room in
front of the fireplace admiring the whole
” Come this way!” I heard Blayze voice order
from a little bit farther behind me. I turned only
to see him standing in front of an entrance to
the room. The door of the room was already
open. We aren’t really going to be sleeping
together in a room, right? Please dear lord, let
it not be so…I don’t think I can live with this
man talk less of sharing a room with him.
” I said come here!” He repeated again but this
time around, firmer. I swallowed in the anger I
felt when he ordered me. There’s no reason to
fight with him at this point. I then went forward
to where he stood, he walked into the room
with his hands in his pockets and I followed
him in.
To be continued…


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